Call Me Daddy

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16. The Party

Everything went as planned, but what surprised me is the amount of attention I got. I was flattered by it. Flashing was all about me. Who am I? How old I am, how tall am I, where was the last show I have done? Who is my company? All the questions you can imagine, I was like, I am a photographer for styles enterprise as an intern. Should have seen their faces. I am currently a model for a few hours. A very popular one.

            “So tell me, what is it that you are feeling at the moment?” A voice asked from behind. I smiled and turned around. Niall, the sweet Irish guy. His cheeks were a bit red already, meaning that he must be a bit drunk. I thought the Irish were strong with alcohol.  Maybe it doesn’t apply to him. He does look thin, and attractive. His eyes. Wait, I am drunk, just a tad bit. I shouldn’t be thinking about him that way.

            “Well, I am feeling quite fancy.” I raised up my glass to him. He responded back by raising his glass along with a laugh. He has a nice laugh.  “You don’t understand. Like this attention that I am getting, it’s fabulous. I have never gotten appreciated for being me, I hated being so tall for a girl. But not no more.” I finished drinking the rest of whatever it was in the cup. I should just take a break on alcohol before I go totally drunk.

            “I bet you are. I mean you are quite beautiful. Your height adds up more to being in this industry. I think Harry would like for you to switch into modeling now. Be the official face of Styles Enterprise. How does that sound?” Niall said it effortlessly, I was a bit surprised.  “I agreed to it. I mean why stay behind cameras when you could be the one in the pictures?”

            “I am quite touched by the comment” I felt my cheeks blush a bit so I just turned my head to the side and smiled. My hormones were starting to throb in desire for him. I mean he does look attractive to me. I hope he feels the same way. We are at a hotel so, why not. Get a bit more drunk and blame for the alcohol. No, you must not do it. He is your boss.  “You know what, let’s take a picture, and post it on my Instagram. If you don’t mind” I took my phone out. He came to my side and slid his arm around and placed his hand on my waist. I felt tingling. I place my phone to where both of us where visible to snap the picture. We both smiled gently. I took it and post it up in Instagram. “There. We look good together.” I looked back at him only to see him smiling. “Let’s do one thing, let’s get away from here, can we?” he nodded. We both walked out of the suite to the open. Where a few stars were twinkling on the dark night sky.

            “May I ask what your intentions are with me aphro?” he stepped a bit closer to me. I lifted my hand and placed in on his cheek.

            You may be my boss, but I find you attractive. Very. You blonde hair, I just want to run my fingers through them. Your lips, I want to make out. Your eyes I want to look whenever we fuck hard and I hear you say my name. I thought. “Is it weird for me to ask if I could kiss you.” Without a hesitation he slid his hand on my back pulling me closer to him and gently placed his lips on mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I ran my fingers through his hair.

            “Do you want me?”


Hey are there any kpop or korean rap fans who read this? BTW favorite this book as we know what will the next chapter come......

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