A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


10. It's gone to far

2 weeks into school

Kyle was bothering me still and it wasn’t even that anymore its threats, and bullying. I get to school wearing Luke’s you complete me shirt,ripped jeans, my blue flannel, and my black converse. Once I got to school I started walking to English until in the corner of my eye I could see Kyle and his friends coming behind me. I stopped knowing that just walking would make it worse.

“Look who it is.”

“Hi kyle.” I say with a sigh.

He grins as he grabbed my guitar from my hand and handed it to one of his friends.

“Kyle seriously give me my guitar.”

“Never.. I have always wanted to play guitar.”
They opened the case and then revealed my black electric with a white x with tape on the side. Kyle took the guitar pretending to drop it on the ground multiple times until it slipped out of his hands. I scream as I reach my hands out and catch my precious guitar.

“Why the hell would you do that?”
“Well it was fun.”

I roll my eyes as I snatched my case. I started walking but he stopped me.

“What now?”

He then yanked me against the wall grabbing my phone from my hand just before noticing I got a text from Luke.

He opens the text and sees the contact name  



Hey babe just wanted to check on u sorry I didnt text u yesterday.


“So you do have a boyfriend.. named Luke.”

“Okay..your point.”

“Well I’m just shocked a pig like you actually got a boyfriend.” he said with a laugh

“Well I dated you.”

“Yeah and i cheated on you.”

“What's his last name?”
“Why do you care?”

“Tell me his last name and I will give you your phone back.”

“Fine.. Hemmings his name is Luke Hemmings.”

“Jacob look up Luke Hemmings.”

He typed on his phone to find pictures of Luke with his friends and an article about me and him dating.

“Are you happy now?”
“Well Hayley you went from a popular jock to a dumb boy in a band.”

“Shut up!”
“I bet she cheated on him with all of his friends.” His friend snickered

I kicked him in the knee and snatched my phone. He then pushed me against the lockers and laughed and just left me on the ground while he walked to class.

I slowly get up with tears forming but I refused to cry.

When school was finally over everyone was giving me dirty looks. Some girl then ran up to me wearing a 5sos shirt and pushed me yelling.

“Why would you do that to Lucas!”


“You know what i’m talking about!”

“I.. I.”

Before i could say anything she nailed me in the face.

I got up and ran to my car and got out of there as quick as possible.

Once I got home i tried to run upstairs but mom caught me before I got into my room.

“Hayley turn around.”

“Turn around.”

I turn facing her and she gasps seeing a bruise on my arm, a black eye, and my lip was slightly bleeding.”

“What happened.”

“I slipped and fell its not that big of a deal.”

“Really then how did you get the black eye?”

“Some girl hit me in the face with her locker on accident.”

“Mhmm okay Hayley well if you come home with bruises again I am calling the school.”
I say going into my room. I look at my phone getting messages from Becca yelling at me about me cheating on Luke with his band mates. Then she called me.


“You cheated on luke?”
“What... Why would I do that?”

“Idk its blowing up on twitter.”

“Are you serious?”
“You probably should skype him.”

“Good idea.”

I end the call and just before I looked and all of my social media was blowing up with hate. They hated me so much and I read all of them. Until I believed everything they said. I put on some makeup trying to hide the fact that I got beat up at school.

I then shake myself into reality and skype him on my laptop.

“hey Luke.” I say nervously

“Hey, why is everyone calling you a whore bitch on twitter?”

“People thinking I cheated on you with your bandmates.”

“Did you?”

“No, they are like my brothers.”

“Well then who started it?”




“OKAY!” he yelled back.

“Gotta go babe bye.”


The screen then goes blank.

I look at my twitter still reading the comments. It made me hate myself even more. I couldn’t take it. I grabbed my bottle and started counting I had to leave. I could tell no one wanted me.. neither did I. i close my eyes and start crying with the pills in my hand as I say sorry over and over again.I was still sobbing and then thought now’s the time. I opened my mouth until I heard a scream. I swallowed the pills and instantly regretting it once I see the guys staring at the screen.


“God dammit i didn’t turn skype off.”


They yell at the same time. I could see Ashton on the phone calling my mom i’m assuming.

The boy’s eyes were watering as Michael faces straight ahead and said sorry to i’m assuming the twitcam.  I fell to the ground crying harder and harder.  My door flew open to see my mom calling an ambulance and holding onto me.

Luke ran out still skyping me.

“Luke where are you going?”

“The airport!”


That's all I heard until I blacked out.

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