A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


12. School with the boys

I wake up to my alarm like usual and get in the bathroom to take a shower. Then 10 minutes later I hear a bang on the door.

“Its occupied!”

“Well hurry the hell up cause we have to get ready for school to.” Michael yelled.

“Oh shut up.” I say as I open the door walking out in a towel.

He walks in the bathroom and shuts the door. I then go in my room searching through my closet. I then pick out a burgundy crop top, black ripped jeans, black combat boots, and a flannel around my waist. I then put on brown eyeshadow and winged eyeliner. When I finished I grabbed Calums beanie and went downstairs. Once I get down I see a note on the table next to 5 bowls.



Your dad and I had to go to work early and won’t be home till late <3


When I was done reading I look to my right to see Calum rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“Cal, you know school starts in like 30 minutes right?”

“Really cause you are in hamburger pants and no shirt.”

“You know you like it.”

“Yeah Cal, I love seeing my boyfriends bestfriend half naked.” I laugh

He sat down and started eating while I texted Becca.



How’s the boys?

            Well Cal is half naked in my kitchen.


Is that, that bad?”

                      really becca.. i’ll text you after school byeee



I look up to see Luke in his ripped jeans, black nirvana shirt, his leather jacket, and black converse.


“Hey Hayley.”

“How did you sleep?”

“Well if you mean Ashton laughing the whole night then great.”

I laughed when Calum looked at me.

“Hayley since i’m living with you now can I have my beanie back?”


I yelled with a laugh.

he rolled his eyes shoving a spoonful of frosted flakes in his mouth.

Michael walked down wearing a black t shirt, black ripped jeans, and black converse.

Then Ashton following him wearing a black tanktop, black ripped jeans, black converse, and a bandana.

We all sat down while Calum went upstairs to get ready.

Until it was finally ready to go.

“Cal hurry up!” I yelled as he slowly walked down the steps.

He was wearing a black and white flannel, black ripped jeans, and black converse.

We all then walked out to the van outside. I quickly grabbed my backpack from my car as we headed in the van.

“Hayley what are we supposed to do about books?”

“They will give you some when we get there.”


We finally get there and I see girls running towards the van but thankfully walking away when I walk out.

“I thought she killed herself.”

“Well she didn’t succeed.” Some girls giggled. I look back at the van as Luke and Ashton walk beside me as 4 body guards were on all sides of us.I then heard the girls scream.


I grabbed Luke’s hand instantly hoping to not get separated.

He looks at me with a smile as he kisses my cheek. We then walk into the office to get their schedules (even though it was exactly like mine) We all then head to english until I see Kyle staring at us. He looked straight at me with a disgusted look but I just ignored him as Luke put his arm around me. He then pulled me close and whispered in my ear.

“Was that Kyle?”

I nod as Luke looks back.

Calum then looks behind him and asks me the same thing I nod nervously hoping calum would not get detention the first day for punching Kyle. He had a mad look in his eye but I told him to calm down because I knew that if Kyle even walked up to me he would kill him. Once we get to class I sit in my usual seat, as Luke, and Calum sit behind me, and Ashton and Michael behind them. The bodyguards were right next to us behind us and next to Ashton, and Calum. Then I remember Kyle sat next to me in this class. Once Kyle walked in and sat down I immediately grabbed my book and flipped to the page we were reading in class. Kyle looked at me and tapped my shoulder. I looked back seeing Calum biting his lip holding back his anger.

“What page was it on again?”

“Oh um page 375-400.”


“yep.” I trail off while reading. While reading I hear Michael making comments about it. I turn around and place a finger to my lip signaling him to shut up.

“Hayley you're not a librarian.”

‘Ahh Mr. Clifford,can you please stop flirting with Ms. Smith and continue reading.”

“He better not be flirting.” Luke mumbled.

I started giggling at Luke’s comment.

“Hey Kyle do you have an extra book?”Ashton muttered.

Kyle lifted the book as I swung my head towards Kyle my head smacked against the book’s cover.

“Ow.” I said holding my face in pain.

“Wow you're that stupid to hit a book.” Kyle laughed.

I glared at him, and whispered to him.

“Your an asshole!”

He then swung the book towards my face. Once it collided I fell out of my seat in shock. Luke and Ashton got up as Calum tried to punch Kyle in the face. I see the class facing me laughing. I sat there in shock. Then my chest started getting tighter, and it started getting harder to breathe. I then tried to call out for Luke but nothing came out. My vision started getting blurry as I hear Luke yell my name and pick me up.


“Hayley,thank god you're awake.” He muttered.

“Where are we?”

“We are in the middle of the hallway.”


“Well i’m saving your ass from your mom so you're welcome.”

I laid my head on his shoulder as he held onto me tightly. My breathing was back to normal. I then started to burst into tears.

“Babe what's wrong?”

