A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


13. Halloween shopping

“Luke we need to figure it out!”

“I know.”

“Come on can’t you just be Dr.Fluke 1 more time!” I say with puppy eyes.

“Fine, but as long as the guys are their characters to.”


I run to the next room to see Michael in bed, Calum sitting on Michael, and Ashton keeking it.


Calum turns to me with wide eyes.


“Really, cause it looks like Michael is being a lazy ass and won’t get up even though its 3 in the afternoon!”

“Ashton turns the camera to me.”

“Ash don’t point that at me I look uglier than usual!”

His laugh turned straight as Luke walked in the room.

“Hayley you aren’t ugly at all.”

“guys i’m joking around okay.. but seriously Michael get your ass up.”

“I can’t really do that when Calum is on top of me!”

“Calum get off of him right now!”

“Okay!” he says with a smile while jumping off of him.

“Okay guys kitchen now!” I say as we all headed down stairs.

In the kitchen

“Did we do something wrong Hayley?”

“No Ash  I just need to talk to you guys about something.”

“Okay good.”

“Alright guys Halloween.”

“YAY!” Calum shouts in excitement.

“Okay Cal.. You are being Cal Pal... tight and bright remember?”



“Mikey.. or should I say Mike-ro-wave.”

“God dammit.”

“Ash I think you know what's coming.”

“But Hayley I haven’t worked on my six pack.” Ash whined

“Ash we all knew it was fake.”

“Then what are you being Hayley?” Calum questioned

“I’m being..”

“A sexy cop?” Michael shouted with a laugh.

Luke looked at him and punched him in the arm.

“In your dreams Gordon!” I shouted back at him.

“I am being Justice.”

“Justice?” They all say at the same time.

“yeah.. its a superhero that I made up.”


“Well 3 days ago, but my original plan with becca was to be you guys but we are friends now so yeah.”

“Which one of us were you gonna be?”

“I was gonna be Smash while Becca was Mike-ro-wave, and Jessie was gonna be Cal Pal while her boyfriend was Dr. Fluke

“Why was her boyfriend gonna be Luke and she was gonna be Cal?”
“Because they are Cake af.”
“Oh god don’t start with the shipping Hayley.” Ashton sighed.

“Okay boys let’s pick up your costumes while I go shopping with Becca for mine.”

“Why can’t we come  with to get yours?”

“Because its a secret!”

I run upstairs and get dressed in a black greenday shirt, black leggings, and black converse.

I run down the stairs seeing the guys dressed in black tees and jeans, with converse on.



At the studio

“We are at the studio?”

“Yeah I had them send them here.”


We all walk in to see 4 large boxes and a note.


Dear Ms. Smith These are the costumes for the urgent day you requested.


“You know halloween isn’t that important.” Ashton mumbled

My head whipped towards him as the boy's giggle.

“Ashton did you just say halloween isn’t important!”

“yeah..likes what’s the big deal?”

‘Well to me its a time where you express who you wish you were but also like creepy stuff.”


I pick up a box and hand each of them one as we head back to the car. Once we packed up all of the boxes

we headed back home.

“Hayley can you turn on the music?”

“Yeah..sure.” I mutter clicking the large circle turning on the music.

“Can you change it?”

“No Michael I like this song!” Ashton yelled

“I am keeping it on!”

Once we were home the boys grabbed their boxes and headed inside. Once they were inside I backed out of the driveway and went to pick up Becca. Once I picked up Becca we were off to the mall.

“Hayley I am so glad we finally get to hang out!”
“I know right.. I have missed girl days!” I laugh as she turns on the radio blasting 5sos

“GOOD GIRLS ARE BAD GIRLS THAT HAVEN’T BEEN CAUGHT!” We screamed as we pulled into the parking lot of the mall.

Once we got inside we went to the foodcourt to pick something up to eat. When we sat down a bunch of girls at a different table were giving us bad looks. Becca looks over clearing her throat.

“Did you guys need something or are you just watching us eat?”

“We just wanted to know if that was Hayley.”

“Well it is so can you stop looking at us.”

“We just wanted to say something to Hayley.” A girl said with a smile

“Yes?” I smile

“We just wanted to say that you are ruining Luke! He hasn’t been the same, he is so different now!”

“What.. the only thing different about him is his relationship status.”

“That’s what you think Bitch! You took Luke away from us!” A girl yelled

Becca looks at me then back at the girls.

“Well you know what I think.. I think you guys are just jealous bitches who wish so dearly much that you were in her position.. and by the way Luke has no idea you exist so beat it!” Becca sternly says( you could definitely tell she was pissed off.)

When she was done yelling we got up and left the girls standing there in shock of what had just happened.

Hours pass

“Finally got the stuff for our costumes!”

“Yeah.. this trip was a bit crazy.”

“Hayley don’t beat yourself up about those girls from earlier.. they just want attention and you're giving them it.”

“I guess so.”

“Now do you want to get the necklaces or not?”
“Yeah lets get it!”

We both walk towards Rue 21,but on the way there,there was these guys who just kept eyeing us.

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