Call Me Daddy

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5. Suggestions

Harry POV

            She looked at me with fear. I looked at my watch and saw that she was late. On her first day. So I grabbed her by the arm.

            “We need to talk” Her eyes widened bigger.  She came with me to the elevator a little bit shaken up. I took a quick glance at her. She has a figure of a model. I think she would be perfect. Her height, her face structure. But today, her skin looks brighter than ever. The elevator finally stopped and opened its doors. I signaled for her to get out first and I followed her. I then lead her to my office unlocking the door and opened it for her to go in. After we both got in I locked it behind as the lights automatically turned on.

            “May I ask why are you late?”  I looked at her as she froze. I made my way to my chair and signaled her to sit. She did.

            “I have no excuse but am sorry that I am late.” She answered.

            “Please do tell me why were you late?” I asked again, trying to intimidate her. In fact it worked. 

            “Well, I will be truly honest with you. I was taking a bath in some relaxing warm bubbles. I’m telling you, it was great and decided to close my eyes for a few minutes that turned into hours.” She then began to giggle. “Until I was drowning and started flapping my arms like a bird and woke myself up. After I got out, I thought I still had time to get something to eat until I checked the time and it was 2:43. I started panicking and did everything in a hurry.” She paused. “Just remembered that I forgot to put on foundation and concealer, so I do apologize for my paleness.” She smiled awkwardly. I liked her way too much already. I imagine that my son will too.               

            I picked up the phone and dialed a number. Niall answered

            “Rite mate” She looked confused. Doesn’t understand his irish slang. I smiled.

            “Can you please come down?”

            “Alright, give me a minute and I’ll be there.”

            “ok” I put the phone back and looked at her. She thought I was going to tell Niall she arrived late. Maybe I am. Let’s see. Knocks were loudly heard until I said to come in.


Do tell me what ya'll think. Sorry for how short it is. I promise it won't be this short again. Give me all your lovin' and comment! Don't forget to Favourite and Like. I love all of you! I never thought this would get so popular so quick! About the third chapter that was supposed to go up today its not, I am sorry. I want to make it longer and not short again. I guess I got exited to see how much attention it got. The freaky stuff will be coming soon, just need to build up on that because I am tired of reading those that start off too quickly, its annoying. I want it to make sense as if it was kinda real. HAHA I wish. So yea, got an interview on wednesday, hope i get the job! Once again I love yall. Also if you have a WATTPAD account, please support my book because it only has 4 reads. I am under bettyboopbro. Thank you so much if you read it all the way!!! 

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