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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


5. Chapter 5


Louis's P.O.V

I didn't even notice I slept pass Harry's alarm. Normally I would already be awake cooking the kids breakfast and pouring milk in his frosted cereal that he knows isn't good for him. But something was different about today. Maybe the sun was higher I don't even know. I rose up from the bed half of our white sheets covering my body , when the smell of fresh starbucks brew and Bacon filled my nose with the sound of laughter in my ears.

I got out of bed slipping on my Adidas slides . Rubbing my eyes I walked down the hallway to the kitchen and the laughter got louder.Come to find out it was Harry and the kids still in their pajamas cooking .. breakfast . "Make sure you mix it well Robyn . Dad doesn't like lumps in his pancakes " Harry said getting eggs out the fridge . I walked in the kitchen catching Elijah's attention instantly "Dad!!" He exclaimed attacking me with a hug .

I squeeze him back and kiss his forehead "Good morning love .. Why aren't you guys at school ?" I asked looking at the time knowing school started an hour ago "Daddy said that he wanted us to stay home today with you guys " He says . I look up at Harry "Really?" I asked . Harry shrugged setting plates out on the table ."Coffee?" He asked then pouring me some in my favorite coffee mug that read 'I Ship Bullshit' . Thanks to Niall . He sits it infront of me and kisses my temple " I have a surprise for you " He came in eye contact with me .

"And what's that ?" I asked picking up my mug and taking a long and needed drink . "I talked to my boss last night and well .. He gave me the next few days off to relax and had one of my co-workers take care of the rest of my grading.. And early early early this morning I took a trip to the Ticket master and " He holds up 4 tickets to the Piccadily Circus . I literally spit took the coffee and screamed our loud "You didnt!!" . He laughs "I knew how much you wanted to see it , and its been a while since we've done something as a family I thought why not "He explained .

I took the tickets from his hand looking at the logo written on them and smiled . "Thank you thank you thank you" I squealed jumping in his arms feeling him squeeze me back "I love you " He says " "I love you" I responded kissing his nose . You would never understand how amazing my husband is . "Daddy the eggs !" Robyn shouts and Harry rushes to them . I laugh . Can't wait for today .

Alexandra's P.O.V

I finished talking to all the tattoo artist about their designs and changes that they wanted me to make to them . I finished reporting designs back to the artist who have tattoos to do today. But you know what's funny ? I'm not supposed to be doing that , Gigi Is . And whootiefuckingdoo she's late . Isn't that great ?. I'm trying so hard not to loose my marbles about everything because my loving and adored husband told me to give her a chance but looks like she's blowing the little chance I was giving her .

I needed my morning chai and of course I wasn't gonna wait on her to bring it so I went downstairs to the food court and to the Starbucks . I finished ordering and I pay with a smile , when I turn back to wait for them to call my order I see the exact person I've been waiting on since 7 this morning and some guy chatting it up at Dunkin' Donuts . Give her a chance zayn says . It'll be funn Zayn says .

I walked over to them rudely interrupting their conversation as if I gave a fuck to begin with . "Um you're late !" I yelled at her . She chuckled choppy like "Oh I'm sorry . It sooo slipped my mind I just came down to get some breakfast " She explained "Really . You've been getting breakfast since 7am ? Really ? " I folded my arms raising a brow . "Okay look I apologize. I won't happen again " She raised her hands up in defense .

"Be up in my office at your desk in 5 minutes .. Or your fired . Does that sound clear enough ? .. Cool" I said not waiting for her to answer "Slipped your mind my ass " I growled under my breath . I get my chai tea and calm myself as I walked back to my office . Zayn . You sure got me into quite a treat. You REALLY did -_-

Alyxander's P.O.V

Sieanna said that she had to see me before the bell rung , and I had to see her too. Matter of fact I'm talking to the person that I need to talk to her about right now . Jesse.

