Call Me Daddy

No description.


17. The Session


Harry POV

      All I see is that.  My heart drops as I see them isolated from the crowd. I see his hands around her waist gripping onto her hard as if she wasn't real. Both of their eyes closed, kissing passionately. Should I just stop it? I can't stand watching this anymore. Why is she doing this to me? I looked down at the ground mad and looked up and drank the rest of the wine left. Then out of sudden she slowly pulled away. He asked her something to which I see her respond with a nod. I hope it isn't what I think it is. 


"Do you want me?" He asked. Without hesitation, I nod. He doesn't know how much I want him. We look at each other with drunken lust in our eyes. Let me enjoy this.


So this is a part of the next chapter!!! I have 2 tests tomorrow or else I would have finished it. BTW I turn 21 this Friday too! So Lets turn up. Ill finish this tomorrow night for sure After 8 because my last class is at 6. I am sorry for not uploading for so long! I will try to update now, but college has been a bit difficult. just be patient and tell me ya'lls favorite chapter!



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