Call Me Daddy

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18. The Session


Harry POV

      All I see is that.  My heart drops as I see them isolated from the crowd. I see his hands around her waist gripping onto her hard as if she wasn't real. Both of their eyes closed, kissing passionately. Should I just stop it? I can't stand watching this anymore. Why is she doing this to me? I looked down at the ground mad and looked up and drank the rest of the wine left. Then out of sudden she slowly pulled away. He asked her something to which I see her respond with a nod. I hope it isn't what I think it is. 


"Do you want me?" He asked. Without hesitation, I nod. He doesn't know how much I want him. We look at each other with drunken lust in our eyes. Let me enjoy this.



We immediately got out of the patio together eagerly to go and have sex. My heart is beating fast and is unstoppable. We both tried to not look suspicious on what we were about to do. Then he steps in out of nowhere. 

     "Hey Aphrodite, I need you for a quick second." Mr. Styles spoke. 

       "Oh, I was just going to show her somewhere." Niall responded. My eyes drifted from Mr. Styles and Niall. Is he being a cock-block? Oh my God. What is he doing. He grabbed me by the arm as I was a puppet. No he did not. I looked at what he was doing in disbelief. I shook my arm off of his grip.

           "Mr. Styles, you have no right to be grabbing me like that. You don't own me." I said loud enough for him to hear. "Niall is going to show me around here. He specifically wanted to show me the water fountain. So please don't treat me in that way again. It may give off the wrong message." He looked at me in shock. With that Niall and I walked off. Either I am just growing balls and will lose the job, or am I going to get respect. Hopefully the first one. We both walked to the elevator. His lips rubs against my ear.

         "Just wait for me in the elevator. I will get a room" Those words made me drip even more. Throbbing inside of me made want him more. His voice alone could do it. I walked into the elevator as he walked away. I let the doors close. I pressed the camera on my phone.  I took a quick look at my make up and am still glad it looks decent.  Whatever.  Its not like he is doing my face. The elevators open I quickly put my phone behind me and look down. They got in and got right in front of me. The doors closed back up. I looked up and saw him. With his perfect hair styled to his shoulders. I was confused as to why he was right in front of me. He quickly cornered me in the elevator pushing himself against me.  He used his finger and lifted my face up to look at him. I stared right through his green forest eyes. Without any second gone to waste, he deliberately started kissing me. My eyes still open in shock to what was happening. What is he doing?! He is married! I immediately tried pushing away but he didn't budge. Then the ring for the doors to open rang. He immediately removed himself from me and walked away as Niall got in. He walked right past him as if nothing happened. I am still in the corner still in shock as to what just happened. I quickly gathered my thoughts and placed a smile on my face. Fuck.

LOL I am sorry, not sorry, I legit didn't see this happen. I just started writing and came up with this. But here is the cliffhanger?! Shall they have sex? MAYBE! most likely. Lets see!



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