A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


9. New school, new day

I wake up to my alarm. I yawn as I look at my phone and i see I got a video message from Luke. he sent me a video of Him, Ashton, and Calum dancing around. I text back a crying laughing face and a heart. I then walk into the bathroom and take a shower. Once I was done I grab Luke’s flannel, my black tank top,my ripped skinny jeans, Calum’s black beanie,and my black converse. I walk down the steps with my earbuds in. I air guitar to the music as I grab a piece of toast mom was making. I quickly eat it and brush my teeth before I skyped Luke for the 30 minutes I had left before I had to leave for school.


“Hey babe!”

“Hey.. ready for school.” He said tiredly.

“I guess.”

“Well you got my flannel on and Calum’s beanie for good luck.”

I smile and I ask him how Sydney was and how the guys were doing. Then I checked the time to see it was 7:30 which meant I had to leave and get to the school if I wanted to be early enough to find my locker and get my/ schedule.

“Bye luke gotta go, goodnight.”

“Night babe.” he whispered as he fell asleep.

I run out of the house and into the car and head to LA High. Once i get there I park my car and head into the office building. I take a deep breathe and tell the secretary my name and that I was new. She handed me my schedule and a pass for the day if I got lost. I check my first class seeing it was English. I sighed while walking to the class. I open the door seeing the teacher begin the lesson but stops while seeing my presence.

“You must  be Hayley.”


“Um well you can sit next to Kyle I guess but welcome.”


“Mrs. Michaels.”

I nod my head listening to the lecture. I then see in the corner of my eye a guy that looks familiar.  He was staring at me, and it was kind of creeping me out. Until I noticed who it was. It was kyle Parker. He was a perverted Jock that went to my old school. Also my ex. Once the teacher dismissed us after class I quickly got up headed to the music department.


I turn around seeing kyle chase after me.

“Its been awhile Kyle.”

“Yeah it has.. a year and a half about.”

“Hayley.. I also wanted to ask you if you wanted to hang out today after school, you know catch up.. maybe re light a burnt flame.”

“Um how about no.”

“Why its not like you have anything better to do.”

“Actually yeah I do, music class.”

he rolled his eyes as I started to walk away.

“You know I still really like you Hayley.”

I turn around to face him.

“Then why were you cheating on me with 2 other girls?”

“Why were you making out with my best friend on my birthday?”


“Exactly Kyle you never change.”

I walk away quickly hoping not to be late once again to class. I walk in seeing people playing guitars on one side and singers on the other side. I walk up to the teacher asking where I should go as she pulled me towards the singers. She then asked me to sing something. I instantly think of the song only exception but she stops me hearing the slow music.

“No Hayley you need to impress us with your skills, you want us to beg you to be in our group.”

I nod getting the message as I grab my phone and play the background music to Christina Aguilera's song Ain’t No Other Man. Once I started singing people stopped playing their guitars, and girls stopped singing. They all just stared at me. When I finished they all clapped people came up to me saying how amazing I was. Then the teacher stood up and told me to try part two of the trial. It was to play a song on the guitar of my choice. I chose the black electric guitar and then start playing the chorus to Good Girls. People were amazed of my musical skills, and so was I. The teacher approved of my skills by congratulating me on their elite band/choir. Once that class was over I had a study hall only to find out it was with Kyle. I walk in to see Kyle talking to all of his jock friends. I roll my eyes as I see him point at me and bite his lip. I sit down and immediately put an earbud in and play the live show the band is on right now on my phone as I looked at different songs on the internet.

“hey Hayley.”

I knew it was Kyle so I just ignored him and moved on with my search.

“Hayley!” He ripped the earbud making me flinch.

“Kyle give me my earbuds back.”
‘Not until you agree to hang out with me.”

‘Kyle.. I am listening to something important please.”

“Not until you will go on a date with me.”
“KYLE, NO!” I yell as I snatch the earbuds and quickly put them in just in time to hear Luke talk about me on the show. I smiled hearing his voice. 2 hours pass of classes and Kyle didn’t bother me once in a lot of those classes. Once the bell rang to go home I walked out excited to talk to Luke. When I was almost to the car I noticed that there was someone there. Once I get there I saw Kyle waiting there.

“Really Kyle.”
“Hayley give me a second chance.”


I said trying to push him out of the way. He then looked me dead in the eye and grabbed my wrist holding me back.

“Kyle let go of me.”

He got closer and closer until my body was leaned up against the car with his face inches from mine. His grip was getting tighter and it only got worse when Ash started calling me.

When my phone started to ring my heart stopped. I looked at the contact that said Ash and a heart emoji. I smiled but Kyle just got angrier.

“Who’s ash?”

“That's none of your buisness Kyle.”

“Is he your new boyfriend?”

“Is he?”

His grip got even tighter resulting me to slap him in the face with my free arm. He looked at me wide eyed. I immediately regretted it once I knew what he was going to do.

“Kyle.. i’m sor..”

he then smacked me in the face as hard as he could leaving a bright red hand print mark on my face. I quickly get in the car before he could do anything else. I locked my car once I got in and facetimed Ash.

“hey Hayl.. oh my god what happened to your face?”


I look and see kyle pissed and banging on the window.

“Hayley did he do that?”


“Who is that guy?”
“My ex.”

“What's his name?”
“Kyle Parker.. he saw me today and he kept asking me out but I kept saying no until he snapped and slapped me.”

“But Ash its not the first time he has physically hurt me.”

I look and see Luke in the corner of the screen starring in anger yet concern. I then feel a sharp pain on my wrists, and then I notice of red they are. I held up my wrists as Ash gasped and Luke ran out in anger.

“Luke, where are you going?”

“You can’t leave Luke you promised our friends that we would do a show for them.”
“I know.”

Ashton looks at the camera and faces the camera towards Luke. He looks at me with concern.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

I flinch hearing the Kyle still banging on the window.

I look to see Kyle still pissed, and I was terrified.

“Hayley look at me okay.”

I look straight at Luke and smile at him.

“Just drive away.. okay.”

I pull the lever into reverse as I start to drive away.

“I gotta go, I don’t want to get pulled over or something.”

“Alright.. bye.”


I turn off facetime and start driving until I burst into tears. the tears started  making it hard to see so I pulled over and just cried in my hands.

“Why out of all the schools I had to be with Kyle..why?”

I turn on the radio to calm me down as I wipe my tears away and start driving again. I finally get home and just run to my room and sleep.

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