So . about after school . are you free ? -Jesse

Yeah , got nothing better to do with Sieanna on punishment lol . Why? do you wanna hang out? - Ayxander

Definitely , but I was thinking we could study at your place instead . Sound cool ? ;)-Jesse

I was about to reply when I was interrupted by the bell , and Sieanna running right towards my face. "Alyx!" She shouted "Hey Sieanna--" "No time for that come on I have to talk to you right now !" She tugs on my sweater pulling me out of the hallway and into a janitors closet .

"Is it that important that you couldn't wait til we weren't surrounded by mops ?!" I shouted "Shut the hell up and listen! . Ugh you'll never guess what Fallen told me yesterday when I went home " She groaned . "What ? Did she tell you to dig a ditch and bury yourself alive again? I thought my mom already checked her about that one ?" I guessed .

"No. .. She told me when she marries my dad . I'm gonna be sent back to my moms" She said like it was a bad thing , I just laughed "What? I thought that's what you wanted --" "So she can take his money ... She's a gold digger. She's only marrying my dad because he's the damn CEO of Apple " She throws her hands in the air and then leaning against the wall . "Wow .. That's low .." I commented "It sure is . and it hurts that he just looks at her in pure amazement , like she's so innocent when I know what game shes running " She shook her head with a light chuckle . "Why don't you just tell your dad . you're his daughter who else is he gonna believe .

A 32 year old woman bullying a 14 year old girl or his first and only child " I thought out . She looked at me in amazement , kinda like I had a bug on my face or something "Not a bad idea Alyx . Look at you thinking outside the box !" She laughed making me laugh . "By the way where were you yesterday ? I facetimed you like 6 times " She asked all of the sudden . "Oh that's what I wanted to talk to you about --" Just then the door of the janitors closet opens revealing the  Janitor .

He looked at us with a surprised expression on his face . We looked at him back with the same expression . "Principles office. Now " He finally said . Looks like Sieanna learned her lesson about Janitors closets 

Alexandra's P.O.V

"Alright . All your files are labeled and stacked neatly and organized . Here are you're designs for this week and your receipt for your ordered colored pencils from Belgium" Gigi sits everything in front of me as I sucked on my blow pop in satisfaction . "MM . Word of advice . You're working for an artist . I suggest you work on your penmanship and not write like my 2 year old son " I throw the list at her motioning her to write it again. I see her roll her eyes but that's okay .

She shouldn't have been late.

The door opens as she sit down at her desk in the corner . "Babe I just got a call from Alyx's school , said something about being in the janitors closet with Sieanna . I don't even know . Can you please pick him up . I'm kinda in the middle of a tattoo right now . I don't think its gonna be done for a while " Zayn walks in his black gloves on his hands and his arm full of tats showing with his white T and adidas joggers . "Of course babe I'm not doing anything " He leans over the desk and I do the same making our lips touch

"You're the best " He smiles I smile back blushing . I look over at Gigi focusing really hard on her writing . "Ay .. You're in luck . You have the rest of the day off " I get her attention . "Thank goodness" She groans "Only if . Zayn doesn't have any work for you . any new additions to the design list text them to me . You have my number if you need anything hit my line " I gave her a meaningful grin before kissing Zayn again and walking out . Did I trust her with my husband at all ? No. and I know better from other experiences . But you know Zayn's a big boy . He knows what to do . 

Gigi's P.O.V

"Ay .. You're in luck . You have the rest of the day off " My head snaps her direction. I never knew how much I could hate a person within a fucking day  . "Thank goodness" I groaned loudly , she then stopped me"Only if . Zayn doesn't have any work for you . any new additions to the design list text them to me . You have my number if you need anything hit my line " She smiled at me , I could tell it wasn't meaningful and she then swapped spit with Zayn , He mentally gave her a slap on the ass from the way he was looking at her walk away. God! do I hate her!! And no this isn't jealousy! .

I can't believe he's married. I knew he owned this place , that's the only reason I applied here for an interview as an assistant , His assistant . I just thought that maybe we could pick back up from where we started and maybe even start a life together . But he's married , and has kids! And he's MARRIED!! It is waayy to hard to process this , but I try to pull myself together.

