A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


34. Starting fights and coffee dates

Lukes POV

I slowly walk out of Hayley’s room hoping to not wake her up while she slept. I then walk downstairs to where everyone else was.

“Is she okay?” Cal ran up to me in panic.

“Yeah she’s going to be fine. Thanks for telling me mate.”

“Yeah,I was just worried.” Cal said biting his gum.

“What even happened?” Ashton questioned while walking back in with a glass of water.

“Remember when those guys tried to kidnap her at the mall..well she had flashbacks in the parking lot.”

“Poor Hay.” Mikey says budding in.

“She’s been through so much..” Cal says with his head down.

“I know.” I say back

“We should have been there when that happened or when the beach thing happened.” Cal added.

“We were there..” Ashton says nudging Cal's shoulder.

“No we should have been there sooner.. one of us could have went to the mall with her or went with her to change at the beach.” Calum said kicking the wall.

“There was nothing we could do.. I don’t think she wants to be with us 24/7.”

“Its like you don’t even care luke!” He yells.

“I do care! You don’t know how worried I am when she’s on her own or at a party! I worry so much that someone will say something to her to make her harm herself or worse.. So yes Cal I do care!” I yell back in frustration.


Hayley’s POV

I wake up to yelling. I look at the clock seeing that it has been an hour since I got home.”

“Its like you don’t even care luke!”

“ I do care! You don’t know how worried I am when she’s on her own or at a party! I worry so much that someone will say something to her to make her harm herself or worse.. So yes Cal I do care!” I hear from downstairs.

“Its about me.” I whisper getting out of bed and walking down stairs.

I stop seeing Luke and Calum.

“Luke.” I can hear Michael say.

“No Michael let him do it maybe then he will realize how much of a shitty boyfriend he’s being!” Cal yells back pushing Mikey.

I then see Luke push Calum onto the next wall. Calum then walked up to Luke and punched him in the face.

“STOP!” I yell getting up.

“Hey Hayley.” Mikey says awkwardly.

“What the hell is going on?!”

“A lot.” Ashton said pulling Cal away from Luke.


“Talk now!” I order.

Luke gets up and walks up stairs to my room.

“What the fuck was that!?”

“Cal just pushed it!”

“Was it really necessary to  start a fight?”

“Who said I started it?”

“Even if you didn’t start it you could have ended it Luke!”

“Is this fight even worth it Hayley!”

“Yes it is!”

“This is the stupidest fight we have ever had!”
“Well you and Cal’s fight was stupid!”     

“Why are you acting like such a bitch!” Luke yells.

Right as he said bitch I slapped him in the face and fell silent.

“get out.” I say calmly.


“Maybe you are being a shitty ass boyfriend right now!”

Luke storms out of the room into the guest bedroom.

I slam my door and throw all of my pillows off of my bed.

“I hate everything!” I scream falling on my bed crying.

“Hayley?” I could hear Cal say

“What do you want?” I mumble

“I’m coming!”


I look up and see Cal walking towards me for a hug.

“I really don’t want a hug Cal.”

“I don’t care.” he says hugging me.

Once I let go I look at him straight in the eye.

“What was that fight about?”

“It was about you.” Cal said shyly

“Why did it end in a fight..how far would it had gotten if I wasn’t there..hell Cal you gave my boyfriend a black eye.”

“Well he deserved it.” He said back.

“How did he deserve that?”

“He’s being a shitty boyfriend...”

“How is he being a bad boyfriend?”
“He just seems like he doesn’t care Hayley..he didn’t seem to worried about the whole thing that happened today.”

“He does care..”

“Hayley why don’t you just listen to me!”

“Calum Thomas Hood I am not starting a fight with you to!” I yell

“Did you just use my full name?”

“Yes I did now just go..I am going to sleep we will solve this in the morning.”

The next morning

I wake up and shower. Afterwards I put on my grey crop top and black sweatpants. I then went downstairs to eat breakfast. I walk into the kitchen to see the boys scattered around. Luke was in the living room alone, Cal was at the table with Michael and Ashton was in the kitchen.

“So you and Luke aren’t talking?” Ashton says while pouring me a cup of coffee.

“I just don’t want to talk to him right now.”

He nods his head and sits in the living room with Luke as I start my breakfast. Once I made my toast I sat down next to Mikey.

“Good morning Hayley.” Mikey says with a smile.

“Morning.” I say back

“Smile Hayley.” He says poking my cheeks.

I roll my eyes.

“Come on Hayley smile.” He says poking my sides.



“You know I am ticklish.”
“I know.” He says with a smile as I burst into laughter.

“Stop.” I say in laughter

“It doesn’t sound like you want me to stop.” He teases.

“Michael she said stop.” A voice said sternly.

