Mr.Malik Christmas (One Shot)

Twas the night before Christmas. And on vaca with the greatest group of friends there was. They experienced the most tragic Christmas that for the first time made Liam cuss. Snowed in, A child misunderstood and a bunch of unwanted Karma . What could be any worse. But despite all of that the gang works together in a tight bond to guarantee that the kids have the best Christmas ever .

*This is my gift to all of my fans . Thank you for being amazing and sexy and everything . I love you all and Happy Christmas
Love , Alexis a.k.a HazzasTeddyBear����


1. Happy Christmas<3

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house ... Well .. This is what's going on . 

"Mom did you send my letter to Santa ?" Alexander tugged on Alexandra's dress as she tried to ignore the fifth time he's asked that question while making cookies . "Mommy I wanna hellpp" Jailin whined . "Aunt Alex the baby is drinking cows milk again!" Sieanna shouts . "Okay okay !!!" She screamed shutting everyone up . She sighs . "Sweetheart I sent your letter to Santa already . He knows what you want " She tells Alyx . "How?" Alyx asked "I emailed him . Now go help Sieanna with the baby please and take that bottle out of his mouth . Love you " Kisses his nose making him laugh .

"Okay mommy" He runs back into the living room "Now you .. You can decorate the cookies with me " She picks up Jailin and sits her in the chair at the table who's basically her twin , her only baby girl . "This one is gonna be daddy ." She squeals picking up the blue royal icing and drawing on his hair. She smiles at her little girl . Soon enough there was a ring at the door bell . "Be careful okay ?" She tells Jailin before running to answer the door . "Ho ho ho!" Zayn shouts and the door opens . Alexandra giggles at his cuteness "Dad!" Alyx shouts running towards him . Zayn drops all his stuff and picks him up . He spins him around making him laugh . "Dad mommy told me that Santa knows what to get me for Christmas " Alyx says excitedly . "Did she now?" Zayn looks at Alexandra and winks . She smiles back as they have a whole conversation about it . 

Then Niall walks in his hands full bags . "Daddy!" Sieanna yells running towards Niall . "Love! . How are you how was your day ?" Niall asked a thousand questions to his very special little girl . His only child . "Good.." She smiles for a while but she then looks down . He plays with her little fingers and shuffles her small timberland boots . "What's wrong?" Niall asked her. "Where's mom? " Her eyelashes blinked from her eyes a couple times . Niall knew she wasn't talking about Fallen . He knew that the only person she referred to as Mom was Sparrow , and him on occasion. He sighed . "Well you know grandmas sick--" "She said she would be here yesterday .. " Sieanna mumbled . Niall tried everything in his power to make sure everything was okay." There's bad weather too Sieanna .. She will be here I promise .. " He says . " Yeah yeah .. heard that one before " She runs off from Niall . "Sie--" He was cut off by the door slamming "anna .." He finishes with a sigh

"What's wrong with her Niall ?"Alex asked him . Niall runs his fingers through his hair . "Oh nothing she just --"

"I finished the cookies mommy!" Jailin walks in the living room with blue and white icing covering her red dress and her hair and her face yet she still holds the cookie of Zayn in her hand . "Aww sweetie " Alex whines because all of her hard work on her outfit was ruined but it was still adorable . "I made you a cookie daddy " She says sweetly giving Zayn the cookie "Aww thank you sweetie " He smiles taking the cookie from her

"Lets get you cleaned up " Alex says picking her up "Okay mommy <3" She says .


It was only a couple hours into the afternoon of Christmas eve. Jailin was now wearing a clean white shirt and white skirt with red leggings and little black timberland boots and her hair in a ponytail playing with Her brothers and Sieanna as they waited for everyone else to arrive. Zayn and Alexandra go everything set in the living room to make it look Christmas like as Her mother sat in the chair reading a Chanel catalog and Niall watched the news on the Telly. Niall notices the big red letters going across the screen that said weather alert "Make sure everyone is staying safely indoors this Christmas eve night as there will be a massive snow storm coming through the London Area as we speak . Have a lovely holiday everyone " "Guys we should start calling and checking up on everyone else a snow storm is coming" Niall pulls out his phone . "Mom! Text mom!" Sieanna ran over and sat on Niall's lap . He smiles texting Sparrow first just to make Sieanna happy . "Babe can you call Louis and Harry they're coming from the other side of London with the kids in the car . Liam said he'll be here around 20 minutes ? Something like that " Alex shrugged . "Well my phones charging ... But I'm sure they're fine" Zayn kisses the lips of his beautiful wife to calm her worrying mind . 

