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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


7. Chapter 7

Old pIctUres are NiCe♥

Alexandra's P.O.V

I plopped the book of the magical pictures of Cher infront of Sparrow . She looked at me with confused eyes as I then stood back and let her open the book and look in it herself .Believe me when I say I've looked through that book about a thousand times , and every picture in there is or atleast would have been Cher's dream.

She flipped from page to page , Rather slowwlyyy , until she finally let out a soft chuckle "Oh my god" She said . She reached the final page , of the picture of Liam kissing Cher's forehead as she laid in the hospital bed , The day we all thought she was gonna live and she was just resting with the caption on the bottom that read 'I will always Love you more than anyone' . "Oh my god" She said again closing the book . "He's still in love with Cher" She whispered only for me to hear . I gave her the 'I told you so' look .

"But he can't be.. She's gone .. He said he needed me --" "To get over her. That was the love of His life and she gave him something that he cant let go of . He's still grieving and he just won't admit it " I explained. ".. But he still loves me right? .. Right ?" She asked for my agreement that I really couldn't give her . I didn't know what Liam was feeling . I can't read minds Sparrow ! ..Boy do I hate when my friends come to me for help , especially when Louis isn't here to back me up . "I don't know " I said to her "Just give him some time okay . He'll open up" I added .

Sparrow was stuck playing with the ring on her finger and Interrupting my gaze all the guys walked in for the food . "Louis is doing great tonight ... Thanks babe " Zayn said kissing my cheek . "Yeah thannks babbeee" Liam mocked me not looking like he was upset like before 

I punched him in his arm with a smile , I looked over at Sparrow and Niall who asked her if she was okay. She nodded and Niall gave her a pat on the back before sitting down with everyone else for food . She sat down next to Liam looking like she was about to vomit all over the place . I hated to see her like this , But what I'm seeing things are about to change in our worlds once again . 

Alyxander's P.O.V


"I cannot believe Jesse just followed me on instagram!!" Sieanna squealed to some girl on face time . They've been talking about Jesse for the past 20 minutes and well , I just can't get the smile he's left on my face to go away . I sat on my phone texting away to him while I also tried to figure out how I was gonna tell Sieanna about it . No, I haven't said anything to her about me or Jesse or even the fact that I'm kinda in my first relationship with a boy . I don't know why I'm so scared I mean , Uncle Louis and Uncle Harry had to tell about them some how and some day , I don't know why I couldn't without no problems

I was thinking for our first date we could go Zip lining - Jesse

Scared of heights lol. - Alyx

Oh lol well we could go try 100 different flavors of Ice cream - Jesse

I'm lactose lol - Alyx

Dang it -_- that was a good one - Jesse

Sorry Lol .. You know you don't have to go all out for our first date . A simple walk in the park would make me happy - Alyx 

Really ? How about we go to the park tomorrow night . I'll do whatever you wanna do ;) - Jesse

I smiled at my phone just then hearing Sieanna say "Mkay Bye Kenzie!!" and her nail tap against her phones screen . She sighs falling back on my bed , probably day dreaming like Ariana Grande . "Took you long enough " I said sitting in my  desk chair with my feet up "Alyx you wouldn't understand you're just a boy . The hottest boy at our school followed me on Instagram .. INSTAGRAM !!. that's one step closer to marriage !" He ranted on . I let her continue while I figured out what time was right to bud in and just say what I needed to say to her .

"Okay okay maybe I wouldn't understand " I interrupted her . She simply agreed getting back on her phone . While she was occupied I decided to break the awkward tension against me and myself "Sieanna .. There's kinda something I should tell you " I said . "What's that ?" She asked putting he phone down . "About Jesse --" "Jesse . Oh my gosh what did he tell you ?! . That he likes me ? He likes Kenzie ? He likes me ?!! --" "No" I said trying to keep my voice from literally yelling . He sat back down in disappointment "Oh .. well what is it ?" . I wasn't sure what was holding me back . But I knew she wasn't expecting me to tell her anything like this that's for sure .

