A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


37. Rehearsal and twitter fun

Once we’re there we all run into the studio.

“I see that you finally made it.” A man says laughing.

“Yep.” I say awkwardly as we headed into practice.

Ashton goes behind the drumset as the other boys grabbed their instruments. Once they started practicing I went to another room and started practicing my songs.

I look at my laptop at the list of songs that I had written and covers that I was doing. I only had one song finished called Lost that I had written. The other songs I have on here are Backseat serenade by All time Low,Ghost by Halsey,and since the boys aren’t singing some of their older songs I am singing Wherever you are. I may be switching Wherever you are to other songs once or twice but other than that,that is my setlist. The boys are keeping their setlist a secret from everyone.. I barely even know what's on it. I grab a microphone and my guitar as I start playing the music to backseat serenade. I start singing and really getting into the music. Once that song was over I went to go grab my acoustic for Lost, and Wherever you are and I hear Ashton’s signature giggle.

“What are you doing in here.” I say lifting my guitar and tuning it.

“Wanted to see how you were doing.” He says back with a smile.

“I’m doing great. I love this so much..I have never been in a studio like this before.” I say looking at the small room with mic stands and tons of guitar stands, guitar picks, and drum equipment.

“I’m on break you want me to show you some stuff on drums.. I remember you wanted me to teach you.” He says walking towards the kit.

“Yeah.. that would be awesome.” I say running over to him.

“Okay so this is the snare.” He says pointing at a drum with the drumsticks.

“Okay.” I say nodding my head.

“this is the high top.” he says hitting it lightly.

I smile as he starts showing me each part and showing me a simple song. He then has me play and I got the hang of the beat real quick.

“This is amazing.” I say turning my body towards him.I hug him immediately saying thank you over and over again.

“Whats going on here?” Luke says walking in.

“Ash taught me how to play drums!” I yell jumping in the air.

They both laugh at my crazy jump.

“Let's hear then.” Luke said pulling up a chair.

I start to play. I smiled while playing feeling the beat and hearing the music in my ears as I count. I finish the song and look at him.

“You just learned today?”

“Yeah.” I say nervously

“That was amazing babe!” He said hugging me.

“Thanks!” I say hugging him back.

Afterwards I went and watched the boys practice. I video taped their craziness and Luke somehow found a blue helmet.

“Where did you even get that from?” I say laughing and videotaping.

He looks at me and then looks at the phone and then back at me. He stared at me blankly until Mikey tackled him to the ground.

I quickly stopped recording and took a picture. Soon enough it was on my twitter, and instagram with the caption


I think muke is real guys...  😂 😂


I laugh seeing Calum walk over and fall backwards onto them.

“Ow Cal.” I heard Michael say suddenly.

“I don’t even  know what's going on anymore.” I say laughing harder.

I walk over to Ashton and I see him writing something on a piece of paper.

“Whats that.” I say jumping into a seat next to him.

“Its the setlist.” He says laughing at my reaction.

“Can I see it.” I say nudging him

“No..” He says giggling



“I won’t tell anyone.”

“Yes you will.. you’re like a little fangirl.” He says teasingly back

“I know i am.” I mutter back proudly

“Mhm.” He hums taking the paper before I could look at it.

I look on twitter seeing it blow up with people asking me what was on the setlist. I then tweeted back


HayleySmith5sos: I tried guys but @Ashton won’t let me see it.. I will tell you guys if I see anything

@Ashton: That’s exactly why I didn’t show you😂

HayleySmith5sos: Fans hate surprises..

Ashton: You would know fangirl

HayleySmith5sos: Do you really want a twitter war right now. I could always just walk over there and steal it.

I look up from my phone and I see Ashton staring at me. I raise and eyebrow causing him to roll his eyes.

“You're not looking at it Hayley.”

“Can you just tell me one song.”




“LUKE!” I yell

“You know he will tell you.”

“I know.” I say with a smirk as Luke runs up to us.

“What.” He says out of breath

“What happened to you?” Ashton questions

“I heard her yell while I was in the office.”

We all look at him shocked considering the office was at the other end of the hallway full of studios.

“Can you tell me one song on the setlist.. please babe” I say looking at him innocently

“Oh yeah... umm.. we are singing wrapped around your finger and disconnected. Here’s two for my princess.” He says kissing my head.

“Thanks babe.” I say hugging him and then messing up his hair.

“What was that for.” He says immediately running to a mirror and fixing his hair while I go on twitter and announce my information.


@HayleySmith5sos- Guys I have found 2 songs disconnected and wayf!! thanks for telling me babe <3 @Luke5sos


@Luke5sos: why did i tell you???


@HayleySmith5sos: the power of gfs babe.”

I look at him and laugh seeing him roll his eyes. An hour or so passes and we are off to the hotel again.

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