Life Changes in Many Ways (YYH S1) (B1)

Skyleiann Urameshi thought that her life was good, until the day her brother "died". After losing her brother, getting him back, and training with him, Skyleiann now has to go through trials and error with her brother and a few friends. With a tournament coming up, one question remains. Will Skyleiann survive?


1. Surprised to be Dead

“Yusuke! No! Yusuke!” I yelled as I looked at the body of my brother.

I watched as Yusuke’s body was loaded into the ambulance, and so was the kid that he saved. I couldn’t believe that my brother was dead. My head is spinning, and I feel like I’m about to throw up.

Today was supposed to be like any other day. I guess you could say that fate had other plans. I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? Let me back up, and start over. My name is Skyleiann Urameshi, but please call me Skye. I go to school, like a normal person, except I always get bullied by some of the teachers because of my brother. That’s right, my brother is Yusuke Urameshi. He’s known as the badass of the school, but to me, he’s just my brother. Our mother is an alcoholic and she’s never home, so Yusuke and I have had to raise each other. I think that’s why he is the way he is, but it could also be because people look down on him. Sorry if I’m ranting, but my head is spinning. Let’s start from the beginning shall we.

The day started off as normal as it could be. Yusuke and I went to school, but I was the only one that actually went to class. Yusuke decided to hang out on the roof. The only reason I know that he hangs out on the roof is because our friend, Kayko, always goes to find him to try to get him to go to class. I decided to follow her, and when I finally reached the roof, and I was that I did because I saw Kayko slap the hell out Yusuke. I laughed my ass off, and high-fived Kayko when she walked by me.

“Way to go, twin.” I laughed at Yusuke.

Yes, you heard me right. Yusuke and I are twins. Our mom was confused as well because she thought that she was just having a son, but instead she ended up having a son and a daughter. Sometimes I wonder how we’re related, but then you piss us off, and that’s how everyone knows we’re twins. I left Yusuke on the roof, and was going to my next class, but stopped when I heard 2 girls talking to Kayko.

“You haven’t heard the latest news yet, Kayko. He’s super tough, and kills for fun.” one of the girls started.

I had to cover my mouth because that was far from the truth. My brother is tough, but he wouldn’t kill anyone.

“Yeah! And if you cross him, he’ll whistle for two thousand bad guys! With guns!” the other girl finished.

See what I mean. Everybody thinks Yusuke is this big bad guy, but in reality he’s just misunderstood. I wanted to say something, but Kayko beat me to it, but I couldn’t keep quiet after the girls said that they would know more about Yusuke.

“I hate to interrupt, but you girls know nothing about my brother. I would suggest that you keep your comments to yourself, and if you or anyone else has a problem with that, then please come find me.” I growled as I came up next to Kayko.

The 2 girls gave me a scared look before they ran off.

“You know, they’ll probably hide from you now too.” Kayko told me with a sigh.

“I’m fine with that, as long as they keep their mouths shut about my brother, then I don’t care.” I told her before walking off.

I just so happened to walk past a window and see Yusuke leaving. I ran off after him, and ran into him as he was leaving our house.

“What the hell? Why aren’t you in school?” Yusuke asked.

“I saw you leave, and missing one day won’t kill me.” I replied.  

Yusuke just gave me a look before grinning. I knew what that grin meant.

“Looks like I’m rubbing off on you, sis.” Yusuke said as we walked through town.

“Maybe just a little.” I said back with a grin of my own.

Unfortunately our grins turned to frowns as Kuwabara and his friends circled us. We glared at them, but made sure that we were standing back to back. I knew that Kuwabara wouldn’t dare hit me, but I’m not too sure about his friends.

“Urameshi.” Kuwabara said, and I didn’t know if he was talking to me or my brother.

“Hey Kuwabara, you’re conscious. I’m not used to that.” Yusuke said.

I knew what he was talking about because I had walked into their fight. I knew that my brother fought a lot, but he only did it if people stepped to him.

“That was a cheap-shot last time and I was only knocked out for a little bit, okay? Now I’m back and I’m gonna beat your face up so bad even kittens won’t look at ya!” Kuwabara yelled in my brother’s face.

I knew that this was going to get ugly, so I took a step back, only to bump into Kuwabara’s friends. They didn’t seem to pay any attention to me, so I took that as my cue to move out of the way. I guess Yusuke noticed because he smirked at Kuwabara.

“So sorry you caught me on such a bad day! It makes me a real jerk!” Yusuke shouted before he started beating the hell out of Kuwabara.

“I feel better!” Yusuke sighed before walking over to me.

I just smiled at him, and we continued our walk. I didn’t know what was running through his head, but I’ve never seen my brother like this. Before I knew it a ball rolled to Yusuke’s feet, and a little boy came running over to us. Yusuke scolded him, and then he started making funny faces. I couldn’t contain my laugh, and then Yusuke told the kid to get lost and that it wasn’t safe for him to play on the street. Yusuke and was walking across the walk-way, and when we looked back, the kid was still playing ball near the road.

“Damnit, what’s the use? The kid can get smashed by a car for all I care!” Yusuke growled.

I just shook my head. Before we knew it, the kid had kicked the ball into the road, and was going to go get it.

“Whoa! Watch out, kid! Don’t go into the road! Hey!” Yusuke yelled as he ran into the road to save the kid from the car that was speeding his way.

“Yusuke!” I yelled as my brother was hit by the car.

I ran to my brother’s body, dropped to my knees, and cried. I couldn’t believe that he did that. I couldn’t believe that he’s dead. I was finally able to go home, but I didn’t want to go. I knew that I had to do my best to stay strong, but I knew in my heart, that it wouldn’t be easy.

At my brother’s wake, people were coming up to my mother and I and bowing to us. I knew that some of the people were only coming because they were probably getting extra credit. See, now I’m sounding like my brother. I was about to head to my room, when I heard Kayko yelling for my brother. I walked toward her, and hugged her. She hugged me back and we both just stood there and cried.

We pulled apart when I heard Kuwabara shouting. He was wanting my brother to come out and fight him. I was shocked that he came, but I was also glad. When his friends finally dragged him away, I walked away from the house. I saw the little boy and his mother show up, and I was happy to see that he was alright. I heard what the little boy told his mom, and I couldn’t help the sad smile that graced my lips.

After everyone left, I went to my room, changed clothes, fell on my bed, and finally let my emotions out. I cried my eyes out. I don’t know what to do now. My brother isn’t here, and I’m all alone.

“I may not say this as much as I should, but I love you Yusuke.” I said as I looked at the moon.

I turned over, and had just closed my eyes, when I swear I heard, “I love you too, sis.” A smile crept onto my face, and I fell into a peaceful sleep. 

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