Call Me Daddy

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11. Indoors


Harry POV

            “She disrespected me Harry?! How dare you hire her without me knowing?” She yelled as I was getting ready to bed.

            “I told you I was going to hire the babysitter. If you fire her, she will still stay as long as she can because I hired her, not you. Either ways, you started asking personal questions first. So I don’t blame her for doing so.”       

            “I am your wife! She is not!”

            “Can you not scream? I am right here.” I said keeping calm. I think I might just go to the guest room for tonight. I really don’t feel like arguing with her.

            “How can I not? Its like you are defending her!”

            “I will be sleeping in the guest room. Good night” and with that I left room entering the guest room.  I wonder why the hell did get married to her.  I just can’t stand her. I just hope I caught her cheating so I could divorce her.

                         This is where I have a writer’s block. I can’t think of anything else at the moment. I do apologize, give me 1-3 days to complete this chapter and another one. Also don’t forget to check out my other books, I will start writing them in 2-3 days. I basically have some chapters done, but am in the process of either editing it or rewriting it. Please don’t hate me. I am sorry once again just show me support.

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