A dream coming true

A girl from Chicago's life turns around on her bithday when she see's her favorite band.


31. A big surprise


“Hey don’t forget about me!” Cal and Michael shout.

“Guys!” I say practically crying I see them all except one.. that one was the person I have been waiting to see.

“Where's...wheres Luke?”

“What were not good enough?” Michael teases

“Clifford you know damn well that she wants to see her boyfriend!” Lizzie yells.

I laugh wiping my tears.

“Don’t even Cal.” I say as he wipes my tears and covers my eyes with his hands.

All of a sudden I felt light lips touch mine. I feel the cold lip ring that sent shivers up my spine. It was him.. The boy I have always loved.. the boy I will forever love. It was Luke.

Once our kiss was over I opened my eyes and jumped onto him. wrapping my legs around his waist and putting my head in the crook of his neck breathing in his familiar scent that I have missed.
“I’ve missed you so much!” I cried

“I have missed you too babe.” He says kissing my head.

I let go of him and grab onto his arm not wanting to let him go.

“Hayley look at the camera.” Michael says shoving his phone with a bright light in my face.

“Ow MIkey!” I say blinded as I hide my face in Luke’s arm.

We finally get inside and Luke hands me a small velvet box.

“Lucas you didn’t have to get me anything, all I wanted was you.” I say with a smile.

“Please take it.” He pleaded.

“Fine.” I say giving in to his pleading eyes.

I open the box to see a beautiful silver necklace with a dangling heart connected. Engraved into the heart was forever and always.

“Luke...” I say speechless

“You like it?” He says with hope. you could tell he desperately wanted you to like it.

I laughed and jumped in his arms nodding my head.

“I love it.” I say hugging him once again. He chuckled at the comment.

“I love you.” He said back kissing me once more.

“GUYS REALLY!” Audrey yelled

“What?” I said laughing

“Get..a..room..” Audrey said inbetween laughs.

We spent hours talking, and laughing... It was probably my best Christmas yet. It wasn’t until 3 in the morning that Cal asked me something out of the blue.

“Hey Hayley..”

“What Cal.” I say not moving from Luke’s side.

“Did you like tour with us?”

“Yeah...I loved it.. It was probably one of the best experiences..” I say playing with the hem of Luke’s shirt.

“Well we wanted to know if you wanted to go again.” Cal said.


“Babe.. do you want to be our opening act on tour?”

“SERIOUSLY!” I yell perking up from my spot out of shock.

They all started laughing at my reaction.

“We are totally serious.. We talked to your parents about it already and they said it was fine with them.” Ashton added.

“So do you want to go?” Michael said nervously.


Once I said that all the boys tackled me to the ground in a hug.

I got up when they finally got off of me.

“When are we leaving?”

“Well tour starts on the 4th and our first concert is in Japan...so new years.”

“You guys are leaving new year's!” Lizzie shouts while getting up

She grabs my shoulder and looks me in the eyes.

“What about the countdown?”

“ We can facetime while i’m at the airport

“Its not the same..” Audrey added

“We can’t do our tradition of eating a cupcake at 11:55 and when it hits 12 we eat another.. start the year off with a good thing and the year will be good as well.”

“We can do it on skype.. we can make cupcakes the night before and I could grab 2 and bring them to the airport.”

-------------   I am so sorry I haven't updated I love writing this I just forgot to post and combine school and my singing its going crazy but I will be posting more hopefully :-)
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