Call Me Daddy

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15. The Show

Can’t even believe this is happening.

            “Here it is. The Furry-Sleeved Miu Miu Parka. Put it on.” I looked at it.

            “Where are the pants though?” The stylist looked at me and laughed.

            “Darling, there is no pants, just put them” he said, pointing at the dresser.  I quickly ran to the dresser and closed the door behind me. I stripped off my clothes and slipped the clothing on. The outfit only covered my butt, leaving the rest of my pale legs uncovered. Shit, why did I even bother volunteering. I feel so exposed.

            “Darling, come out already. We need to practice.” I hesitantly got out and faced the man. “So, show me. Based on what you have seen, strut down the aisle as fierce as possible.” I flashback to the days when I saw the ladies practice as I took their pictures. Ok, I can do this. Keep a very fierce expression and strut with confidence. I put the heels on and walked my way to starting point. I took a deep breath and began. A foot in front of the other, sway my hips to the silent music in my head. Keep your head up, eyebrows game strong as fuck. I looked forward and imagined the stop. So I stopped, flashed my face rocking my hips from one side to the other. And turned around to complete the first round. As I reached my ending point, I turned around to see him looking at me. No, staring at me, as if I messed up or something. I immediately turned red. Then suddenly I hear clapping. What the hell is happening?

            “That was marvelous darling, no need to practice. You were born to be a model.” Butterflies started gathering at my stomach. What a compliment. “We are down to 10 minutes. Everybody line up in your positions. Aphrodite, just come to me after you come from down there to get to the next outfit.” I nodded. He placed me in between other models. From the corner of my eyes I could see Harry walking towards me.

            “You got this. No need to worry. You were born to be one.” With that, the music started and the host began talking followed by claps.


            “Ladies and gentleman this is...” All sound was blocked from my ears as they pushed me to the stairs to begin the fashion show. My heart was pounding harder than ever. My ears only allowed the music to play. Everything else was blurry. I finally got onto stage and stopped for a second bumping my hips hard to the right before going down the aisle. I felt powerful as I took every step on the floor, getting flashes before my eyes from the photographers. I reached the end of it, looked up and down like a boss and flipped my hair turning around and smiled at the model who was coming to the front.  As soon as I stepped off, the fashionista guy, grabbed me to help me change to another outfit. It was a bright red. This one was long and had a thingy to put my wrist in. I’m digging it so much. They put on a turquoise hairband and turquoise heels. Would have never thought about the color combination. I think it looks great. Lets get the show on the road. 






I know I deserved to be slapped. *Gets slapped by a reader* Oh my, I am so.. *Gets another slap. Starts rubbing cheeks* Damn it, I'm sorry I failed as a writer. I got taken back if you understand what I mean. I am currently running on no sleep at the moment. So tell me do you guys by any chance want some girl on girl, cuz that can come up in the next chapter or 2. Cuz of the after party and shit can go down. Tell me!!!! 

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