A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


7. Home at Last

We were still at the beach at 7:00 PM. We were watching the sunset together. I was extra close to the guys remembering this would be my last time seeing them for months. They were coming back to their LA house in a couple months but I was still miles away from them. Once it was totally dark we ran around the beach laughing and goofing off. The only thing that ruined it was that when they left me at my house they would be going back to Sydney. When it reached 9:00 We headed back to the car. I snuggled Luke while they blasted the radio. We were all singing to Sleeping With Sirens, If you can’t hang. Ashton looked back at me seeing that my eyes were starting to tear up.

“Is everything okay Hayley?”

“Yeah.” I sniffle

I look up at Luke as he kisses my forehead.

“I..I’m just gonna really miss you guys.”

“Well  there is always skype babe.”

“I know but its not the same.”

I look back at Michael and I noticed that he had his head down.

“Mikey don’t get soft on me now.”

he sniffled looking up with a smile.

“Well its like leaving my only sister behind.”

“Well you guys are like my brothers except you of course.”

I say to Luke poking his nose.

Ashton grabs his phone and holds it up showing Luke’s arms around me and his chin on the top of my head.

“We all are crying guys!”


Michael shouts. I laugh facing Mikey.

“Well these two are closer than usual.” Calum said pointing at us.

“Well yeah Cal i’m not gonna be seeing this guy until like December.”



I look at my phone seeing my mom was calling.
“hey mom.”

“Hey hunny.”

“I have to tell you something exciting.”

“Well I am kind of hanging with the guys before they leave.”

“They can hear this two, We are moving.”

“Moving where?”


“Wait what?”

“Yeah your dad got a promotion.”

“Wait what about Becca?”

“She is moving also  just to a different place in California not to far from us.”

“Your serious!”

Well when you come home start packing we leave in a week.”



We drive for 5 more minutes until we were at my house.

I hug the boys until it came to Luke. I snuggled him and kissed him until we separated and they left. When they drove away I dragged my bags to the door. I was then greeted by my parents with a hug.I walk to my room and start to unpack my things. I open my suitcase to see an extra bag with a note attached.


Here’s some stuff from all of us!!!

~Your boys<3


I look inside and pull out a black beanie and green beanie. I instantly knew it was calums. I set them on my bed and grabbed 2 drumsticks out of the bag. It has a note saying


These were the drumsticks you used while messing my drums up on tour!


I laugh at the memory of me running on stage during a concert. Ashton ran off to get new drumsticks but little did he know I had his spare and I ran on stage and started pounding on his drums resulting in the crowd laughing their asses off, the guys, and a mad look from Ash.


I set them down then reaching in and grabbing a box of hair dye.

“Of course Mikey.”

I set it down grabbing a small stuffed pizza Mikey won at a carnival. With a note saying


Take good care of cheesy please!!


Then it came to the last few items. I pull out Luke’s Burgundy colored snap back, The you complete me shirt, and his red flannel followed by a picture of us both holding his stuffed penguin. I bursted into tears holding onto Luke’s flannel. I grabbed a large box and started piling all of my stuff and the guys stuff from tour in the box labeled fragile. I then started packing everything in my room until soon enough it was 3 in the morning. I packed almost everything in my room except my shoes and some shirts and pants.

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