A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


29. Christmas

2 days later


“HAYLEY ITS CHRISTMAS!!!” Becca yells at me.

“Wake up bitch we have to get the house ready for the party!” Lizzie yells walking in.

“What time is it?” I say tiredly

“Its 10.” Audrey says


“What time does the party start?”

“4!” I yell back grabbing a towel and running in the bathroom with my phone.

“TEXT THE BOYS FOR THE REMINDER!” I yell at Lizzie while turning the water on.

I then take a shower quickly once I am out I dry my new auburn hair, and run into my room in a towel. I then straighten my hair before finding an outfit. I walk to my closet and grab my grey crop top, red and black flannel, black skinny jeans, and my black fuzzy socks. Once I grab all of the items and I put my grey croptop shirt on I get a facetime call from Michael I quickly start putting on my pants and accept the call.

“Hey Hayley!”

“Hey Michael.” I yell from my closet poking my head out.

“ WHy are you in your closet.?”
“Well I am kind of putting my pants on at the moment.” I say laughing.

“Oh.” he says laughing.

“Hey!” I hear Luke say in the background.

“Hey Luke I am facetiming Hayley and she has no pants on!” Michael teases

“WHAT!” I hear him yell.

“Babe...” I say walking out of the closet while buttoning my pants.

“Wow Hayley you look good.” Luke says with a smile.

“Merry Christmas babe.” I say while putting on my flannel and fuzzy socks.

“Guys lets go!” Ashton says to the boys while holding a bag.

“Why does Ash have a suitcase? ARe you traveling?”

“Yeah..something like that.” Luke answers nervously

“Well babe I love you so much and I have to go setup for the party.” I say blowing a kiss to the screen and ending the call.

“Alright.. Lizzie get the music.. Becca get the cups from the garage and Audrey help me with food and decorations.” I say running in the kitchen and beginning the sugar cookies.

Once Lizzie got the Christmas music started Audrey was setting out the cupcakes on a decorative plate and frosting the cookies. Lizzie then put cotton balls on the white table cloth and sprinkles red sparkles on the other table cloth.

2 hours later


“We finished” I say tiredly while fixing the desserts.

Once we all finished we let our hard work sink in on our beautiful design. Once we finished the bell rang which meant the boys were here.

-----------------------   Sorry I haven't updated but here it is!!!! I am working on the next one right now!!!
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