Call Me Daddy

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6. Proposition

Aphrodite’s POV

            I wouldn’t blame him if he told Niall I was late. My heart was beating way too fast right now; you can’t imagine how scared I am.

            “Mate, Aphrodite has been here the whole time. I needed to ask her something before she went with you. But first I have to ask permission since she is your assistant.” Harry said as Niall walked into the picture. Flabbergasted I was that he lied about what really happened.

            “What? Are you kidding? You are the boss here.” Niall said laughing. I looked at Harry confused at what he was trying to ask.

            “Ok then, since you are only working part time, I would like to ask if you would want to look after my child. You set the amount you want to get paid. About the times, I would prefer you to work here in the mornings instead so that you could go home around 1 and look after my boy from there.” He stated. Fuck, working in the morning? I hate mornings. But then its extra cash that I will be making. “When you start school, Logan will too. So you will watch for him afterschool and work here on the weekends” Oh shit, what about my days off? Am I not human or something? I bet my face showed everything because he looked at me once again. “I will sign him up in an afterschool program or try to ask my wife to look after him when she gets home from work”

            “Ok, I will leave now Harry. See you later” and with that Niall left. Harry nodded and looked back at me.

            “So, may I ask if it’s not too rude why wouldn’t your wife want to look after her own kid?” He looked away immediately. Oh shit, they were having problems. “Never mind that question. So, what are my days off?”

            “You choose.”

            “Ok, Friday and Monday I would like to have off.”

            “Ok, those are the days I will sign him to the aftercare program. Just to be clear, you are only working at Styles enterprise twice a week and look after Logan afterschool. But one thing first. Come home with me tonight.” Holy shit. Wait what?

            “You will have to meet my son and my wife” He said wife in a disgusted way. Wow. “By the way, if Marlene ever tells you that you are fired, you are not. Her woman instincts are so terrible, they annoy me.” I laughed because I know exactly what they are

            “Man, they are terrible to deal with” He finally turned around. “Yeah, I had a girlfriend who took jealousy to the next level. All she had to do is trust. Tell me, is it that hard?”

            “I know right? It’s crazy. Because of her ‘woman instincts’ she has fired 3 babysitters. I tell her why would she do that? Why can’t she trust me? I have never cheated” His eyes got sad in desperation trying to understand what is happening. He is opening up to me. That is so weird because he barely knows me. Without thinking twice, I got up and wrapped my arms around him. He froze astonished to my response.  

            “Don’t make this weird Mr. Styles. I understand you more than everything, and I hope everything works out” I said letting go. He straightened up.

            “Call me Harry. Your vibe is so good; I think we are going to get along pretty well.”



Holy shit, harry has feelings!!!! And what, Aphrodite is a lesbian?!! No she is not, she bisexual. Harry thinks she is though, I think. I don't know, you tell me! How are you guys liking it so far. Its 2 pages long btw. How will the wife react when he brings her home in the next chapter? Give me all your lovin!!!Comment, don't forget to comment! It encourages me to update!

All the Love,


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