Call Me Daddy

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8. The Arrival


            It was time to leave and visit his family to meet the baby that I will be taking care of.  He gave me a negative impression of his wife. So sad that feels like that. I am somewhat glad I can relate to him so it won’t be very awkward to say that I actually understand. Just wonder if I will have a hard time with the wife. Should I just say that I am a lesbian and have no interest in the man? Lying shouldn’t be the answer. I should just be me. Yeah, I am. I hope the kid is going to love me. I grabbed my purse walked towards the door. I was 7:00 p.m.

            “I’ll see you tomorrow Mr. Horan.” I said through the door loud enough.

            “All right, have a good evening Aphro.” He answered back. I could totally feel him smiling. I walked to the other door to finally exit the room. He has nicknamed me! How fast. As I opened the door I came face to face with Mr. Styles.

            “Are you ready?” He asked.

            “Uhm, yes.” I answered.

            “Ok then, lets go” I walked out with him to the garage and retrieve his car. He clicked the button the unlock the vehicle. Holy shit, a fucking black Mercedes Benz. Why am I even surprised? He opened the door for me. Oh my God! He is a gentleman! Chivalry is not dead. No one had ever opened the door for me. I mean when entering the stores, many times but for a car? Never. I shyly got in as he closed it as soon as he saw me fully in. Then he got in turning the engine on leaving the building. It was quite a quiet ride to his house. I am guessing he is a bit nervous. I could see how tense his grip is on the steering wheel.

            “If she asks you any personal questions, please don’t feel obliged to answer. I will apologize in advanced if she in any way decides to offend you. You are one beauti…” He stopped at mid word. “talented lady. I appreciate you taking onto this new job.” We arrived. His house was a huge story home. Like a mini mansion all elegant and shit. The gates opened to enter. I mean, why wouldn’t he have a nice house? He is his own boss of a very well-known fashion industry with all these hot models and stuff. Let’s not forget the clothing they design, very popular among the wealthy people.

            “You have a nice house” I finally interrupted the silence.

            “Thank you.” He got out and I was too until he quickly got to my side to open the door. I think I am going to die. My boss, is such an attractive gentleman. It is not every day that a handsome guys opens your door. I got out with my purse in hand and followed behind him He got his keys to open the door and reveal to me the beauty of having money. Marble floors, a motherfucking chandelier. I bet my eyes are showing every emotion because when I turned around, he was smiling. I calmed myself and try to act normal.

            “The food will arrive soon”

            “What? You ordered food? You didn’t have to go through that.” I paused “Although I must admit I am starving and might get seconds.” We both laughed at the idea, but I honestly wasn’t kidding. Then someone cleared their throat making us silent. I turned around, and there she was. One beautiful woman. He does have a good taste. Seconds later we were joined by a mob of curls who hugged Harry. He picked him up. He looked so adorable. It just made me get softhearted at the way they connected instantly.

            “Hey Marlene, this is Aphrodite. She will be our new babysitter.” I could automatically tell that the smile she had on was purely fake. I gestured to shake hands and she ungracefully shook it. What is her problem? “She is eating dinner with us tonight. Chase will be bringing our food tonight. We will be having Mexican food.

            “I love Mexican food.” I said smiling

            “You know I can’t eat Mexican food Harry.” Marlene scowled.

            “I am sorry, I went with my cravings honey. If you want to, you can something else for yourself. I thought tonight would be perfect, right mate?” he asked his son as he still held him.

            “Yeah. I love it. Have not had it forever.”

            “Ah, okay. Then I will be cooking it until you get bored of it.” I said laughing with him. Harry finally put him down.

            “Who are you?” I quickly looked at Harry then to him. I squatted down to be at his level.

            “I am Aphrodite. I will be looking after you from now on. The other babysitter you had, had to leave for college.”

            “But isn’t that a month from now?” what a smart kid.

            “Yes, indeed, but there is something called orientation. It is where you go stay at the college for a few days to learn about the things around you. Sometimes people decide to stay there after orientation because they loved the freedom without parents. No rules or anything. It is a feeling that one day, you will feel. Like the feeling of wanting to go away from home and study to get a job you love.”

            “Ah. Is that why you are here?”

            “Sort of.” I could feel how she was glaring at me from behind. “And you know what?”


            “I’m lovin’ it. Get the reference?” I laughed at my joke because he apparently didn’t get it.

            “McDonalds.” Harry answered sounding sure. “Right?” He said with a half smiled not sounding very confident. He has dimples? Why haven’t I noticed them before?

            “Yes.” With that, the doorbell rang. This is going to be an interesting dinner.


Picture of Harry's house!


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