A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


3. Life changer

I walk in the door to see Becca pacing around, my mom crying, and my dad on the phone.

“Woah.. is everything okay?”


“Becca, whats with you leaving me?” You laugh

“Oh my god, I am SO SORRY.”

“Well at least the members of 5sos gave me a ride home!”


“yeah, Calum saw me on the bench and offered me a ride.”

“Thats awesome!”
“Yeah, this was probably the best birthday..”


I look down and see that Calum sent me a text. It was a smiley face(typical Calum)

I laughed as my dad walked in the room.
“Who are you talking to?”
“She’s talking to Calum Hood!”
“Am I supposed to know who that is Becca?”
“Dad he’s from the band 5 seconds of summer.”

“Is he an ass?”

“Okay, I am fine with you talking to him then.”

“Well I am going to bed, I am so tired.”

I walk to my room and text Calum a smiley face.


Cal :)

hey Hayley its Calum :)

I know :)

What are you doing?

Going to bed

Oh sorry well goodnight!

Night! :)



I put my phone on my charger as i change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I then fall asleep.


The next day

I wake up to my alarm playing She’s Kinda Hot. I look and see it was 9:00,and that I got 10 messages. I unlock my phone to see the boys texted me. I squealed with happiness when they texted to hang out with me today. I think I was to excited because when I jumped I fell on Becca.



“Please don’t scream at me this early in the morning.”

“Oh sorry.. umm well the boys want to hang out with us today!”

“Awesome! But I can’t go.”


“My mom is coming back home from her business trip.”


Becca then got up as we headed out of my room and went to eat breakfast.

“Hey mom, hey dad.”

“Hey Hayley, Hey Becca.”

“So what's for breakfast?”

“Whatevers here, me and your father have to leave for work.”


We both head to the pantry as my mom and dad close the door leaving us alone. I grabbed the cereal while Becca got the bowls. We then sat at the table and ate.

Hours pass

Becca was dressed and packed. She was heading home while I waited for the guys to come pick me up.

“Hayley I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Becca.”

I yell as I run up and hug her. She then walks out the door sniffling holding back tears even though she lives a few houses away from me. I then get a call from Ashton telling me to hurry because some girls were circling the van. I run out the door quickly putting on my leather jacket over my black muscle tee. I notice about 20 girls and more running over to the van blocking the door. I push through some girls until I felt a sharp pain on my face. Some girl swung her arm and punched me right in the eye. They quickly opened the door while I held my hand to my eye in pain. We then started driving.

“Oh my god Hayley!” Ashton yelled as I sat next to him and Luke.

“guys its nothing.” I protested as he pulled my hand away revealing a purple bruise.

He touched it as I winced in pain.

“Our fans are so crazy.” michael muttered.

“Well that's for sure.” I said with a laugh.

“Well at least it doesn’t look to bad.” Calum added

“Dang and to think I tried so hard on my makeup today.” I said jokingly.

“So where are we headed?”

“Well Hayley we are headed to the outlet mall.”


“Well then I guess these will come in handy to cover up the bruise.” Luke said handing me his sunglasses.


I smiled as he smiled back at me.

We finally got there and headed to the shops. Tons of girls came over for pictures and autographs which was actually kind of cool seeing how chill they were with the chaos. When we finally finished shopping we stopped at starbucks and got some drinks. Luke then got a call from their manager saying that their tour is expanding to other countries beside Australia and the US. This expansion was going to start tomorrow.I hugged them and congratulated them for more success in their career. They then asked me the best question ever.

“Hey Hayley... would you maybe want to come on the rest of the tour with us?”

I looked at Luke and nodded while hugging him. he laughed as we split apart.

“Wait I better ask my mom first.”

I scrambled for my phone and dialed her number.

“Mom can I go on tour with 5sos?”

“Wait what?”

“Mom I asked you if I can go on tour with 5sos!”

“Umm well I would have to talk to your father and the boys.”

My mom then put the phone on speaker and so did I for the boys to explain.

“Mr, and Mrs Smith she will have her own bunk and own room at any hotel we stay at.” Luke added.


“Yeah dad?”

“Do you trust them.”

‘Yes dad I trust them completely.”

“Well I guess that’s a yes then.”


“Yeah hunny just come home and pack your things.”
I hung up the phone as they all hugged me. We then walked to the car. As we were walking I took off the sunglasses thanking Luke seeing it was getting cloudy out. Totally forgetting I had a gigantic bruise on my face. I then see flashes of lights in my eyes practically blinding me.

“What the hell....ow.”


I hear people screaming as I feel pulling and pushing and lights. I started breathing quickly feeling like I was gonna pass out. I could feel a hand grab my arm. Luke started screaming at the paparazzi. I then felt a forceful tug on my jacket as I fell to the ground. I blacked out as I hear Ashton and Luke run over to me grabbing my arm as Michael was screaming at the people and Calum opening the door to the van. I suddenly wake up feeling an arm around me. It was Luke’s.

“Luke she's awake.”

I look up and see the guys faces full of concern.

“I knew we shouldn't have taken her to such a public place with us.” Michale says rubbing his face.

“I..I’m fine.”

“Well we are at your house. We already packed our stuff since we were leaving today anyway.”

“Umm okay.” I say shakily as I walk out the car with Ashton following behind me, making sure I didn’t fall.

I open the door as we both walked to my room and started packing my stuff. When we were done Ashton took my bags as my mom and dad had a backpack full of online school stuff. (Since I was missing half of Junior year.) I hugged them goodbye as mom started crying. I then walked out of the house and back in the van. I was ready for the upcoming adventures. I sent Becca a video saying that I was headed on tour and that I would text and call her everyday.


I hope you are enjoying the story!!!~HeyHay

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