Mr.Malik 4 +16

The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


9. Chapter 9.

Its Jesse Time♥

Jesse's P.O.V

"Dad?" I walked in the house dropping my football stuff beside the door. Sounds like he wasn't here yet . Which I wasn't complaining about. I had a lot to think about in terms of how to explain to my dad that I'm gay. I know me and Alyx have only been dating for a day , but days can turn into weeks , and months , and even years If I'm even lucky enough to have someone as great as him. Eventhough I'm sure Alyx hasn't said a word to his parents about this yet and I know  he's just as scared as me .

But his dad and mom are nothing like my dad. I hate that Alyx could get VERY personal with the things he told me , but I can't even get into further detail about my dad to him and I trust Alyx more than anybody on this earth , and I hope he  trusts me too and will love me no matter what my dad thinks . Is it okay to even love me yet?

I went upstairs to take a shower and put on clothes that were soaked in sweat. I don't normally get this sweaty but I practice more than I have to when I'm nervous. After that I went downstairs and sat in the family room in front of the T.V thinking about exactly what I was going to say . I continuously said everything I was going to say to myself , re wording it and everything

"So.. Dad I know this is probably something you didn't wanna hear after your long day at work . I know I don't act like it and .. I don't seem like I am but .. I met this guy who has brought it out to me . Yes I said a guy because .. I'm gay. Yes I know I'm 14 and its not very likely but .. I never knew this is what I wanted either until I met Alyx .. and I don't regret it . I want to be with him and that's it . So you can be mad at me and hate me but--" 

The front door crashes open revealing my dad with a big bottle of booze in his hand with his head tilted backwards downing it. I jumped up from the couch as soon as he yelled "JESSE!" . "D-dad" I answered a tremble in my voice , because at first I thought he heard me . "Where The H-ell is Y-our mom?! ... Lauren!" He shouted for her. When he gets drunk he will look for my mom . Who hasn't been in my life for over 11 years and I don't know where she is now . "Dad mom isn't here .." I choked .

 I hated to talk about my mom . "ITS ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT !! SHE LEFT ME BECAUSE OF YOU !!" He drops the glass bottle on the hardwood floor walking towards me . He would always tell me this , and I pretend it doesn't bother me. "Alright dad .. I'm just gonna go to my room " I tell him and as I try to walk the other way to get out of the room he grabs the back of my shirt and drags me down to the floor .

Before I could even think he was hitting me , Telling me how worthless I was , How he wish I was never born . He grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me to his face "Dad please stop!--" "Be a fucking man . What are you fucking gay , Whining like a bitch won't cut it . You want me off of you ? Fight me like a fucking man " He spat in my face. I pushed him off of me . This is the first time it has ever gotten this way , and the first time I hit my father back .

I punched him right in his jaw not even realizing what was going through my mind as tears began to fall down my face like waterfall. He was on the floor holding his jaw his face cringed with pain. But he recovered quickly and proceeded to pick up a vase and throw it at me knocking me to the floor . I screamed at the sharp glass piercing through my skin as he then walked over to me and punched me repeatedly in my face and kicking me in my back to the point where all I wanted to do was lay there.


A couple hours passed and I sat on the floor in the bathroom after trying to pick the pieces of glass out of my skin. Some are still stuck in my arm and hurt like hell. I let the tears fall down my face as I ignored my dad downstairs breaking things and I tried to drown out the noise with my music coming from my earbuds. The only thing that was keeping me on the floor was him , and I was going to fall asleep there until I got that one text

Jesse? Text me back when you get this I wanna talk about our date this weekend -Alyx♥

This text got me up most definitely , But not to just go to my room and text him until I went to sleep . I had to go see him , I had to be with him , and nothing was stopping me from that .  

