Call Me Daddy

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7. Her Effect

HELLOOOO!!!! It's me, I've been wondering.... nah, not really. Just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! my book has been in the top 3 most popular this month(and December)! Thank you! I love yall. So this Chapter got a little something that I personally can't count on from experience since I am not a guy. So, If there are guys out there, please don't hesitate to comment/criticize what is right or wrong. I said that there won't be a short chapter again but here it goes and as a punishment, I will be updating another one tonight. Please comment!!! Not just "UPDATE!", but something you like about the story so far. It encourages me write. Don't forget to favourite/like so that it could be #1 on most popular of the month! If you finished reading to the end CONGRATS I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!!! 

All the love,




Harry’s POV

            I honestly don’t know why I opened up to her like that. I guess it just felt right. She is so beautiful though, sucks that she is a lesbian. Wait, why am saying such things? Do I feel any type of attraction towards her? This is so confusing. I closed my eyes and pictured her hair, her eyes, her body is just perfect. Without a second thought, blood rushed through my member making it hard as a rock. This hasn’t happened in a long time, so it felt weird. With just a thought this happened. I knew that if I didn’t get rid of it now, it will stand out for the meeting in an hour. I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled it out. I laid my head against my chair and grabbed my dick slowly and started moving my hand up and down my length as I pictured her in my head. My legs tensed up as a sexy image of her popped up. My heart rate was started to increase and body was starting to feel highly aroused. My hand started going at a faster pace and I felt how close I was to cum.  The pressure inside was getting harder and harder.  With my eyes still closed, my left hand started to look for tissue and finally located it. I quickly held it against the tip as I kept masturbating. Within a minute I felt the liquid leave my body into the tissue. Whoa. Sweat started rolling down my forehead. I haven’t cum that fast with just an image in my head for years. I balled up the tissue and threw in the trash, zipped my pants up and put some hand sanitizer on. Aphrodite, what have you done?

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