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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


6. Chapter 6

Out of all the Jenner's/Kardashian's , Kylie just had to be the perfect candidate for Fallen soon to be not so much Horan . (Note : Fallen is like in her late 20's shes not 18 like Kylie . But we can pretend right ?♥)

Alyxander's P.O.V

"I can't believe it Alyx , Really? Skipping class? , and ontop of that you're in a janitors closet with Sieanna " Mom says in complete and utter shock . Believe me , I have never gotten into as much trouble as I just did , NEVER! I never found a reason or a thrill in getting in trouble so I stay out of it as much as possible , But I'm just wondering will this affect Jesse coming over later .

"Its not how you guys are thinking okay ? Me and Sieanna were talking about something very important and I promise if the janitor didn't walk in and take us to the Principle's I was gonna go straight to class after with a pass and everything " I tried my best to get me out of the hole I was in. Mom sighed " Alright I believe you , but this better be the last time you get ISS. Don't let this become a habit of my Gummybear " She coos pinching my cheeks . I laugh "Okay okay enough with the mom claws" I shout . Her cat shaped nail claws were digging in my skin .

I thought now that my mother isn't concerned about my behavior anymore and shes rapping to drake like always , this might be the perfect time to ask . "Sooo Mom... is it okay if I have a friend over ?" I asked her . I could feel her looking at me even though I wasn't looking back at her "Hm .. I don't know . I should be putting you on punishment and make you watch your brother and sister while I and your dad errands for tonight's game " She said which put me in utter shock . "But it's okay if you have a friend over and look after your brother and sister " I could hear the smirk in her voice .

My mother Alexandra . Well played . 

Once we got home and my dad came home, Him and Mom went out to get stuff for the game tonight . Which meant they'll probably be gone for longer than they said they would . Trust me , when my parents say they're going to party city to get some 'festive things', They're really gonna spend at least 30 minutes looking at costumes and taking the fake blood out of the packs of make up to prank me later. They never get tired of it either

Jesse said that he would be over as soon as he checks in with his dad , so in the meantime I sit on the couch with Zain sitting on my lap watching Sesame street and Jailin who kept asking me questions about Jesse . Mom shouldn't have ever said I'm having a friend over too loud . Jailin can hear everything . "Wait so if Jesse is a boy's name , then why is Debbie Ryan play Jesse on the show Jesse --" "I don't know ! any other questions ?" I asked before she could say anything else "Well sooorrry . My curiosity peaks at 3. " She shrugged tilting her head to the side making her ponytail shift .

How can something be so cute yet so annoying?

 I sighed "You better hope moms done making little people like you Zain " I say to him. He looks from the T.V at me with his baby eyes . Of course I wouldn't mind having more little siblings in my life , that's just a bigger headache for all of us . A few seconds later the door bell rings and I immediately got up form the couch carrying Zayn in my arms to the door . I open the door to Jesse who was brushing something off of his black jeans , not that anything was there "Hey " I interrupt him .

"Oh . sorry hey " He blushes slightly looking up . We were probably stuck starring at each other again. "Um come in " I said cutting our starring contest short "Right!" He laughs awkwardly and follows me upstairs . "My parents aren't home right now so I'm kinda in charge of my sibling " I put Zain down on the ground and he just runs behind me and grips on my leg "Only because mommy never leaves me in charge " Jailin skips over and copies me as I stood there with my arms folded .

Jesse laughs "and who might you be ?" He got down eye level with her "Jailin Alexandra Malik , I'm Alyx's favoriteeee little sister !" She says excitedly introducing herself "You're my only sister " I corrected her . "Well duhhh that's why I'm your favorite " She squeals then skipping back to her seat . "What about you ? .. What's you're name ?" He coos at Zayn who was hiding behind my leg . "Oh this is Zain he's only 2, He's kinda shy . He doesn't talk much" I say "Ohhh I see . Well I'm not gonna hurt you , come here " He says a little quieter in a baby voice and Zain comes from behind my leg and into Jesse's arms . Jesse kisses his cheek and tickles him making him laugh almost instantly . And he's good with kids , Make's me wonder how it would be if we had kids together .. wait what ? . "So .. Ready to study ?" He asked suddenly snapping me out of my thoughts "Oh yeah . lets do it " I chuckle nervously motioning him to my room . as if letting him into my house was nerve racking enough .

Sparrow's P.O.V

It was about 5 and my mother came over to watch the twins while me , Liam , and Mary Jane were at Alex and Zayn's . Liam woke up from an incredibly long nap which was unusual . He never took naps like that. He got in the shower after and changed in jeans and his Football jersey . I tried to keep my eyes on what I was doing before I stuck myself in the eyeball with the eyeliner pencil but I couldn't get my mind off Liam . He walked out the Therapy session crying after what the twins said and I'm confused about it . What was he thinking about ?.

I finished my makeup and put on my converse as Liam gelled up his hair . He was silent the whole time we sat side by side on the bed as he put on his Timberlands. "Liam are you okay ?.. Is there something you want to talk about before we go ?" I asked him . "I'm fine " He said placing his wallet in his back pocket . I could have left it at that but the instinct in me just wanted to know "You know you can tell me anything"I said to him. "And that's why I'm telling you I'm fine . I promise . I'm just a little tired alright?"

He kisses my cheek lighter than usual before walking out the room . I hear him call Mary Janes name to come on and I walk out the room turning off the light behind me . I wish he would just fess up .