In the meantime Louis the birthday boy and Harry were on the road at last after being in terrible traffic for a long time . "Daddy! I have to pee!" Elijah shouted at Harry. "Elijah we just passed a gas station you're gonna have to hold it " Harry tells him . "But daddyy!!!!" He whines . "Lou can you please see how far we are from another gas station "Harry sighs . "Sure thing .." He pulls out his phone and presses the button to see a nonfiction that there was a storm coming . "Fuck!" He whispers ."What's wrong ?" Harry asked . "Yeah what's wrong Dad?" Robyn asked as She played with her Ipad in the backseat . Louis sighs "Looks like we're gonna be a little late . Its gonna snow pretty bad". "Yay snow!!" The kids scream . "Aww .. Well its detour time " Harry smiles turning down the freeway . "What the hell Babe?! . We could get stuck !" Louis states the obvious . "We're fine . I promise " He kisses Louis hands . "Daddy .. If we don't make it there will santa land his slay on top of the car ?" Robyn asked . "Will he take our oreos?" Elijah asked. Harry laughs at his children's assumptions. "We wont have to worry about that guys . We're gonna make it there like everyone else . I promise" he reassures him . Louis knew just what was gonna happen but he smiled at his husband anyway and listened to their children talk about the many things on their Christmas list . His family always made his birthday the most special . 

Moving on in Manchester where Sparrow exited off the plane coming back from south of Bradford she talked on the phone with her husband Liam who had the Twins and Mary Jane in the car on their way to the vacation home . "How was the flight ? " Liam asked Sparrow who was walking across the airport to the door ."Oh it was crazy , the wind , the snow.. The more the plane kept blowing off track the more I just wanted to get home to my husband and my beautiful babies" She sighs . He smiles . "Well I have .. The twins and MJ " He says ."Hi mommy!!!" They all shouted . "Mommy stuck in gold box" Luna mumbled to her twin brother referring to Liam's phone . " Hi babies .. But wheres my big baby ?" Sparrow asked stopping in her tracks . "Sieanna right .. Niall came and took her there yesterday .. She said you said something back coming back yesterday and going straight there . She was really hoping to see you .." Liam explains . "Oh .. I did . If the weather wasn't so bad I would have been there . I feel so bad now " She sighs putting her things in the trunk . "Oh well its okay .. I can't wait to see you soon we gotta get back on the road . Drive safely love .. I love you " He says . " I love you more ... Bye " She hangs up the phone . Feeling bad she sat in the drivers seat thinking about how she hasn't seen Sieanna in a while . She was really hoping to make this Christmas the best for her . With that in her mind she starts the car and began to drive knowing she had to make it to London , Only a 2 hour drive ahead of her .


A couple minutes passed and Alexandra's loving brother had arrived just before more snow began to fall. They sat around in the living room making sure they tracked the weather and everything around them. Young adults such as Alex, Niall and Zayn texted on their phones as Deangelo told the kids stories and their Grandma acted like a grandma . "Uncle De, Will Zainy get anything for Christmas from Santa ?" Jailin asked him . "Of course..and you guys wanna know a secret " He reals them in close . "Legends say that the more the baby laughs and smiles by you . the more presents you get" He whispered to them . "OOOHH!! . I can make him laugh. You just gotta tickle him!" Sieanna said and began to tickle the baby's underarms. It didn't work but he began to look at her like she was insane . "No! You gotta be gentle like mommy said" Alyxander moves her out the way. Alexandra smiles tapping on her camera to capture the moment "Hi Zainy. " He plays around with Zains chubby fingers and kisses his cheek. And sure enough the baby smiles. "I'm getting more presents !! hahaha!!" Alyx teased . "Hey .. You can't tease people or it ain't gonna work. " Deangelo puts his finger up to his mouth to signal Alyx to be quiet . Alyx repeated this following the girls to go play in their room . "Why aren't you a father yet ?" Alex asked him . He chuckled "I don't know little sis. Gotta find the right girl first" He shrugged . This was the #1 excuse as to why lonely people are loney. "Geez . Its starting to snow pretty bad . Have you checked on everyone ? " Niall sighed . "Liam said they're pretty close now .I just hope Louis and Harry are okay with the kids in the car . We all know about Harry and his not so bright Ideas " Zayn shakes his head . 