Alyxander's P.O.V

I should probably be sleeping right now but I was wondering why Jesse wasn't texting me back. I know he's home from practice , and I know he's not sleep because he read my message. Theres just something about me that can't go a day without texting him , which is odd because I don't text anyone this religiously 

I was about to give up and just go to sleep and as soon as I turned over I heard knocking on my window. I thought it was that annoying branch that my mom wont cut off the tree because she says reaching the branch would be too hard , but it sounded more like hands , and then I heard a "Alyx" . I got out of my bed and made my way towards the window. I opened my navy blue curtains to see Jesse on the roof of the house .

I gasped "What the heck are you doing ?!" I shouted quietly knowing  my parents slept on the other side of the wall. "I know this is crazy but I really need to talk to you " he explains as I pulled him through the window . "What's so important that you had to climb on my roof to tell me?" I laughed . But then I kinda regretted laughing as his face turned red and he began to cry "P-lease" He trembled. That then made me look at the cut on his cheek and his blue eyes read fear.Yeah there just had to be something important . and as much as I knew I was gonna get in trouble at the moment I didn't care because Jesse needed me.


"And my dad .. He like drinks everyday because of work and he just takes his anger out on me and this was the only time I have ever hit him back and I didn't know he was gonna react that way ... He was calling me all these names and that I was gay and stuff and .. Now I'm just scared to even tell him about us because now I have an Idea of how he will react " He explains . "How long has he been doing this ?" I asked him . At first he didn't answer and he began to shake therefor I grabbed his hands "Since I was adopted by him .

At first I thought I was doing something wrong but as I grew older I knew it wasn't because of that . At a young age he was making me question my sexuality and I just put that behind me because I knew if I liked what I liked my dad wouldn't love me anymore .. and now I'm doing something for me and I'm regretting it because I'm gonna lose my dad because of it -" "No you won't.." I cut him off . He looked at me . "I promise you won't. and if you do I promise you have me and my family .

I haven't told them about us either and I'm scared ... but I know they'll support US no matter what " I emphasized us. He smiled and nodded. "Lets just take this.. one step at a time okay?" He sighed. He lifts my hand to his mouth and kisses my skin looking into my eyes . I could almost feel us motioning towards each other to kiss but the door opens revealing my mom in her footed pajamas with a dare I say Happy Zain in her arms . I knew he was sick earlier but he looks like he felt much better .

"Alyx why are you still awake-- .. Hi Jesse" She says confusedly "H-Heey Mrs.Malik how are you ?" Jesse said nervously "Fine .. When did you get here?"She asked him . and before he could speak up I spoke for him "He came a few minutes ago . I was gonna come ask if he can stay the night . He's kinda having some issues at home right now " I looked at Jesse and he nodded , then we both turned back to my mom . At this point my mom was waay to tired to ask any other questions.

Especially no questions about why we're holding hands under a cover, Glad she didn't notice .

she sighs "I don't care I'm going to bed . Don't stay up too late" She walks away shutting the door behind her . As soon as she left me and Jesse laughed quietly to ourselves before he leaned in and kissed my lips , not letting go for one second as we fell, my back to the matress .

Best. Sleepover .Ever

Sieanna's P.O.V

Dad dropped me off at mom's house for the weekend yesterday after Alyx left and before him and Fallen went out for their 'Romantic Evening' . I honestly couldn't wait to get out of that car with them. Its hard to hold your tongue when she's kissing my father and I know what she did with that mouth earlier. If you were me you couldn't stay in that car for over 5 minutes without wanting to hurl all over the place . 

Anyway the twins were with my grandma , MJ was over Aunt Alex and Uncle Zayn's . which left me sitting on the couch with Liam's puppy Weebo while Mom and Liam were at work . Channel surfing got boring and I even ate a whole jar of peanut butter until I took a nap I woke up 10 minutes later from. That's when I decided to text everyone I could to see if there's anything I could do. 

