A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


22. Lizzie meets someone special

“Hayley..” She says hitting me

“What Lizzie?” I say tiredly

“Please sing for me.. I haven’t heard you sing in so long.”

“Fine.. what song?”

“Sing the song the girl who cried wolf” She says with a smile.

Look at me in the eye is anyone there at all, is anyone there at all, because i'm not leaving. You say you wanna but do you wanna run away the great escape.” I sing as we both drifted to sleep.


I wake up to the feeling of Lizzie’s hand on my face. I slowly take it off to see the boys waiting outside my room and then I see Mikey with his phone out.

“Guys!” I whine as I quickly pull my head under the soft blankets.

I then hear their laughter mix into my room. Lizzie looks at me under the blanket with a weird look.

“The boys are video taping us right now.”


“Well then you go get the phone Hayley because I look horrible and you don’t”

“Fine.” I groan

I throw the blanket back towards Lizzie as I run and tackle Luke to the ground and taking Mikey’s phone with me.

“Hayley!” Luke yelled laughing and holding my hips while I face the camera towards me and I wave as the keek goes away.

“Its safe now Lizzie come on out!”

“Hayley get your ass off of him right now!” She yelled as he picks me up while he gets off the floor.

“Luke put me down!” I laugh as he throws me over his shoulder and runs down the stairs with me.

Once we get down the stairs he tosses me on the couch with him jumping on behind me.”

“Lucas you better not break that couch!” I laugh.


Cal runs down the stairs while yelling

“Lucas you better not be doing that!”

Luke rolled his eyes and then kissed me.

“That’s it Lucas you are grounded!” Cal says and carries me up the stairs.

“You are grounding me from my own girlfriend?!”

You guys know I have legs right!” I yell over their bickering.


“Oh yeah..” Cal began and then dropped me on the stairs.

“What the hell Cal!”

Luke ran up the stairs and grabbed me on the way.

Once we were all up the stairs Luke hugged and kissed me while the boys rolled their eyes.

“BYE!” They all yell as they walked out the door.

“Now can we call Harry!”

“Yes Lizzie..” I laugh while I grab my phone.

“You have his number? What’s his contact name?”

“Yes, and styles with a heart...why?”

“Just wondering..”

I pull the phone to my ear as he picks up the phone.

“Hey styles... I was wondering if you wanted to come over.”

“Umm right now?”

“Okay then.. i’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Bye styles!!”

then the line goes dead, as I look at Lizzie who is on the floor freaking out.

“I should have mentioned you were here...” I laughed

“What did he say!”

“He will be here in 10, so calm down and let's get dressed.”

We both run upstairs and grab our outfits.

“I’ll get dressed in the boys room I have to grab something in there anyway.” I say taking my black ripped jeans.

I walk in their room and I see Luke’s You complete me shirt.

Once i was finished getting dressed I walked down the stairs and me being the clumsy person I am I trip on one of the boys stupid shoes and I fall down the stairs. I don’t feel myself hit the ground so I open my eyes to meet Styles's eyes. He sets me down.

“Its nice to see you again.” He begins.

“Sorry.. I am so clumsy.. I want you to meet my friend Lizzie..”


Lizzie walks down the stairs wearing a grey crop top, black skinny jeans, with perfect makeup and perfect curly hair.

“You did all of that in 10 minutes.”
“What can I say Hayley when I want to look freaking hot then I make it happen.”

I then turn my head to Harry whose jaw was practically to the ground in awe.

“Harry..” I say poking his jaw to get him out of his trance.

“Huh.” he said shaking his head and facing me.

“I don’t think we have met beautiful.” He said holding his hand out.

I walk passed Lizzie and whispered.

“Don’t pass out!”

“I will try not to.” She said with a smile.

1 hour later


                Lukey <3

So how is everything??            

                    They are so close its kind of weird

                    Well she deserves a guy like him in her life.

Yeah.. she seems pretty

crazy they seem meant to


                    G2G they want to watch a movie.


                    Bye :*


Once I turned off my phone I layed on the other side of the couch beside Harry with Lizzie on the other side. Once the movie popped up I instantly knew what it was. Poltergeist.

“A horror movie.”

“Are you scared of horror movies.” Harry said wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“Wouldn’t you just love two girls scared in your arms.” I laugh

I slap his shoulder and get situated while watching the movie. Once that was over we decided to watch all of the screams. When we were on the 3 or 4th movie It was pitch black in the room except for the light from the tv and I slowly slipped into a sleep while resting my head on his shoulder.

“Are they sleeping?”

I hear someone whisper.

“Aw look The girls heads are on his shoulders and they are cuddled with a blanket.” Another voice said

“Hey Luke his head is on Hayley’s.. they look pretty close.”Another voice said

My eyes flutter open at the same time as Style’s. I look and see hazel eyes meeting mine with our noses practically touching.

“Hey Hayley.” He says in a breathy voice.

“Hi..Styles.” A smile quickly casted on his face once I said that.

All of a sudden I could feel Harry getting closer and closer to me.

“ Harry.. what are you.” I whisper as our lips are centimeters away from each others.

“Hey Harry you might want to get off of Hayley.” Cal said quickly.

“And why is that?” He questions.

“Well Hayley looks kind of terrified.”

Michael walked over to me sitting in between us.

“Thanks Mikey.” I whisper in his ear.

A small smile casted on his face at my comment.

“I think you should go Harry.” Ashton said sternly

“Why..” Lizzie said perking up from the couch.

“Well I guess this amazing movie night had to go to an end at some point.” Harry added while getting up.

“text me, and you call me.” he said winking at both of us with a smile.

I quickly get up as the guys tell Lizzie what had just happened.

“its fine i’m going to text him anyway.”

And they did and soon enough Lizzie and Harry were dating. Lizzie went back to her house with Audrey and things were back to normal.. kind of.

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