Call Me Daddy

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14. Problem


            I opened my eyes, as I felt my heart beating fast from the amount of excitement my dream had. I sensed the sweat dripping from my forehead rolling down my face as I tried to control my breathing. I looked around to ensure that I was alone.  Don’t know what made me think I wasn’t.  Why did I have a sex dream with Mr. Styles? My boss, the one that just hired me. Do I feel some type pf attraction towards him? No, I don’t. I can’t, he is a married man. But apparently that didn’t stop me from going down on him in my dream. Shit. Why did I have to wake up from it? I really needed some oral. Fuck. I checked my phone to see the time it was Already 10:00 am. There is no way I am going to go back to sleep for an hour.  I stared up at the ceiling with a blank mind.  Today is going to be interesting.





3 weeks later

Harry POV

            I grabbed the folders and opened them to reveal the plans for tonight’s fashion show we are hosting. Something I haven’t really lost focused on. I mean this fashion show will bring in more customers into our brand name and promote our way of style. I grabbed the sealed envelope and opened. I took out the first sheet of paper that had a note saying these are the pictures requested. Signed by Aphrodite. I removed the pictures from the envelope and went through them one by one. They were well done. Satisfied by her work, I set them aside and just wondered why didn’t I ask her to be one of my models for this enterprise. Maybe because there is this part of me that truly knows that if I do, will sound wrong and will become a misunderstanding, something I will avoid.          

            I got up and started pacing because anything can’t go wrong tonight.


            I saw everyone in chaos, these models running half naked across the room to get their make-up done, hair etc. The camera was hanging heavily around my neck like never before. Today was the day and we all felt it. Niall though, looked the calmest to me. Don’t know if he really is or just knows what he is doing. Then he walked in. Don’t even know how to feel about the way he looks right now. He is wearing a stripped blue suit at his fit. His hair making him look hotter than ever. I looked away trying not to be noticed. 

    “AHHH!” I immediately hear a girl scream in pain. I turned to where her voice was coming from. Then I saw her laying there grabbing her ankle, taking the heels off. Everyone ran towards her and tried to help her stand up but we all saw that she was actually hurt. This means that we are one person short for the fashion show, not good.  I looked at Mr. Styles who was just out of his mind to believe it happened today. Why not? I mean I’ve seen them practice almost all the time, I think I can handle it. How tall am I supposed to be to actually be able to model? I walked up to a worried/ and stressed Harry.

            “I can replace her for the show.” I stated bluntly. He looked at me in disbelief to what I was saying.             


            “I have been watching them practice non-stop as I took photos of them.”

            “How tall are you?” He asked without thinking.

            “ 5’10” ”        

            “Perfect. Come and get ready.” He stopped and held onto my wrist and stared through my eyes. “Thank you so much” and with that he let got. “Aphrodite will replace our model. Please get her ready! We still got 2 hours left. So practice as much as you can.” Everyone was in silence.  Then I turned around to see Niall with a smile on his face. This is going to be interesting experience. 

This is what Aphrodite was wearing for the show as a photographer. Then there goes Styles


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