"Harry we're lost" Louis says looking at the map on his phone . "No we're not . Stop listening to that technology " Harry chuckled. "Harry do you know where we are ? .. Can you see through snow ?" Louis scoffed . Harry sighed " You're right lets pull over ". He pulls over to the side of the road and looks at the map on Louis's phone. "Fuck . I took the wrong freeway.." Harry palm faces himself. Louis knew that sometimes things didn't work in Harry's favor and that's when Harry began to feel really bad , but there's nothing a loving Husband couldn't fix . "Well .. Its okay we'll just turn around baby . If we turn around now we wont be far from an exit" Louis explains . Harry sighs and chuckles "You're right . You're right lets just --" Just as he said that snow flakes began to fall at a rapid speed sticking to the road . "It's snowing Daddy" Robyn and Ejiah excitedly looked out the window at all of the little particles of water . "It looks like the cheese you sprinkle on my Spaghetti o's daddy" Elijah commented ."Oh boy do I wish that's what it was .. Its okay . We're gonna Ger there and --" Louis shuts him up with a kiss to his lips that made Harry's cheeks turn bright red . "Stop worrying .. " Louis whispers to him . Harry nods "Only if you'd kiss me again " Harry jokes . Louis kisses him again with a chuckle and soon enough they were back on the road . 

While that was going on Sparrow was in the Car trying to find her way out of Manchester but it has gotten Harder to see the road by then . She gets off at the first exit she sees and goes into a gas station to rest for a second . She looks at the time that said 5:30 pm and sighs. She knew with this snow it was gonna be harder to make it to the Vacation home by tonight, but as much as she wanted to cry she knew she had to push on. It wasn't even 2 minutes sitting in the silence of her stopped car in front of the gas station and someone was already calling her . It read Niall on the caller ID and it was peculiar. They never talk on the phone except over the weekend when she had Sieanna. She accepts the call with much need of soft encouragement to get through this. "Hello?" "Hey Sparrow . I know you're kinda busy but Sieanna is kinda down about you not being here and she would LOOVEE it if you would talk to her just for a second " Niall said pleading her to accept it . Sparrow was already running late, but she could never pass up the moment to talk to the child she sees the least, Her first born. "Sure" she gladly accepted. A few moments passed and she heard a loud "MOMMY!" come from Sieanna. "Hello Beautiful, How are you?" Sparrow smiled at the sound of her voice."I'm Okay..I miss you a lot mommy "She suddenly says. Sparrow sometimes would have thought her relationship with her daughter wasn't as strong anymore and she knew this Christmas would be the only time to make up for than lost time with her daughter . With that thought in her mind she smiles and says "I miss you too My Love"


In the vacation household everyone continued to be productive. Deangelo was in the shower and the kids were playing as usual . Zayn and Niall were playing the game and Alex and her mother were cooking when suddenly --ZOOOM ... The power and the water goes out . A scream was heard in the bathroom in the hallway and a sudden thump "There's soap in my fucking eyes !!!!" Deangelo screamed . The kids all screamed and ran back into the living room . Luckily the baby who was crying was in Alexandra's arms as she cooked . Deangelo eventually comes out of the bathroom with his bathrobe covering his nakedness with a towel wiping the soap out of his eyes ."What the hell happened ?" He asked . "The powerlines froze . The pipes are froze and everything" Zayn said . Everyone groaned ."Nice going De. " Alexandra scoffed which lead to them arguing . "Alright alright !! . Someone needs to go check the pipes or something or that's the end of our Christmas dinner " Their mom cut their arguing . "I will" Niall says offering to check the pipes . He puts on he boots and jacket with the help of the flashlight on his phone and opens the door to the outside and goes out . "Zayn aren't you gonna help him?"De asked . Zayn simply scoffed and shook his head "Its cold out there" He says walking over to his wife and baby giving them both a nice squeeze . It was obvious Zayn was a chicken . "Mommy are we gonna die ?!" Jailin exclaimed "No Jailin everything's gonna be fine " Alex said with no worry in her tone . Too bad she jinxed it once they heard a ZZZAAAAPP! and an Irish scream they knew Niall just got electrocuted . "DAD!!" Sieanna yelled . "I got him !!" Zayn ran outside to help Niall who was laying in the snow , his hair standing on top of his head and black marks on his face . "You okay bud?"Zayn asked him . Niall didn't blink . He just stared into the sky . "..What.." He said over and over . Zayn picked him up and carried him into the house to be cared for . He was outrageously confused . 

While that was going on Sparrow was back on the road singing to the radio. Of course her favorite song just had to be a Taylor Swift song , too catchy for any bodies soul so she wasn't paying attention to where she was going . All she knew what to continue to go straight . Well going straight led to her almost running into a truck everyone once in a while , almost hit a few people , and probably almost ran into Rudolph the red nose reindeer . But she continues on almost an hour away from London . 