Whatcha doing today ? We could go to the mall -Si-Si♥

I have to go to work with my mom and shadow her . Ugh I wanted to go to the mall .. Maybe next weekend -Kenzii♥

Grr. Alright -Si-Si♥


Alllyyyyxxx you and Jesse wanna go to the skate park ? -Sieanna♥

 my parents left to where ever so now w'ere Baby sitting .Maybe we can go tomorrow . Yah know if my parents ever come back -_- -Alyx♥

Yeah lol okay -Sieanna♥


Mom there's nothing to do -Sieanna♥

Did you call Alyxander ? -Mommy♥

Yes - Sieanna♥

Did you call Mackenzii ?? -Mommy♥

Yes . Everyones busy :(-Sieanna♥

How about you go for a walk to the park or something . Take Weebo with you , He could use some fresh air :) -Mommy♥

When you're mom wants you to be active. Story of my Life


I took Weebo to the dog park. Even though he's a puppy its never too early to make new friends , and I just LOOOOVVE dogs. I walked with Weebo letting him sniff around and sometimes having to cleanup after him. I took my eye off of him for one second to Look at the text message one of my friends had sent me when I heard various barking from below me . I looked down to see Weebo and another dog sniffing each other and I just laughed "Hey. Piper!" Someone shouted above me . I looked up noticing a boy , My god he was cute , His bicep was covered in tattoos and he looked at me with the brightest and most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Of course he had to be older than me tho by the tattoo bit . "I oh I'm sorry he's just a puppy " I apologized . "Yeah it's alright . He's adorable" He got down on his knee to pet the dog. "Hii.. What's you're name " He cooed at the dog "Weebo" I answered . "Weebo" He laughs . "You're so cute Weebo . Just like you're owner" He said looking at me and making me blush. "Thanks". He smiled back. Before standing back up and Helping me up "I'm Hayden" He holds onto my hand . "I'm Sieanna " I answered back . "Sieanna .. Cute" He chuckles and I blush looking down . I know he's older than me I just know he is, But he acts my age . Does he even realize I'm 14?

"Well I gotta go but how about you take my number. Maybe we can meet again?" He says then taking his phone out of his pocket and holding it out to me "Sure" I said taking his phone to put my number in "If you don't mind me asking , How old are you ?" I asked him handing his phone back "Well I'm 16 .. but that shouldn't really be a problem for you right?" He winks at me before walking away . "Yeah .. R-right " I mumbled . He's commiting a crime he's so cute . But he's 16 and theres not looking around that .. I don't know what I'm doing.

Alexandra's P.O.V

All I wanted to do today was go to the mall and get shoes . I love shoes . But unfortunately instead my brother just had to get someone pregnant . "Well who the hell was the girl ?" I asked annoyed that he's pacing back and forth and hitting himself in the head . "Remember that one girl from across the street back in Cali .. With the crooked ponytailed little sister ?" He reminded me and I gasped .

"You got Cindy pregnant !?! . How the hell did you even fuck her without looking at her face ?" "Bro the glo was real . Cindy is freaking fine as fuck !! and she was at the club maybe 2 weeks ago and she had on this sexy ass black dress and some heels that made her calves look so good . and her make up was on point and her eyebrows .. My god those eyebrows.." He continued . I looked at Zayn , and Zayn looked at me with the expression of 'What the hell' .

"De!" I shouted making him stop . "Sorry " He says "Long story short I took her here and we got busy. I thought I used a condom I swear and I always have condoms on the coffee table how could I miss them " He explains . "Well they aren't useful under your couch " Zayn says taking a long strip of Trojan condoms from under the couch .

"Ohhh my fuck!~!!" Deangelo screamed then plopping down on the couch in front of us. I could have sworn he was gonna cry right then and there BUT , Zayn is one of the best fathers I know . "Zaynie" I tapped him "What ?" He asked . I gave him the motion to talk to De.

He got the memo and sighed "Deangelo it's alright --" "No it's not.. I can barely remember to pick up my takeout Chinese how the hell am I gonna take care of a baby " He sighs "He's right " I said. and De agreed . "I mean it's gonna be hard and change your life . But I swear it'll change your life in a good way.. 3 kids that were all surprises and I could still be excited for a 4th one --" "If that was happening" I bud in . Because its not happening .

