A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


28. Girls day

In the car driving

“Yes a girls day!” Lizzie shouted while getting in the car.

“I have been needing this.” I say scooting over for Lizzie to sit next to me.

“The crew is back!” Audrey shouted as the car filled with laughter.

“I love you guys..” I mutter between laughs.

“We love you too girl!” They all yell as Becca and Lizzie hug me tightly.

“Alright let's party!” Audrey screams turning up the radio. the song no control came on.

Me and Lizzie look at each other and remember by heart the dance from the 1D carpool karaoke so of course we do the exact dance moves. We then all rolled down our windows and screamed the lyrics as loud as we could.

“Now this is what I call a girls day!” Becca yells.

1hour later

“We are finally here!” Audrey yells out parking the car.

We all quickly push each other out of the car and run towards the movie theatre like children.

When we finally get in we wait in the line that consisted of many many people.

“Star wars.” We all say at the same time.

“Did we seriously take 10 minutes just running in here from the parking lot?”

“We parked really far away.” Becca argued

“No we are just really slow runners .” I say laughing

“That is very true.” Audrey says back.

Minutes pass by and we are finally getting our tickets.

“4 tickets for Mockingjay part 2 please.” Becca says happily

“Girl’s day?” The female cashier questions while handing us our tickets.

“Yep.. its been too long.” Lizzie mutters with a smile still stuck on her face.

“Alright lets go!” Audrey yells impatiently.

Once we were in we split up into groups.

“Audrey you get the candy.. Lizzie and Becca you get the drinks.. And I will get the popcorn.”

We all split up going to different cash registers and Audrey going straight to the candy.

When we finally got everything we sat on the benches near our movie room.

“Okay Hayley.. here is a box of sweat tarts and skittles.” Audrey hands to me as I hand her popcorn.

“Here is your drink.” Lizzie says shoving the drink in my face.

“OKay now can we go into the movie?”

“YES.” We all shout at Becca

We entered the theatre and there was only 15 people in here.

“Yes we get the good seats.” Lizzie and Audrey shout while running to the seats behind the large metal bar.

“Guys wait up.” I laugh  

Once the movie was finished and the lights turned on all of our faces were red from crying.

“I can’t believe we cried that hard.” Becca says between sniffles.

“But it was so emotional.” I say back as we walk out of the theatre.

A large gust of wind flies at our faces and we start running to the car.

“Let’s go home.” I mutter starting the car.

“Thanks for driving back Hayley.”  Audrey mutters tiredly while resting her head on Lizzie

“Bitch...” Lizzie began

“Lizzie just let her sleep.” I say turning on the radio as we start driving.

“I told her that I loved her was not sure if she heard.” We all began singing which woke up Audrey. She then soon enough joined in.

“I love how you’re dating Harry and I am dating Luke but we are still pretty much in the fandom.” I say laughing over the song.

“Just because we are dating them doesn’t mean we can’t be in the fandom!” Lizzie yells back.

“Well we proved it!” I yell back as a 5sos song begins on the radio.

1 hour later

“We are finally home!” I say turning off the car walking in with the girls following behind me.

Once we get inside we all drop ourselves on the couch and turn on the tv.

“Hey Lizzie who’s asleep?”

“Well.. its just us awake so Audrey and Becca.”
“Becca always went to sleep early but really.. Audrey.”

“I guess work is really hitting her hard.”

“Yeah I guess so.” Lizzie sighs

“Hey Hayley...”


“This year would be your 1st Christmas without the boys since you met them.”

“Yeah.. I guess it is.”

“So what are the plans for Christmas?”

“Well I am inviting you, Harry and the boys, Audrey, and Becca.”

“that sounds great.” Lizzie says with a smile

“yeah..” I say sadly

“Hey.. we will make the best of it.” Lizzie said back hugging you.


“Alright let’s go to sleep I am so tired.”

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