"Um .. Jesse ... maaayyy or may not beeee my boyfrienddd" I mumbled a little over a whisper so she could hear me clearly . Once I told her her smile soon faded into a straight lip . "Oh" was all she said . I looked at her confused at her answer "Y-You're not upset ?" I questioned "No Why would I be upset .. " She scoffed with one of the fakest smiles I have ever seen her wear .

She looked away and at that point , I knew she was upset with me , or something I said. Just then my door opens revealing Uncle Niall "The games over Si-si time to go .. Ahh Alyx . I hope you're not trying to hit on my daughter " He laughed placing his arm around my shoulder . I just laughed with him "won't have to worry about that one dad .. He's taken . See yah at school Alyxander" Sieanna rolled her eyes at me and him before walking out the room . Uncle Niall looked at me "Playing hard to get . I understand" He said before walking out . I sighed plopping face first on my Michael Jordan pillow .

Hopefully the large amount of guilt will disappear by the time I get to school tomorrow.

Liam's P.O.V

Once we got home Sparrow went straight upstairs and I followed her with MJ in my arms to tuck her in. I laid her down in her bed and pulled the covers up so she would be confortable. I sat her glasses on the night stand before walking out leaving the door cracked slightly . I walked across the hall to check on the twins who were fast asleep in their beds , and right in the middle was left the book . It was so heartbroken about it that I didn't even wanna touch it . But something told me to look inside it once more . I walked in and took the book from the night stand and sat in the Kitten shaped couch in their room. I opened the book and the first picture that I seen was the selfie that we took our very first date . I smiled at the picture , mostly at my hair cut at the time . But then I looked at her almost wanting to have an emotional breakdown .

She had to be like 18 at that time , and I will never forget how  bold she was for an 18 year old. She was the light of my classroom and the light of my life , she was all I wanted . When I got her I never seen myself smile that wide before or smile at all . God do I miss her . I saw a tear drop fall on the plastic protecting the pictures and immediately wiped my eyes turning the page to the next picture of our journey together . I didn't realize how much I couldn't replace her until she was gone , and now she wasn't coming back 

Zayn's P.O.V


I got out the car infront of the shop after dropping Alyx and Jailin off at school . I made sure I called Alex as soon as I got there . She was supposed to come into work today with me but the baby or Zain isn't feeling good . "Zayn he's so upset . He doesn't wanna get in the bath " She wines as the baby is crying in the background . "I promise it'll make you feel better " I said to Zain over the phone . I heard his crying silence just a little bit before it started back up again . I sighed "I tried" I shrugged making Alex laugh . "Well I called the doctor they said they'll be able to see him today so I'll keep you posted " She explained "Alright I gotta go . I'll text you during lunch . I love you sooooomuchhhh!" I said kissing through the phone hoping Zain got it as well . "I love you tooo" She sang back doing the same before we hung up .

"Are you done being disgusting " Nick scoffed . "Shut up " I laughed and he laughed back "Okay . your first client today is up front . Says he wants a dragon on his forehead . " Nick explains . I sighed "Of course . Willing to help me with the bleeding again ?" I asked Nick taking of my jacket once we entered my office . "I'm scheduled to help Jack upstairs with the powerpoint for Friday's staff meeting remember ?" He reminded me .

I groaned "Of course .. Well who's gonna help me then ?" I questioned . Just then the door opened to Gigi in a grey t-shirt dress thing , Similar to the one Alexandra wore yesterday , and the same Adidas too . "Mr.Malik , Mrs.Malik ordered me to be at your service today . I would love to bring you some coffee if you'd like that " She said in a seducing tone .

Nick just smirked at me "I gotta go" He continued to smirk as he walked out the door . "Um . N-No thanks I just need for you to send in my client and be here to help me with clean up " I told her putting my pen behind my ear before walking over to my Tattoo area through the door in the corner of my room .

"No problem Mr.Malik anything for you " She said rushing to do everything I said .

She's acting a little weird . 



Gigi's being a thot . We wont allow that for looonnggg lol♥


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