"Yeah ... But Its gonna be stressful but you're gonna love every minute of he or shes life like it was your own .. i promise " Zayn says. Suddenly Deagelo smiles . "Thanks for that " He mumbled. My brother never liked to show emotion

ESPECIALLY the emotion that he is happy about the baby .

But deep down I know he is now . and I cannot wait to be an aunt . Not like I haven't been one for almost 14 years but I'm still excited for my blood niece or nephew . I know Denagelo is too . 

Harry's P.O.V

"I-m Cumming oh my FUCK!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as I hear Louis moaning in my other ear. "Harry" He groans as I cum inside him "Fuccckk" I moaned as he dug his nails in my back .

God I haven't felt this in a long time because of work . Me and Louis would always have that good afternoon sex. Louis smiles as we kiss eachother with much tongue "I hope you're planning on surprising me like this for the rest of the time you're home " He says . "If you want me to. I'll do whatever you want " I tell him . He kisses me again before getting up .

"I'm gonna get in the shower before we go out for dinner " He says . When he says that my phone rings "Get it started I'll join you in a second " I smirked at him as he walked away flaunting his delicious ass. I love him so much . I answer the phone love struck

"Hello?" . "Styles I'm glad you answered . Let me make this quick. You're fired " My boss says and I immediately get out of the trans I was in .

"Wait what?!! ." I shouted . I quickly put on some sweats before walking out the room "What the hell do you mean I'm fired? You gave me the week off !" I shouted at him "I know what I did Styles and you're sub came in . He's teaching the lesson better and the seniors say they are understanding this weeks lesson better than when you taught it --" "This weeks lesson . That doesn't mean I have to lose my job because of one lesson !" I said . He sighs "I'm sorry Styles ..You can come pick up your things Monday and sign your last pay check .It was great having you --" "yeah yeah fuck you " I said before hanging up .

I groaned putting my hands over my face . What am I supposed to do now ? "Babe are you coming ?" I heard Louis say from inside the room . I covered up the fact that I was mad "Here I come babe" I smiled walking into the room and closing the door . I know I definitely do not have the guts to tell Louis this . 

Sparrow's P.O.V

I was in the kitchen cooking a recipe Alex told me to try. I was really focusing because she said if I mess it up the depths of hell will open up . Which I'm guessing is it will smell hella bad in here . SO I'm gonna  try not to mess this up . I was chopping the tomatoes to go in the pot when Liam walked in. He took another beer out the fridge which had to be his last one . I always count "You need more beer babe?" I asked him . He looked in the fridge "Um yeah I think that was it " He says. I nodded . It was quiet between us as he was walking out but then I stopped him .

"Liam can we please talk for a second " I asked . "Sure what's up " He said walking back in and sitting at the table . I promised myself I wasn't gonna stress about this anymore but I can't help it . I sat at the table with him . "I know you're still upset about Cher okay--" He sighs "Sparrow I don't wanna talk about this right now" "And I'm sorry you don't but I do !" I said possibly on the verge of crying. He looks at me with concern "I'm sorry I'm not her Liam . I'm sorry I cant take control of the twins like you want me to , I'M SORRY I'M NOT THEIR MOM OKAY ?! I'm just sorry I can't be everything you want you don't have to pretend anymore --" "What are you talking about Sparrow?" He chuckles grabbing my hands .

"I know you wish Cher was still here and --" "Sparrow ..stop" He said . I just let him talk "Sparrow I'll admit I am upset about Cher still and that's never gonna change . She was my first love and she gave me my first kids but she wouldn't have let me go on by myself .

She wanted me to Find love again and I did , I found you and you gave me Mary Jane and love and happiness and I love you " He says . He wipes the tears off my face "You're everything I want and more and I don't know where I'd be if we didn't do what we did and get married and be together ... I wouldn't replace that for anything in this world" He says rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand .

He pulls me on his lap and kisses me constantly "I love you .. I swear I do" He hugs onto me

"I love you too" I say back .

I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and we can for once be at peace again . 

yyyyyaaaayy new updateeee<3


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