"So. I guess you're gonna run me around like a maniac too" I said . He turned around after being so stuck on Her. "What? . Oh . No I was gonna let you go actually. Its almost time to close and I finished all of my tats " He explained . I sighed in relief . That sigh , gave me an Idea actually .

"So .. You're just gonna go home?" I asked "Yeah its Chicken wing night and the guys are coming over for a soccer game so " He nods

"Oh .." I moved over to the other side of the room trying to switch my ass as much as possible "I think It would be much more fun if you went out for some drinks with me " I said .

"Oh no thanks. I haven't seen my kids all day , and I promised babe I would help her cook the match starts at 6 . but thanks for the offer" He said then pulling out a ring with a key on it from his pocket and throwing them my way , I caught them with confusion . "Lock up her office would you . See you tomorrow and don't be late, I know Alex can be a handful when things don't go her way " He smiles with a wave walking back down the hallway. Its not fair .

I haven't seen him almost 19 years and he sees her everyday ! .

I get shot down by everyday people . Don't worry . That's gonna change 
Liam's P.O.V

"Before we start our session I would just like everyone to clear their minds . of everything that doesn't have to do with mending the family and spilling beans " The therapist said to us as we sat on the couch . I don't know why Sparrow even brought us here . I think our family is fine. Everything's fine . But with Sparrow everything just needs to be perfect , and I understand that and I here because of it . I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Okay . Mrs.Payne . I would like for you to maybe explain to me what went on last night at the dinner table . You told me there was a bit of disagreement "The man asked sparrow who was crying for an unknown reason . I still comforted her I just didn't understand ."Well . I was trying to have a nice family dinner and suddenly the twins began to fight and argue and , when I tried to break it up Lucas yelled that I wasn't his real mom and that I'm not the boss of him . Its normal that the twins would fight . but I don't know why " She explained . The man nodded and sat his chair in front  of Lucas .

"Now Lucas. What made you say that ?" He asked Lucas . Lucas looked at his twin sister and looked back at the man then pointing to her ."Care to tell me what she said ?" . He looks at his sister again . "She told me that Mommy wasn't our real mom and that our real mom lives somewhere else "He said. I looked at him confused as to how Luna would know such a thing . Its been 6 years since Cher passed away , almost 7. and the twins wouldn't know anything about her unless I let something slip , but I raised them to know that Sparrow was their mom , only until I could grasp the heart to tell them the truth . I'm sure it was nothing "Luna why would you tell your brother that ?" Sparrow asked her .

"The book in me and Lucas's room is full of pictures of Daddy and a girl . They were hugging and kissing and she had a big belly that says Lucas and Luna in marker " Luna explained . At that point I almost wanted to scream .

I thought I took the book out of their room .

But I do remember I didn't have the heart to . Before Cher went into Labor I remember we were putting together the scrapbook in order to be exact . The last picture was taken that same day when I wrote Lucas and Luna in Sharpie on her belly and I was gonna go get it developed but her water broke. When they released me from the hospital with the twins it was the most awkward day of my life. Normally the man is rolling the love of his life out in a wheelchair as shes holding onto the beautiful babies , but I walked out with them alone , I was more hurt than anything .

I couldn't just leave the book unfinished . That's when I got that picture developed and have been taking pictures of them for years to make up for it and make sure I finish the book when the twins are 18 like Cher and I planned . And right now I couldn't even tell you how much I missed her all over again . I stared into space almost ready to shed tears about it all "Liam ?" The therapist calls my name . "Hm?" I answer ." .. Was this true ? Is Sparrow their mom ?" He asked me .

I couldn't answer froze for my life . A tear ran down my face "Liam .. Liam are you alright ?" Sparrow came to my comfort but I pushed her away . "I gotta go" I immediately stood up and walked out without turning back . There was no turning back . I dug a hole for myself . and there's no way out of it or these thoughts about Cher . and suddenly I wish she was here with me.

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