Call Me Daddy

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2. The Interview

             “Come, follow me.” He said leading me to his office. I held onto the folder tightly, hands shaking. These nerves need to calm the fuck down. As we walked in into his huge glass office, he walked behind his desk and signaled me to sit down.

            “Hello Mr. Styles,” I smiled putting my hand out to shake his large, and muscular one. “I am Aphrodite”

            “Well hello and welcome to Styles Enterprise” He greeted back.

            “Thank you so much for your consideration. I am absolutely glad to be here,” I finally took a seat in one of the leather chairs in front of his desk facing him. His office was something else. I could see part of the city from behind his chair. Everything seemed to be made of leather, except his desks and the other tables in the room that looked to be made of cherry wood. Totally hating because it is so much nicer than where I live in. I handed him my folder.                   

            “Do tell me about your interest in photography.” He asked as he looked at my cover letter and resume.

            “Yes, I actually studied at Yale for the first two years in my undergraduate studies as part of their well-known photography program they have. My teacher, whom I was luckily close with informed me about this job. He told me all the details about it. I fell in love right away. Therefore, I applied at UCLA sending them my best skills at photography for the scholarship that would pay for everything and applied for this internship so that it could enhance my skills and build my resume.” Does bragging made me sound confident or like a dick. Hopefully confident because I was proud of what I was.

            “Impressive. I now see why got you into an interview,” He smirked. “I see that you were also a babysitter for 3 years. How did that go?” He asked looking up.

             “It went well. I love children.”

             “Well you wouldn’t mind if I ask you to look after my 6 year old anytime”

              “No, not all. Would be great meeting a mini you.” I blushed right after my statement. He smiled.

              “Ok. I don’t think there is anything else to discuss about. You are hired. You will be working with Niall Horan, who is head of the photography department. Your pay will consist of $13 per hour only working part time. You will start on Wednesday. As you know, fashion week is coming close and I am in charge of the runway show this year. Hopefully if you do well, you will be brought into this industry as a full time employee.” My eyes widened in excitement.

              “That would be a dream, Mr. Styles.” I answered smiling.

               “Please, call me Harry”

               “Thank you so much. Mr. St-Harry. You won’t regret your decision.” I responded face hurting so much from smiling too much. This man does know how to make a lady happy.

               “I don’t think I will, my love” He laughed. His accent killed everything, in a good way. “Let me show you to your office.”

                 “What? Office?”

                  “Of course” he chuckled, running his hand through his dark curly hair. I couldn’t help but admire how attractive and young he is. Don’t let me get started with his intensive green eyes. Not forgetting his strong shaven jawline. Oh and his pink plump lips. My god! Is it possible that he is god? I quickly took a glance at his left hand to see if he was married. And there it was, a gold ring. I easily got disappointed.  “We will be going down a floor. To where the action takes place.” We entered the elevator and went down. He led the way to an empty office. He opened the door revealing to me how much nicer it was than my house.  The walls were painted ocean color blue, with a window covering one wall. So sophisticated. I looked around and saw another door to where he was walking to. He knocked three times to be answered by a blond guy with blue eyes. I stood by Harry’s side getting ready to be introduced. No way this place was filled with gods.

               “Hey Niall, this is Aphrodite your intern” I stretched out my hand to reach his.

               “Like the goddess name?” He asked.

                “Exactly like the goddess” 



Do tell me what you all think!!!! By the way, I will use Kendall Jenner as an appearance for Aphrodite, so that you could get the mental picture of my characters. Its going very slow, sorry for that I promise that it will get heated in little bit. Do guess what might happen. Should I do Harry Styles's point of view too? I think I am. Just let me know

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