Fallen's P.O.V

Ugh what's taking him so long?! Why can't he just leave that little devil here?! I'm starting to get really tired of him trying to mend the relationship with her , He knows he doesn't have to . He knows that when we get married and send Sieanna to her moms we can always have more kids , who will listen and love him.And the more kids I give him the more I'll get paid , Its a win win . Don't get me wrong Niall is as cute as they can get , but he's too soft for me. The only thing that isn't in this situation is his money of course . Once we're married he's basically signing off all of his paychecks to me , and instead of Sieanna getting anything when he's gone it will all go to me . Besides , I don't need anything else from Niall , when I have Austin of course . 

When can I see you baby ? ;)- Austin

You know I have a fiance and he's on my case all the time ! . I wish he want so clingy sometimes -_- - Fallen

Well just like him I have needs too -Austin

Dont you wanna see me baby??-Austin 

Of course I do. but you know how hard it is for me to come all the way out there -Fallen

But I'd come all the way down there for you .. I wanna see you and I wont take no for an answer Fallen -Austin

Okay .. You can come over the weekend . Niall works a 9 to 5 Saturday and Sunday and the little bitch is at her moms ..I can't wait to feel you ;) -Fallen


Niall's P.O.V

It was almost time to leave and Fallen was already out in the car when I remembered I had something in the car for Sieanna . She was in her room getting ready or putting the finishing touches on her hair I think . I knocked on the door with the bag in my hand "Its open" She called out .

I opened the door to her turning off her curling iron . She turned towards me "Can I help you dad?" She questioned my presence . "You remember how we used to watch football all the time together right" I asked her and she nodded "How could I forget " She chuckled . I don't see her laugh or smile much anymore , It warmed my heart to know that she didn't completely hate me .

"I got you this for the game " I told her handing her the red bag . She pulls out the red and white jersey for London , the same as mine . She smiles "Thanks dad" . I smiled back . She gets up and puts the jersey on over her tank top while smiling and fixing her hair on her shoulders . It feels just like when she was younger and we would wear matching Jerseys every game night and when we would always see Ireland play . I could feel our relationship getting better "No problem princess " I said before walking out to wait in the car . I know our relationship isn't the strongest now that things are different , but here's to a new start . 

Alyxander's P.O.V

"No way, My dad got a tattoo from there .I can't believe your parents own it and your mom drew his tat" Jesse says in amazement . It really wasn't that exciting but we kinda got on the conversation of Tattoos . "Yeah . My mom is kinda into drawing and stuff . Its pretty cool " I nodded . "Pretty cool ? Its amazing .. You're family is waaay cooler than mine " He chuckles kinda . "Well what about your family ? " I asked . This is kinda where things began to get awkward from there .

The smile wipes off his face as he stutters

"Um . Its .. Its alot " He mumbled . "I'm all ear " I said giving him my un-divided attention "Okay ... So I have a step dad and when I was 3 he went to jail , and my mom couldn't take care of me and my siblings because she was like a alcoholic or something . So we were sent to foster care , and my 2 younger siblings and me and my older brother were separated . They live in america now so I haven't heard from them since and when I was 6 my older brother had committed suicide and they had to separate me from my old foster family because they didn't know how I would react . I didn't see it but , I guess they thought I was traumatized or whatever so eventually I was adopted and come to find out it was our real dad , well me and my older brothers real dad . When I was born my dad wasn't around but , It was really cool to finally bond with him I guess . He moved us out here to start a new life with me , he taught me everything I know like football . and I couldn't be happier " He nodded kinda smiling . He didn't make eye contact with me at all which was pretty weird . From what I'm normally used to since I've been talking to him. "Wow .. that's a lot" I mumbled .

He chuckled lightly "Told you .. " . I chuckled back "But you have a heart warming story about your family and a happy ending . The only thing heart warming about my family is when we have to sit in the living room for 30 minutes just to watch my little sister impersonate Donald Trump , and then Zain throws a Power wheels at her forehead and she cried for like 3 hours and everyone was trying to make her laugh --" "Okay okay " He laughed falling forward and nonchalantly wrapped his arms around my neck .

"Okay" I stopping my story laughing with him . We stopped laughing and he looked me in the eyes with his perfect smile on his face . I looked down as all he did was smile back on me . "Hey.. " He said and I looked back up . "I wonder what life would be like if you were in it too ... like as my boyfriend " He said kinda shyly . This would be that moment I would be trying to be cool but , I just can't . "Sounds legit" I said making him laugh kinda . WAIT?! .. He asked me out , and I basically just said yes without even knowing .. How did he do that ?!! . Before I knew it our noses were touching and his soft lips were perfectly paced on my as if we were a puzzle . I could stay like this forever , but that was until the door creaked and we split like 2 bananas .

The door makes its way open revealing Mom . "Jesse your dad is here . He said something about having pizza in the car and not to sit on it again .. I don't know .. if thats like literal but --- You know what whatever . He's in the car " She walks away .

Me and him laughed as he got his stuff ready . "Well .. I'll see you at school tomorrow " He said . I nodded

. "Later Boyfriend " He said his face burning red

"Later boyfriend " I repeated . He kisses my cheek soft and quick before walking away leaving me standing there my cheeks as red as a tomato with only his 'Later Boyfriend' running through my mind .

I fall back on my bed with the biggest smile , I think it has a nice ring to it 



Ayyyyyyy #Jalyxanderrrrrrrrrrrrr♥

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