A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


21. A big visitor

i run over recognizing the voice.

“LIZZY!” I yell and hug her.

“Hey bitch what's up.” She laughs letting go of me and walking in with a bag.

“So wheres Harry?” Lizzy says looking at me.

“Lizzy he left an hour ago I can have him over like tomorrow.”

“Yass Bitch!”

Luke walks up to us and stands in front of me.

“Harry’s coming over tomorrow? But we have a meeting tomorrow.”

“No you have a meeting tomorrow.” I say back poking his cheek.

“No seriously who the fuck are you..” Lizzy says.

he turns around facing her.

“I’m Luke..Hayley’s boyfriend.”

“BITCH you have a boyfriend and you didn’t tell me!” Lizzy yelled pushing Luke out of the way.

I nod as I start to laugh and see Luke on the ground.

“Wait Lizzy wheres Audrey?”

“She’s at work.”


Who is that?” Cal, Mikey, and Ash said at the same time while pointing at Lizzy.

“This is one of my best friends Lizzy.. she believed in my singing career more than anyone else.”

“Yep.” She nodded

“I thought we inspired you..” Cal said kind of disappointed

“Wait a minute these are the guys that you non stop talked about, and wouldn’t stop saying how amazing it would be to go on tour with them, and we can’t forget how I kept saying that everyone was ugly except Luke but then you would disagree with me and tell me all the things you love about them.”

I covered my face in embarrassment as I could see them looking at me.

“Oh.. you guys are 5sos now I remember!”

“Yep.” Ashton said in between laughs.

“Okay Lizzy let me show you where you are sleeping tonight.” I say with my head down.

“Wait but you only have 1 guest bedroom and that is kind of taken..” Calum said

“No she is staying in my room with me.”

“Don’t say anything Lucas, you were never gonna stay in my room anyway.”

“Ohhhh” They said as Luke smiled and rolled his eyes.


When we finally walked in my room I immediately hug her.

“I’ve missed you so much!” I say

“I’ve missed you too bae!”

“We need a girls day with Becca!”

“OMG Becca’s here to!!”

“Well yeah.” I laugh.

“So how did you meet these guys?” She questions

“Well Becca brought me to a concert and they had me sing on stage we then went backstage with our VIP passes and one thing went to another and I got their numbers and then went on tour with them.” I smile reliving memories of the tour.

A little while later it was 10 and we were all in the living room. I was sitting next to Luke and Michael while Ashton was sitting on the floor with Cal. I look to my left past Luke and I see Lizzie sitting as far away as possible from Luke and she is pointing her phone at me.

“Lizzie!” I say tiredly hiding in Luke’s side.  He chuckled which made me also laugh.

“Hayley come on say hi to Audrey she misses you!”

I pop my head up and I wave to her as I can hear her say.

“OMG Hayley you are actually with them!! your dream came true girl!”

I laugh at her reaction and I blow her kiss.

“Love you girl, and I am going to sleep.” I say getting up from the couch and head up stairs. Lizzie slowly follows as the guys yell goodnight.

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