Call Me Daddy

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3. The Argument

Harry’s POV

            I came home greeted by my 6-year-old son hugging my legs.  I dropped my suitcase and picked him up in the air. “Hey big guy, how was your day?” he let out a giggle. I put him back down.

            “It was great, dad. But Amy was a bit sad today after mom talked to her. I asked her what is wrong but she said nothing and that she loves me very much.” She fired her. For what? Her stupid jealousy is so annoying and is getting to a point to where I just want to… never mind that.  I saw Amy getting her things in the living room.  I quickly approached her.

            “Please follow me to my office.” She nodded and followed me. “Hey mate, go watch some television.” I told Andy and obeyed like a good fella. I closed the door behind and gestured her to sit. I sat across from her behind the desk. “So tell me how are you?” I asked.

           “Well, Mr. Styles I was informed that I was being let go and that today was my last day.” I closed my eyes thinking back to the fight me and Marlene had about her thinking there was something between the babysitter and I. That I was cheating on her. She chose the motherfucking sitter, not me.  

            “Did she tell you why?”

            “She said you asked her to do it.” I already felt my face form a what the fuck expression.

             “Let me tell you something, my wife, my wife is fucking crazy and is driving me nuts. Finish this week” Then her face popped up.  “I will have someone by then. I am so sorry though. Marlene thinks there is something going on between us.” Her eyes widened.

            “Why would she think such thing?”

            “Oh its woman instincts” I mocked. “My apologies truly Amy. I don’t want to bring any problems into this marriage.” Who am I kidding? This marriage is fucked up already. “Like I said, just finish this week I’ll give you a bit extra since you are going off for college soon. Thank you so much for your service. I honestly think this might be my last day seeing you.” I got up and she did as well. We both quietly walked out the door and she unexpectedly gave me a hug. A warm one. I couldn’t resist and hugged her back.

            “Thank you Mr. Styles” and with that she walked away and out the house. As soon as I turned around, there she was. My wife. The blonde, tall and thin woman who was beautiful but was cold at heart. Her face showed that she saw me hugging Amy. There was nothing wrong with that but it was for her. I walked up to her and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the office shutting the door behind.

            “I saw everything. Don’t deny it.” Nice, I really don’t feel like fucking arguing.

            “What did you see? Me hugging her back? Is that wrong?” I responded trying to keep it as low as I could so my boy won’t hear us argue. She could care less.“Why did you fire her without consulting me about it? Was it because I wasn’t going to allow it?”

            “Apparently. She wants you Harry. How are you so blind?!” I scrunched my eyebrows of anger and ran my fingers through my hair in desperation.

            “Ok, if she does so what? You hired her. God damn it, why would you think I would even consider having an affair when I am fucking married?” I yelled pointing at the ring that I have never taken off since it has been put on. Shouldn’t have married at a young age. “You know what? I have someone in mind already to take care of the boy because you apparently can’t handle yourself. If you don’t like her, I could totally give shit because she will fucking stay. You have fired 3 babysitters due to your woman instincts. And you hired all of them. What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Anger has finally taken over. I started pacing the floor. “Think about our son. You think this is good for him? Changing babysitters because of you?”

            “Do tell me what would you do if it was the other way around. If the guy was after me. What would you do?!” She snarled back.

            “I would trust you not to fall for it since you have these woman instincts” I growled back. “If you trust our marriage, or better than that, trust me we would avoid all these problems and these stupid arguments” With that I walked out the office slamming the door behind me. Before going to the living room I calmed down. Then her face showed up. Long dark brown hair that ran past her shoulders and her dark but bright brown eyes just made my heart beat go up a bit faster.         



Here ya'll go. Sorry its short but wanted to introduce someone into the story. Give me 15 likes or favourites and I'll update the next chapter. Do tell me what you think? Do you love it or hate it? I promise chapters will get longer.  Please share if you have to.

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Characters: only by appearance, to bring a vivid image.

Taylor Swift as Marlene Styles

Kendall Jenner as Aphrodite Robinson

Harry Styles as Himself

Niall Horan as Himself.

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