A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


15. Halloween

“I look so stupid.”

“Cal, you look fine.” I yell

“Girls like the colors yellow and green remember?” Mikey giggled

“Hayley.. do you like the colors yellow and green?”

“”They are decent colors but I look bad in those colors.” I yell from my room as I gather my costume

They all walked downstairs into the main room and started watching horror movies on tv. Once I was finished I quickly put on pink lipstick to finish `the outfit.

“Oh god what if they hate it.” I say to myself in worry.


“Okay,okay i’m coming.”

I open my door and slowly start to walk towards the stairs. I then finally get the courage to walk down the stairs.Once I walked down the stairs Luke looks up in awe followed by the others looking at me.

For my costume I was wearing black leather heeled  boots,a pink flowy skirt, a black tank top, with a pink crop top with a large J at the top. My hair was straightened,I had the best winged eyeliner I have done with natural eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

“What time is the party?” I say breaking the awkward silence.

“Uh.um 7..” Luke answered still taking in my outfit.

I quickly sit right in between Luke and Calum as they unpaused the movie.

We watched freddy vs Jason (One of my favorites) Sinister, and the roommate.

“Hey..guys its 6:30..should we be heading out now?” I say lifting my body away from Luke’s arms.

“Oh yeah..let’s go.”

They all put on their converse while I start walking to the car. Once I opened the door I felt a big gust of wind blowing my hair back.

“I’ll drive!”

I hear Ashton mutter as we all reach the car. I sit up front with Ash as the other boys sit in the back. I connect my phone and put on Kids in the Dark by All Time Low. We all jam out and end up listening to more All Time Low on the way there. Once we finally got there it was dark outside and all you could see was the neon lights coming from the 1D house. We all get out of the car me and Luke held hands parading through all the people.

The party

“There are a lot of people here.” I softly mutter under the blasting music.

Luke looks at me with a large grin as we walk over to 2 of the 5 boys.

“Hey Niall, hey Harry.” Ashton yells over the music hugging the guys.

“Hey Luke...who’s this?” Harry quickly asks giving me a smirk.

“This is my GIRLFRIEND Hayley.” Luke said bolding the word girlfriend making it clear for him.

I put out an arm for a handshake or something (I am so stupid!”) but he just goes straight for a hug. Then all the boys just start hugging me. Once they let go the rest of them introduced themselves. Once that was over the guys made their way over to the drinks (Of course)

“Hayley do you want one?”

“Umm..what is it?”

“Its beer...what did you think it was.” Michael laughed

“Umm..i don’t know..”

“Come one just try it.”

“I..I guess.” I say shyly grabbing the drink.

I take a sip of the drink and immediately cough as the liquid slithered down my throat. I look up and see them all laughing.

“Don’t..*cough* Laugh!”

“You're acting like its your first drink Hayley.” Cal laughed

I bite my lip trying not to look embarrassed considering it was my first drink.

“Seriously? Cal and Mikey say at the same time.

I nod my head as Mikey leaves and heads to the actual bar,and comes back with 5 shots of whiskey.

“Here you go...maybe you will like this.” He said as he picks his up and and throwing the glass to his mouth releasing the liquid. The rest of them do the same and look at me. I just stare at the glass.

“Why not.” I say to myself

I pop the liquid into my mouth and I could already feel the adrenaline rushing. (Now the next couple things I did was because I was terribly drunk...Thanks Mikey.) It was my 10th shot and my head was all over the place.

“Hayley...how about we take you home..”

I nod my head and walk towards the door until I hear my song. The song lipgloss started to play and I love that song. I let go of Luke and run to the dance floor with Ashlyn and Ally.(I met them before I got all drunk.) Once I heard the beat we started dancing. I am actually a pretty good dancer when I want to be.

“Hayley!” Luke yelled before I started dancing.

And then nothing.

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