Call Me Daddy

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1. Prologue

              I held the folder against my chest as I looked up at the glass building. This is it. Mr. Styles Corporation. If I get this job/internship it could help pay some of my college expenses. I took a deep breath of the summer’s air and exhaled it and began walking into the building. My heart is beating so fast I can’t control it. What if he doesn’t hire me because I am unexperienced? I hope I look mature.

             I walked to where the beautiful receptionist sat behind a huge desk.

“Hello. Welcome to Styles Enterprise. What can I assist you with today?” She asked nicely.

          “Well, I have a scheduled interview for an internship with photography.” I answered. She looked away from me to look at the computer screen. After doing a few clicks she looked up with a smile.

          “Ok, let me walk you to Mr. Styles” She got up from her chair and walked around to where I was and lead me to the elevator. The elevator doors closed to reveal pur reflection. She is the total winner. I looked away and tried controlling myself. I think I can get this job. The elevator beeped at a stop and opened its doors.  She walked out and I followed behind.

        “OK we are here. Just sit and he’ll be with you.” Oh my gosh. I can’t believe the person who is in charge of this enterprise is interviewing. I really do hope he is old. So that I won’t be a nerve wreck. I sat there for a good 5 minutes tempted to take my phone out hoping he is that unattractive old man. I opened my folder and began re-reading my cover letter again. Just be confident and mature.

         “Good afternoon. Are you the one here for the interview?” I detected a sexy British accent. My god, please be unattractive. I looked up with the best smile I have and melted immediately. His intensive green eyes just killed me. Then his long curly hair that fell just a bit over his shoulders. I don’t think I could handle it. All he screamed was sex. No, no he doesn’t. Answer god damn it.

          “Yes. Yes, I am” I hope I make it. I really need to.

This is what she was wearing to the interview.



PLEASE do tell me what ya'' think about it so far. Just give me all your lovin! I couldn't wait for the first 5 because I was too excited. 

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