Call Me Daddy

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9. Hello

muahahaha! Get me to the #1 most popular and I will update 2 chapters on the SAME day. All you have to do is like it and balance it to favourites. It has been at #2 for FOREVER. Although my story proportionally is better than the other one, its not. Get it to be the top one. Please don't forget to check out the other books I have written. OVERFLOW me with mf love and comments because the more you guys do, the more it encourages me! I am a bit curious where are my readers from? I am from America and am in college. If you guys need anything, I am here. Please talk to me about these mf heartbreaks whether you are gay or straight. I totally understand both sides. If you need a friend, you got one here. What about age? How old are yall? I am old af too, I am 19.  Feel free to talk, I am sorry it ain't no chapter! I will begin writing tomorrow. If you read all of this bs, I MF LOVE YO A**. Just to let you know, I am not your normal teen.

All the love,


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