Life Changes in Many Ways (YYH S1) (B1)

Skyleiann Urameshi thought that her life was good, until the day her brother "died". After losing her brother, getting him back, and training with him, Skyleiann now has to go through trials and error with her brother and a few friends. With a tournament coming up, one question remains. Will Skyleiann survive?


7. Gouki and Kurama

I was frozen in my spot as I watched the demon beat the hell out of my brother. I didn't know what to do because Yusuke didn't want me to get involved, even though I already was. I was thankful when voices rang through the woods because the demon let my brother go. I ran to him and was thankful when Botan appeared by my side. I helped her carry my brother home and went to rest since Botan gave me orders to sleep. I woke up the next morning and went to check on my brother.


“Can everyone see you now?” Yusuke asked Botan.


I didn't hear Botan's answer because our mother said something about introducing Botan to her properly. I let a giggle slip because that was going to be fun to explain.


“Wait a minute! Where's my sister?” Yusuke asked.


“I'm right here twin.” I replied as I stepped into his room.


I heard Yusuke sigh before sitting down and listening to Botan explain how she found us. I finally learned that the demon's, that almost killed Yusuke, name was Gouki. I shuddered at his name because he literally scares the hell out of me. Yusuke told me to stay inside, but he knew just as well as I did that I wasn't going to listen. Botan then convinced me to stay with her, and Yusuke used that as his escape.


“I'm sorry about this but it's for your own good.” Botan told me.


“You do realize that if he dies again, then it's all your fault, right?” I bit back.


I guess that got to Botan because the next thing I know, we're throwing a log at Gouki. Gouki then came after us, but we ended up behind my brother. He shoved a log into Gouki's mouth and then shot his Spirit Gun. To say seeing it again is wicked, is an understatement. The souls returned to their rightful bodies and I was glad that one demon was down, but I was worried about the other two.


Botan and I were helping Yusuke walk through town when his watch started going off. I knew that it meant one of the other two demons were near but didn't know which one. Yusuke and I were shocked to see Kurama, but we were even more shocked when he asked for three more days before saying that then he'll give up the Forlorn Hope. Botan thinks that it's a trap, but I think that there's more to it.


I had this feeling that we were being watched, so after Yusuke, Botan, and my mother left the room, I lightly leaned out the balcony door, and looked around. I just so happened to glance up and saw a figure standing on the roof of the other building. I had the feeling that it was Kurama, so I gave him a smile and a light wave, before going back inside to eat. Three days passed rather quickly and I went with Yusuke to meet with Kurama.


“Why are we at the hospital?” I asked Yusuke.


“You came.” Kurama told us before we followed him inside.


Kurama led us to this room with a beautiful woman in it, and my gut told me that it was someone dear to him.


“Hey there, it's been such a long time since you brought a friend with you.” the woman said as she sat up.


“It's all right Mother. You don't have to sit up!” Kurama told the woman frantically.


'Mother.' Yusuke and I both thought.


“It's not so bad. I'm feeling well today.” his mother said.


“Shall I peel an apple for you?” Kurama asked.


“No. I'm not hungry.” his mother replied.


“Please eat, mother. You'll never get well without nutrition.” Kurama pleaded.


“Yes of course. It's just hard to remember all these things, Suichi.” his mother said.


“Well try hard. I need you to get well quickly.” Kurama told his mother.


Yusuke and I shared a look because we were both confused. We thought that his name was Kurama, not Suichi. If Kurama is a demon then maybe Suichi is an alias, or it could be his human name. I remember hearing one of the demons say that Kurama was hiding among us humans. I guess I'll know soon because Kurama led me and Yusuke up to the roof to explain.


Kurama told us that Suichi was his human name and that he was sort of deceiving his mother. Yusuke wasn't following but I was. I told you that I'm a tad bit smarter than my twin. Kurama then told us that his truest name is Yoko and that he was a fox, or rather, a Spirit Fox. I'm still confused but I'm going to let him finish so I can understand better.


Kurama then went on to tell us about his mother falling ill and I learned that the other demon with Kurama and Gouki was named Hiei. I shuddered at his name because he creeps me out. As Kurama's story came to a close, we all ran back inside to see that his mother was about to die. At that moment, I just wanted to reach out and hug him because he was about to lose his mother.


I stayed off to the side and watched as Kurama activated the Forlorn Hope. I was shocked that Kurama was going to give his life to save his mother's because then she was going to grieve. I was shocked even more when Yusuke said for the mirror to take his life instead.


“Yusuke!” I screamed as a bright light covered the whole roof.


I ran over to my brother and was happy that he was alive. I wanted to slap him because he would've left me and our mom again, but then again, I was proud that he was looking out for some else besides himself and me. As we left the hospital, I peeked my head in to check on Kurama's mom. I was happy that she was better and I hope that she stays well.


“It's Skye, right?” Kurama asked as he got my attention while I was leaving.


“Yeah. I'm glad that your mother is going to get out of here soon.” I replied.


Kurama gave me a smile, which I returned. Kurama was about to say something, but my brother's voice calling my name stopped him.


“I hope to see you around.” I told him before running off to catch up with my brother.


I didn't hear what Kurama said but right now, my main focus is helping Yusuke defeat Hiei, who creeps me out and get the last artifact. I hope we're ready for this.   

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