They power stayed out , Never even bothered to come back on. That's when Alexandra's mother lit a bunch of candles and sat them all around the house. They all sat in the living room in a large bundle just hours away from Christmas day as Deangelo told them more Christmas stories . This time he adults listened. At a moment his stories were interrupted by the turn of the knob on the front door and as it burst open , with snow revealed a very cold Louis and Harry and all the little kiddies . "Elijah!!" Alexander said running over to him and do their handshake .It was adorable . "Sorry we we're a few hours late got kinda lost" Harry sighed. "Of course . You're bad at reading directions bub" Zayn laughs making everyone else laugh . "Okay okay don't laugh at him .. He made it here .. we're all in one piece " Louis reminds them . They shrugged it off and agreed . "Hey I hope we didn't start without me " Suddenly walked in Liam with his portion of the little kiddies ."Mary Jane !" Jailin ran over to greet her . "Jailin !! I like you're hair " She squealed . "Thanks mommy did it " Jailin flipped her ponytail one time for the gram. Alex smiled. Once the kids were finally all here Alex's mother brought out all of the homemade cookies and made each of the kids their very own special hot chocolate with something different about all of them . Zayn lights the fire place and sits with the rest of us under blankets and pillows . "Okay guys . Ready for your bedtime story " Zayn said hearing all the little yeses coming from their group of adorable kids. Except for Zain who was sleeping in Alexandra's arms . "Okay .. this one is called A Christmas Carol .." He began to tell the story letting their Christmas eve night come to a close . 

It was morning and Sparrow was No where near where she was supposed to be. So much for her just keeping straight . She stopped at a truck stop looking for guidance , or at least some coffee .She got some of both after she met a man who was heading the same way. Only awkward thing was he drove a 1975 jet plane . There was only one way she was getting there with all her gifts and she wasn't taking the chances of getting lost again . 


Once everyone was done opening their presents it was time for the kids to read their notes to their parents they made at school . Since they all went to the same school they all did the same project . "Dear Mommy and Daddy, Thankyou for teaching me right from wrong and being the best mommy and daddy ever . I love you ,Awyx and Zainy very much" Jailin finishes and everyone AWWS . She does the little kids run inside of her parents arms . Last but not least was Robyn . She stood up shyly and stood in the middle of their family circle . She looked at her Dad , Louis and Louis could tell she was really nervous . "Its okay beautiful .. " Louis says . She nodded and said it as loud as she could "Dear Dad and Daddy, I wanna thank you for saving me and that I was everything you were wanting in a little girl , Plus people at school think its awesome I have 2 daddies at home and they only have one . I love you guys and Elijah and happy to have my family for Christmas " Robyn finishes and everyone clapped and awed for her . Her smile was so big and she blushed lightly . "Aww come here beautiful!!" Louis squealed taking his little girl in his arms and kissed her a hundred times . "Why don't me have 2 daddies ?" Lucas asked Liam . and Liam sighed and shook his head . He eventually changed the subject "Well that's all the presents " . Right When he stated the obvious the lights cut back and Deangelo's shower continued on . Everyone cheered "Finnnnaaalllyy!!!" Niall shouted making everyone laugh . As they thought things were looking up . Not so much for sparrow who was now dropping out of the sky with a bunch of presents in her arm . Yes . She just jumped from the plane and landed in the front yard . "Did you hear that ?" Alexandra said rushing to the front door . She looked out the door and saw a body print in the snow surrounded by gifts that were un harmed . "Um .. Helllo?" She walks outside only her slippers covering her feet . She hears a groan that resembled her best friends . Sparrow eventually gathered the strength to get up and viola! , She looked like a damn snowman . "Oh my god sparrow !" Alex shouted and everyone rushed to the door . "Am-- Am I t-tooo Latte ?" She shivered . "Of course not .. Where were you ?" She just had to ask but didn't get an answered as she was cut off by Sieanna "MOMMYYY!!!!!" She screamed running to her mom and hugging her eventhough she was covered in snow . How romantic . 


Eventually the snow stopped and everyone was dressed and ready for their family Christmas dinner . The kids got to decorate the cakes and Alex and Sparrow enjoyed setting the table with the new china . They Ate dinner and couldn't stop laughing at Sparrow the whole time and finally as Christmas was fading off they laid under fluffy blankets and watched Disney movies 

The kids were all happy , the best Christmas by far . Eventhough Sparrow came down like a falling star . But It was rather hilarious , such a funny sight , Now we Leave them with a Happy Mr.Malik Christmas and to all A GoodNight <3


Merry Christmas from yours truly Alexis <3

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