A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


32. Reality

Minutes pass

“Can we just stay here forever?” I say going back to laying next to Luke.

“Yeah.” Lizzie said putting her head on Harry’s shoulder.

“Its just going by to fast.. I am graduating this year..I’m going on tour..me and Luke are having our 1 year anniversary next year on September 16th..I met these boys and I am with all of you.”

“Yeah.. I guess time is flying by.” Luke said rubbing my arm comforting me.

“Hayley..you are making me cry.” Audrey blurts out with tears.

“Audrey don’t make me cry.” I say as tears fall down my cheek.

“Guys.. we are all crying.” Becca said as you could hear sniffles from lizzie.

Luke had gotten up to get tissues for all of us. Cal, Mikey, and Ash were comforting me. Harry was comforting Lizzie, Niall was comforting Audrey and Liam was comforting Becca.”

Louis walks with a confused face with a cupcake in his hand.

“What happened to the girls?”

“You missed that whole thing.” Mikey said shaking his head.

“I was eating a cupcake.” He said back innocently

“Hey was that the last cupcake!”  Calum shouted.

Louis looked at the cupcake then back at him.

“Maybe..” He said

“I was going to eat that!”

“Well to bad.”

“Cal..there is another in the fridge I saved 4 for you guys and I forgot.” I say between sniffles.

“REALLY!” He says excitedly while getting up and bumping into Luke to get a cupcake.

“What the hell dude.” Luke says stumbling with the tissue boxes.

“Aww babe you got us tissues!” I say happily as he gets his balance once and and handed the tissues to all of us girls.

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