Call Me Daddy

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4. Late

              Ok, my job or internship starts within a few hours, I thought as I lay still on my bed. I am so excited but nervous at the same time. Excited because Niall seemed pretty chill and nervous because it is my first internship. I feel as if it is going to be awkward being at least 2 inches taller than your boss. He explained to me that the reason why he couldn’t do the interview was because he was put in a last minute meeting. He informed me about the duties as being the assistant that includes filing papers, making calls, something be present during a photoshoot. Pretty simple stuff I’d rather say. Hopefully it won’t be a lot of pressure since I will only be taking 6 credit hours.

            I grabbed my phone from the table and checked the time. It was 11:43 a.m.  I need to get up now. So I got up and went to the closet and got my two-piece suit and my button up white collared shirt. I set them on my bed and got in to shower grabbing a pair of panties and setting them on the counter. I turned on the water and let it run on to fill the tub with warm water. I took, my pajamas off letting them drop to the floor. I tied my hair into a bun and filled the tub with sizzling bubbles.  I dipped my body into the water and laid there playing with the foamy bubbles. Fuck, this feels good.  So I closed my eyes just for a little bit.

            Why can’t I breathe? I started to paddle with my hands and feet waking myself up. I was sleeping in water, how smart.  I got our and unplugged the hole to empty the tub out. I grabbed my towel and dried myself out and went straight to check my phone. I pressed the button to check the time. Hopefully I still have time to get something to eat.  2:43 p.m. What the fuck? I slept in the motherfucking tub for hours? Without any hesitation, I dropped my towel and instantly started to put on my clothes on.  My heart beating way too fast at the moment. I grabbed my phone and ordered a Lyft because I know for sure will be hella late if I ride the bus. It is going to get her in 5 minutes. What the hell, why so long? After I finished dressing, I went to the bathroom and untied my hair to let I flow down. Fuck. I started brushing it down. I grabbed my make up bag and opened it and started putting on layer of mascara and line the top of my eyelid with some eyeliner. I put them back into the bag and grabbed the eyebrow brush and started lining my brows, making them a bit darker and then filled them in. I put them back into the bag and within a second my phone beeped that my ride was here. I looked at myself once more before heading to the closet and putting on some black heels on. I grabbed my keys, phone, and purse and walked out the door successfully locking it behind me. I quickly ran downstairs and saw the black car that was waiting. I opened the door, got in and he hurriedly went on.

            The driver graciously greeted me and sped to my destination. I checked the time it was 3:01. Shit I was officially late. On my first day. I saw that we were getting closer. Two more lights until I get to Styles enterprise. As soon as I got there I quickly got out saying thank you and ran inside the building. I was running blindly. Until i bumped into a figure heavily before reaching the elevator.  Fuck. I looked up and saw who it was. Oh, I am totally fired.

Sorry this was short. What do you guys think so far? Is it getting there or nahh? I am currently listening to some 1D right now. The picture of her outfit is on top except that she has a blouse under it. PLEASE comment what do you feel!!!! Thanks for all of your support. Two more chapters coming up.

ps. Lyft is like Uber

All the Love,


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