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10. The Dinner

So my book is at #1 now!!!!Now what?!?!?! FINALLY. I need to keep it there for like a week in order to accomplish it as an achievement. Thank you you guys. I will be updating the 2nd chapter later this afternoon. Please tell me what ya'll think is going to happen and so on. btw, I got an ending in mind. So enjoy it while it lasts.

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Aphrodite POV

            “So where are you going to school? I mean if you are going to school. Are going to the community classes?” She asked. My god, she really has something against me. Trying to belittle me and shit. Too bad I am the best. Try to be petty with me, and let’s see who can be pettier.

            “No, I actually attended Yale, a very prestigious school. Then I transferred to UCLA with a full ride scholarship.” She thought I was dumb. I could just laugh at her reaction right now.

            “Oh. Sounds nice.” She said looking at her salad. I took a bite of my fajita taco that dripped with lemon juice and salsa. Food tastes better when you are starving. The seasoning in the meat, just tingled in my tongue in ecstasy 

            “Yeah. I am undoubtfully a smart lady. I got close to one of my professors and told me about this opportunity. Everything was paid for if I got to the interview. My plane ride to get here. I luckily got that spot. Thank god.”   

            “Ok. Are you in a current relationship?”

            “Marlene.” Harry finally interrupted.

            “What? It is just a question.” She turned back to me

            “Well I had a girlfriend back in college, but her jealousy was out of the top so we broke up” I answered emphasizing jealousy getting a glimpse at Harry. He had a slight smile on. Cha-ching.

            “So you are lesbian?” She asked, but sounded more like a statement.

            “I would rather not talk about my sexuality.” I answered. This is whole level of motherfucking jealousy. I finished my second taco. “If you don’t mind I will get seconds” I smiled getting another two tacos. I already got comfortable without a problem. “Logan, do you want any more tacos”

            “No thanks. I got full with two. How can you eat more? You are so skinny” He said a bit surprised.           

            “Well I thank god for this fast metabolism. I can eat anything without any weight gain. Thank you.” I smiled at Marlene taking a bite off my taco. Yes bitch look at me. I don’t like you already. Asking me these personal question. Now let me ask them.

            “If its not too rude, but do you have any jobs or a degree?”

            “Yes, I got one in education. Currently teaching at a elementary school.”

            “Is that why you can’t look after your child afterschool?” Oh shit let me get personal like you were.            

            “Well, I get home tired.”

            “Interesting.” Haha, she just can’t stand children. I see that. If she doesn’t want to look after her own she must have been forced to have this angel.

            “Do intrigue me how is it interesting.”

            “With due all respect, I will keep my own opinion to myself. I rather do that than offend you at any moment Mrs. Styles” Harry choked.  I already felt the tension between me and her. I am loving it. Even Harry felt it. I got my phone out and ordered a Lyft. It was time for me to leave. I quickly ate my two tacos to get noticed that my Lyft is here in a minute. That was quick. “Thank you Mr. Styles, dinner was a bomb. My Lyft is arriving in a minute.” I turned to Logan “I will be seeing you soon Mr. Almighty!” I got up scooting my chair in. Everyone else stood up but Marlene.

            “I could have taken you home without any problem” Harry finally said as we were approaching the door. He opened it allowing me to come out before himself. He escorted me to the gate. We stood there for a brief second in silence. We were so close I could hear him breathing. I finally decided to make eye contact with those piercing green eyes. “I apologize for what happened today.” He ended the silence.

            “It’s not you’re your fault Mr. Styles. I also should apologize for my behavior. Hopefully it doesn’t give off a bad vibe.” Then there it was, the twinkle in his eyes just made me weak to my knees. It felt like gravity was pulling me closer to him. To his lips, it felt so right but so wrong. Beep. My phone announced that my ride was here, getting me back to earth. I rushed out the gated house and went into the car that was waiting outside. Why the hell am I feeling this way?

Harry POV

I knew she felt it too. 

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