A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


25. Solving problems

I woke up once again very weak. I grabbed my phone and I immediately went to call Luke but once the phone rang once I quickly went off the call realizing that he wouldn’t answer.



Hey Hayley....


yeah.. um can Luke talk to you later?

                        yeah..yeah thats totally fine...

okay.. well I have to go.



Once that conversation was over I finally got a little bit of strength to go downstairs. I felt a little light headed but I could handle it.

An hour passes and I have finally convinced myself to eat something. Since I thought I was going to pass out and once I got to the kitchen I got a facetime call from the one and only Luke.


“Hey.” I say after answering the phone. I could see he was with Ash and Cal.

“Why did you say that..”

“Luke...” I took a pause as my head started getting really dizzy.


“Yeah.. umm Lizzie she took my phone and texted you as a joke and kind of on purpose so that was great.” I say weakly

“So... you weren’t mad at me?”

“No..” I say as the room is slowly turning black and I start to loose my balance.

I grab my phone as i fall down to the cold tile..

“Hayley!” I could hear Ash yell until I heard no one.


Lukes POV

I go closer to the screen and see marks and scars lined up on her arms.

“She passed out.” I say getting up and pacing around

“Dude its not your fault..” Calum said walking towards the door yelling for Mikey.

“No it is Calum.. you just don’t understand.. did you see her arms, did you see the way she got dizzy all of a sudden and then passed out..”

“Why does that matter?” Ashton questions.

“That means that she was weak, she had cut herself, and she hasn’t eaten in awhile... I know Hayley. We should all know this... we have lived with her for about a year and a half now.”

“Well sorry we didn’t spend every waking moment with her.” Michael mumbles.

“Michael I am not dealing with your bull shit right now.” I yelled staring right into his eyes.

“Woah.. Luke you need to calm down.” Ashton said sitting me on the couch.

I couldn’t handle seeing her like this.

I just sat there and looked at the laptop one more time as I see her eyes red and bags under her eyes and the dried up tears on her bright red cheeks. I couldn’t even look anymore.  I put my head down as tears filled my eyes.


“Ashton.. don’t I can’t see her like this.”


“Its my fault Ash.. I shouldn’t have left her, I shouldn’t have said goodbye, I shouldn’t have told her not to call me or text me. ITS MY FAULT.” I said with now tears going down my face.

“Luke?” I hear a weak voice say softly.


Hayley's POV

I wake up and see Luke’s face down and Ashton trying to comfort him.

“Luke.” I say softly

His head flew up to the sound of my weak whisper.

“Hayley...” he said walking up to the laptop.

“Luke.. I am so sorry..” I cry out and face the tile.

“Hayley... please don’t cry.. don’t be sorry..Its my fault”
“No Luke its not your fault.. its my fault.. I didn’t keep my promise.”

“Hayley don’t blame yourself for this..” Ashton added

“No Ash... I did this to myself..” I say grabbing the counter.

I shakily pull my body up off the floor while picking up my phone in the process.

“I’ll be fine Luke... I have to go.”

“I love you so much Hayley.”

“I love you too.”

I then click off of the facetime and turn on music. The song Teenage Dirtbag came on.


Bzzz Bzzz

I look on my phone as I sit down and I begin to eat my sandwich and I see that I have 10 messages from Lizzie. I was hesitant but I opened it.







I guess you arent talking 2

me anymore


plzz text me i am worried




are we still friends???


Plzzz tell me you are!




Well I am sorry and I hope that we

can be friends again.

                            Lizzie... I don’t think we can be as close

                            considering you started a fight with me and                                 luke but you can come over so we can talk..

OK! I will be over in 10


I know I shouldn’t forgive her but she was my best friend... did I really want to lose her.

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