Call Me Daddy

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13. Listen!!!! A.N.

I am a bit upset to not see my book in the most popular for the month. I will be updating the latest Saturday! So Expect that fucking chapter! Please if you haven't liked my book, and only favourite it, its ok. Just make sure to like it. Thank you for the lovely comments, I read every single one of them because there aren't many. lol, So keep commenting on each chapter. BTW, how was last chapter? Was it too descriptive or did it lack? If you are under the age of reading this, please stop. For example, if your are like still in middle school, this is not the type of book you should be reading. It will be very erotic and you my child, because you still are, should not be reading this or any other book that is erotic. It is for a 16+, so if you are lying about your age, its not good. I am only caring for you girls. don't send me any type of hate of sorts because I know what is best, since I am 19 almost mf 20. 

 Another thing, there are some grammar issues in some chapters, so don't pay so much attention to that. I will go back and fix that after I am done. Thank you for the support you have given me! Please don't take this at heart. I just believe you aren't ready to read this kind of stuff. Its like you watching porn, like watching it for the first time flabbergasted at what is happening, like too much to take in.

 Just don't forget that if you are going through a tough time, talk to me. 


All the Love,


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