A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


6. Beach Day!

Our tour was done. I was finally headed home but before they left we were all headed to the beach.

“Are you guys ready for a beach day?”

“Hell yeah I am!” Ash yelled

When we finally got there I grabbed the body boards and beach ball while the guys carried the cooler and chairs.

When we finally got a spot I ran to the bathroom to go get changed. I walked out of the bathroom wearing a black bikini, and I had my hair in a ponytail. When I started walking back I saw this group of guys staring at me. Until one of them said something.

“Damn girl lookin fine.”

I just gave them a smile and kept walking until the guy chased after me.

“Hey why don’t you hang out with us, we can show you a good time.”

“Um no thanks.”

I started walking but he stopped me once again but he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

“Please let me go.”

“Not unless you hang out with us sweet thang.”

I close my eyes as he dragged his hand around my waist pulling me closer to him. I almost started crying when he pushed me against the wall holding my arms against it. He got closer and closer to me making me even more scared than I was. His friends were laughing and videotaping everything. Then the guy grabbed the knot keeping my top up and started unraveling it, I kicked his knee. He let go for one second which gave me a chance to escape but I wasn’t quick enough.

“LUKE!” I cried before his friend could grab my waist and pull me back. I struggled until his friend slapped me in the face leaving a large hand mark.

I look and saw Ash at a restaurant getting food.

“ASH!” I screamed hoping it was loud enough. I see Ashton turn his head and sees the guys that were practically raping me. Him and Cal ran down the steps towards my way. I was crying. I couldn’t take it anymore. Until I felt arms yank me back. I see that Luke was holding me. Ashton looked at me while I was crying, and told Luke to take me back to Michael.  Luke picked me up and ran me over to Michael as I heard Cal threaten he was going to punch somebody.

Luke put me down on the towel next to Michael and looked at me dead in the eyes.

“Hayley what happened?”

“This guy he kept grabbing me and touching me. I tried to get away Luke I tried but the guy hit me.”

“Wait he hit you!”

I nod as I start to cry. He got up with anger as he ran over to Cal and told him what happened and then I saw Cal throw a punch at the guy, and Ashton took the guy who was videotaping phone and kicked him in the stomach. They then came back  and Ashton and Luke sat beside me while Cal sat behind me. Ashton played the video. While watching the video he had a concerned look until the guy started touching my waist and my upper part while his friends held me against the wall. Ashton quickly deleted the video as the guy ran over to him asking for his phone. Ash chucked it at his face then the guy ran away. I get up wiping my tears and I grab the body board.

“You guys wanna go body boarding?”

They nodded and grabbed the boards. Cal, Ash, and mikey were running to the ocean as me and Luke held hands and kissed before heading into the water.  

“For saving my girlfriend from a creepy perv.”

“yeah that.”

“I’d do that a million times a day if that means saving you.”

“I love you Luke.”

“I love you two.”

“Are you guys gonna make out or body board.. I hope the answer is bodyboarding.” Michael yells

I laugh as I quickly peck Luke on the lips as we start paddling through the water.


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