“Wow Luke the only time you're going to talk is when I am trying to make your girlfriend laugh unlike fighting with her like you.” Mikey says back poking my sides again.

I laugh again. Then I see Luke with really messy hair, a black eye, and red eyes.

“What happened to you?” I gasped while getting up.

“Why do you care aren’t I just a shitty boyfriend..”

“Luke you need to calm down.” Mikey said getting up and putting me behind him.

“He wouldn’t hurt me Mikey.” I whispered.

“You never know..” He said back.

“Hey hayley how about we go get some coffee or something.” Ashton said breaking the intense stare that I had on Luke’s angry face.

“Yeah...” I say walking away from Mikey.

“Hayley we need to talk about this.” Luke says following me.

“Talk about what Luke?”

“This whole fight!” He yells. I could see his hand turning to a fist and raise his hand. I instantly flinch and block my face.

“Hayley..I am so so sorry.” he says his eyes getting soft.

“Ugh you were right I am a shitty boyfriend.”

He walks downstairs passing Ashton.


“Just give him a bit.”

I nod as me and Ashton head out.

“There hasn’t been enough Hayley and Ashton hang out time.” I say getting in the car.

“Yeah.. I am just glad we can finally hang out before tour.”

“Yeah same.”
“And we are here.” He mutters parking the car.

We both get out of the car and go inside the small coffee shop.

“I hope we can have coffee in peace.” I say opening the door.

“Yeah..me too.” Ash says afterwards.

When we walk in we are greeted by a younger girl.

“HI welcome to starbucks how may I help you.” She says as we walk up to the counter

“Umm I will have a grande vanilla latte.” I say after looking at the other beverages.

“I will have the same.” Ashton says looking down at me.

The girl smiles.

“That will be $10.05.”

“Okay.” We both say at the same time. I look at Ashton then he looks at me.

“I got it.” We both say.



“I’m buying.” He says placing his card down.

“You two are so cute.” She mutters grabbing the card.

“Oh no we aren't together..” I begin but Ashton cuts me off.

“we are just very close friends.” He says hugging me.

“I don’t think the whole finishing each other's sentences helped with our case.” I say as the girl hands us our coffee.

“Whatever.” He says smiling at me causing me to smile.

We sit at a small table in the corner.

“Can you teach me how to play drums.” I say suddenly

“Yes of course.” He says jumping up excitedly.

“I’ve always wanted to play, but I had no one to teach me and we weren’t really close before so yeah.” I say shyly.


“Oh god..” I sigh

“Do you want to go?”

“No go ahead and meet them.”

“OMG hi Ashton we are so excited!!!” A girl says with 3 others behind her nodding. Then one looks at me.

“Why is Hayley here” She says harshly.

“We were just getting a coffee.”  

“Oh.” She says glaring at me.

I shift uncomfortably with the girl still staring at me. She then whispers something to her friend and laughs.. My anxiety rises and my heart starts to race.

“Hayley let’s go.” Ashton says grabbing me and leading me to the car.

He stops me.

“Whats wrong?”

“The girls and the whole Luke thing and then tour and leaving my friends and the hate...” I start to cry.

“Hey..hey look at me its going to be okay....you are going to be fine.. if any of us see a girl hate on you we will solve it okay and Luke is just being an ass...”

I take a deep breath nodding and going into the car wiping my tears. We then head home. Once we walk in the door I sit on the couch next to Cal.

“Hey..wheres Mikey?”

“he’s with Luke...Luke didn’t sleep last night.. during rehearsal he just kind of sat there with his guitar like he didn’t know what to do with it.”

“I need to talk to him.” I say getting up and heading upstairs. Once I open the door I see Luke sitting on his bed with his hands on his face.

“Hey could we talk for a sec.” I say shooing Michael away. Once Michael was gone I sit on the bed next to him.

“I’m sorry..” I say looking at him.

“No Hayley you shouldn’t be sorry.. I’m sorry.”

“Luke I over reacted and I just hate fighting and especially when you guys fight and i’m involved..”

“Can I come in now!” Michael yelled.

“NO!” We both say simultaneously

We both laugh and I look back at him and a smile went on my face. I instantly hug him missing him.

“Are we good now?” I say tiredly.

“Yeah” He laughs once again kissing my head.

“I see you guys made up.” Cal says walking in.

“I told him not to come in.” Mikey said poking his head in.

“Its fine..” I say stopping Luke and I’s hug and I get up to hug Cal.

“Can we please not fight... please.”

“I was coming up to apologize to.. Luke I was being a dick.. but Hayley is like a little sister to me and I didn’t want to see her hurt.”

“Well i’m not getting hurt enough for you two to fight.” I say letting go of him.


Sorry I haven't updated in awhile but i'm back! 

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