A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


27. Its almost Christmas

weeks later

“It’s almost Christmas.” I say to myself.

“HAYLEY ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!” I hear Becca yell at me.

I look up seeing Audrey and Becca running into my room from the guest bedroom. Once they get to my room they both jump on top of me making it kind of hard to breathe through our laughter.

“Your parents have an early Christmas present for you.” Audrey says as they started yanking me out of bed.

“Its not even Christmas.” I groan seeing the clock was 8:00.

“That’s the whole point of early Hayley.”

I finally wake myself up and walk down the stairs to see my parents with papers and keys with a ribbon tied to it.


“Merry early Christmas Hayley!” They both say hugging me.

They let go and they get right to the point since I was still puzzled on what was going on.

“Hayley sit down.” My mother began to say as she pulled the chair out. Once I did I saw a paper that read

            Merry Christmas honey... we are giving you the house

“No way.” I say in denial

“We will be paying for the bills for the first year.”

“We are trusting you Hayley.” My father added.

“Where are you guys going to be?”

“Traveling.. Since we are never home we just thought we would just give you the house, and we trust you to be responsible with this privilege.”

“Mom..Dad omg thank you so much!” I yell hugging them

I look at Becca and Audrey with excitement as I sign the papers.

“Merry Christmas!” They say once again as they walk into the kitchen leaving me in awe.

“I need to skype Luke!” I say running

“Hayley its like 12 at night where he is!” I hear Becca scream back as I start calling him.

My head hangs down knowing that he would not answer and that he was busy doing other things. Then he answered

“Hey babe..” He mumbled with his eyes still closed and his once styled hair was now just a mess.

“I am so sorry if I woke.. I forgot about the time differences..” I say feeling guilty of the call but I was just happy to see him.

“No its fine babe.. what's up.” He mutters now opening his eyes.

“Well my mom and dad got me a really awesome surprise and.. and they are giving me the house like its so crazy!” I said with a smile. A smile casted on his face with his mouth releasing a chuckle at my fast paced sentence.

“Wow babe.. thats awesome.” He said with a yawn.

“Yeah!” I say excitedly

“I am going to go and let you sleep, text me when you actually wake up.” I say as I blow a kiss to the phone and end the call.

“Did he answer?” Audrey questions

“Yeah..” I answer walking into the living room

“Was he sleeping?” Becca added

“Yeah.” I said biting my lip

“Guys I woke him up and he looked so tired and I feel so bad.”  I said pulling my knees to my chest with the feeling of guilt.

“Hayley.. did he seem mad? Because if he did he is going to get a piece of me.” Audrey said clenching her fist.

“No..no...He’s just been working so hard and who knows if I woke him up when he was sleeping for the first in like a week..” I began

“If he wasn’t mad or upset about it then why are you stressing?” Becca questioned

“He wasn’t mad...”

“Hayley knowing you this will be on your mind the whole day so how about we go see a movie to keep your mind off of it?” Audrey said while calling Lizzie.

I nod in agreement as me and Becca looked for a movie to go see.

“Lizzie is on her way..” Audrey muttered while putting the phone back in her pocket.

“Let’s go see Mockingjay!” I say in excitement

“Yes!” They said at the same time

---------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I'm sorry if I am making some sucky updates but I will have more time to write with school so yeah!!!!!
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