“Is there something wrong with me? I mean like everyone hates me, and and I hate me and I feel like you guys just think of me as a lost puppy that you're forced to help.” I rambled.

“Hey.. hey. hey.” He cooed hugging me.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met,and if they don’t see that then they are not worth the tears.”

I look at him with my glossy green eyes.

“What.. what about the guys? They probably hate me..”

“Well Calum tried to beat Kyle up, and I actually think Ashton hit him with a book once we left while Michael yelled at everyone at the top of his lungs to stop laughing.”

“Yeah and the teacher didn’t do anything she just sat there in shock.”

“I really hope someone got Kyle getting hit with a book on video.”

“I think Calum did, once I calmed him down.”

“ I had a feeling he would.”

“Hayley do you wanna ditch the rest of school?”

“How would I possibly get away with that?”

“Well you got hit with a book so that's our reason, and I am taking care of you since your parents aren’t home.”

I smiled and nodded as we made our way to the nurse. Once we got there the nurse looked at me concerned seeing my cheek all puffy and my red puffy eyes.

“What happened.”

‘I accidentally hit myself with my book and fell out of my desk from the platform.”

“Oh dear, and who are you.” She pointed to Luke as she handed me an ice pack.

“I’m her friend.”

“Well Hayley do you want me to call your parents to pick you up?”

“Actually my parents are at work so the only other person living with me is Luke.”

“Don’t worry he’s like a brother to me.” I said innocently

“Okay.” She said as we walked out.

Once we got back to class to grab my stuff I covered my face as the teacher nodded and the boys looked at me worried

“text me.” I whispered to them

They all nodded as I walked out with Luke.

“Luke you know you don’t have to carry my bag.”

“It adds more effect.”

“It sure does Luke.”

“Well who knew that I was dating an actress.”

I rolled my eyes as we started walking.

“Actually the guys don’t even have to be at school.”

“I know, I just wanted you all to myself.” he chuckled.

We then took a turn into the park. We passed through the flowers to the playground.

“There's no one here.”

“Well yeah all the kids are in school.”

“True.” I nod my head as a smile grew on my face.

“Race you to the swings!” I shouted as I started running.

I then shot my body onto a swing with a smile.

“Well look who won the race.”

“You definitely cheated on that one.”

I stuck my tongue out as we started swinging in sync. We got higher and higher.

“Hayley we should jump off.”

“No way!”

“Maybe we will land in the sand pit.”

“Thats a big maybe babe.”

He laughed as he jumped off. Once I saw him fly in the air I dragged my feet on the ground stopping my swing. Next thing I know I see Luke on the ground next to the sand pit.

“Ow.” he whimpered as I ran over to him.
“Babe.. I told you not to jump.”
“I know but at least I almost made it to the sand pit.”

“True,but you could have been injured babe.”
He laughed at my concern for his well being as I helped him up. Once he was back on his feet he picked me up and carried me to the gazebo in the garden.

“Its so pretty here.” I smiled as I looked at the flowers.

“Which do you love the most?” I said turning to look.

“I love this one.” He said poking my nose.

We both giggle while looking at the flowers. Soon after that he grabbed my hand and pulled me

back to the playground.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Somewhere special.”

You both walked to a small area with a tiny playground.

“What is this?”
“Its our playground!”

I smile at him and his childish thoughts but I kinda liked it.

I walked over to the stairs that had a large platform and a faded red slide. I sat down on the steps with Luke as I placed my head on his shoulder.

“I wish it could always be like this.”

“I do to.”

“Luke when are you leaving back to Australia?”

“On november 25th.”

“Good cause i wanted to spend halloween with you.” I said with a smile.

I raise my head facing him. He had the brightest smile.

I quickly pecked him on the lips.

“I love you Luke.”
“I love you two.” He muttered softly.


3 hours later


“Luke I don’t know how we spent 4 hours at a park but we did.” I said laughing as we intertwined our hands.

“Well let's get home cause we need to see how their first day was.”

“I bet they hate us for leaving.” I said with a laugh as we exited the park.

As we started walking home it soon got darker. Once we got there we open the door to see Calum screaming on the couch, Ashton in the kitchen, and Michael complaining about how he wanted pizza.

“Oh god Luke what have we walked into.” I giggled as they all turned to me.


Calum yelled running up to me practically trampling me.

“Are you okay Hayley?”

“Yeah I guess.”

Ashton walks in the room with raised eyebrows.

“Now where were you two?”

“Well mom we were at the park.” I said sarcastically. I heard some giggles from the boys as Ashton gave them a stern look.

“Ash, even though you're the oldest here doesn’t mean you have to parent us.”

I say while walking to the couch.

“Hayley..” Michael began.

“I’m already on it Mikey.” I say with a smile while grabbing my phone and ordering pizza.

He turned to Luke with a smile.

“She’s a keeper Luke.”

“I know.” He said looking into my eyes with a smile.

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