A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


20. Another hospital visit and a big announcement

I went inside and had Luke and Calum wait in the waiting room because I didn’t want to deal with Cal saying sorry over and over and Luke saying the worst and unbelievable possibilities. The doctor puts this weird cream or something on it. wraps it, and gives me an ice pack to cool it down. I went out to the waiting room with a prank in mind

“Hey guys.. *sniffle*

“What's wrong?”

“They have to amputate my hand..” I say fake crying.

“Then why do you have the ice?” Calum questioned

“So it can numb easier.”

My plan was going amazingly. Luke then hugged me and I think him and Cal began to cry and that's when I had to stop.

I let go of them and I look into this teary blue eyes and I actually started crying.

“Guys...*sniffle* I was joking *Sniffle*.”

“WHAT!” Cal yells at me

“Yeah we can go now.” I laugh as I see that beautiful smile back on Luke’s face.

We then headed to the car. We just talked about random stuff as we headed home. Once we got there we noticed that the 1D guys were gone so it was just us 5. Once I got in Michael greeted me with a high five with my injured hand I then see that Ash finished making the pizza. We all sat at the table and began to eat the pizza.

“Hey umm guys I have to tell you something.” Ashton says through his laughter after hearing Michaels stupid pizza joke once again.

“Yeah.” I say between bites

“We are going back to Sydney for some songwriting and recording and some shows and we won’t be back for awhile.” He says quickly

I dropped my pizza onto my plate in shock and I just looked at them.

they all nodded in sync.

Then the doorbell rings. Luke walks over to the door and opens it.

“Who the fuck are you?” She says.

“Ummm..who are you?” Luke questions

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