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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


4. Chapter 4

The first of Sieanna's Point of View ayy♥

Sieanna's P.O.V


After a long day at school , instead of hanging out with my friends because I'm on punishment I had to come home and spend time 'helping' my Step mother while my father is at work. Its sucks I know , but who said I was actually gonna help her? . I walked into the front door dropping my backpack by the door and putting my keys on the key rack . I was beginning to make my way upstairs when i heard a very loud and annoying "Sieanna Lauren !!" . I rolled my eyes walking to the kitchen , more like dragging my silver converse against the floor . "Well well well look what the cat dragged in " Fallen says throwing dirty dishes in the sink carelessly in her Tiger printed leggings and matching shirt .

"I should say the same thing , whoever told you that outfit looked good were lying to you " I scoffed. "Your dad bought it for me .. You know I can't recall the last time he's bought you anything--" "I don't need him to buy me anything . I don't feed off my dad's money like you " I roll my eyes opening the fridge and getting an apple out and caramel. "Its only because your father loves me .. Its sucks I can't say the same thing for his daughter . But .. It makes sense . Since when we get married you're getting sent back to live with your mother and you step-father " She giggles and cheers .

I let out a little chuckle trying to pretend I wasn't hurt by her words . "Good . at least I wont be looking at the face of Satan every time you walk by" I licked Caramel off the spoon . Just when I wasn't expecting it and when I thought our conversation was over she knocks all of my sliced apples and all of the caramel on the floor having it spill out into a big mess. "Clean that up . Then maybe when you're done you can clean those dishes you left in the sink " She steps into the caramel with her 6 inch heel spreading the sticky substance around then walks away knocking me by my shoulder . 

I took a few deep breaths to stop myself from wanting to knock her block off . I grabbed the dish towel off the counter right next to the picture of me and my dad a few years before he met Fallen. I remember how happy I was. Now its like I regret growing up . Maybe If I didn't my life wouldn't be this way . It would be just me and my Daddy and nobody else . I caught myself crying and cleaning up caramel from the floor my heart crushed . Looks like I'm cleaning that up too .

Alyxander's P.O.V

Every time I scored on him and the more times I blocked his shots I felt bad , but at the same time it felt really good to . Like I was gonna let him win. I made my final shot with the flick of my wrist seeing Jesse standing in front of me out of breath

"Jeez .. You're really good " He chuckled making me smile "Thanks" I laughed walking over to the bench . "I have to say you're pretty good too" I shrugged complimenting his skills . He sat down next to me on the bench . "I only said I had skills to hang out with you . I knew you liked basketball and I thought maybe we could play together" He shrugged looking at me . I watched his eyes sparkle against the small amount of sun coming through the window of the rec center . "You didn't have to." I said . He looked down biting his lip "Well I just want to get to know you better " He says .

I looked at him who wasn't starring back at me in awe. Side profile was on fleek . Thank god I didn't say that out loud . "What do you wanna know ?" I asked . "I don't know .. lets start with .. why did you start playing basketball?" He thought for a second . I didn't know how to answer that . I never actually told anybody the real reason I started playing . It definitely wasn't because Uncle Deangelo was really good because anybody who knows me knows my Uncle Denagelo is lazy . "Uhh .. I guess because when I was younger I had cancer and I had it for a long time and every few months I go to the doctor and they always tell me to stay active and they gave the for here and that's when I started playing .. but that was a long time ago so " I shrugged . My legs were now shaking .

"But you don't even look like you were sick " He comments "Um .. thanks?" I chuckled and he chuckled too ."No I mean .. you don't ever talk about it .. normally people would share something like that but its like you never told anybody" He says . " Its not really something I feel everyone needs to know  . Sieanna knows ..-" "And I know .. You actually told me " He blushed a little . I blushed back with a little laugh "Yeah .. I told you " . 

This had to be the most awkward situation I've ever been in. This would be the time that I would spill my heart out on the pages here . But how cliche would that be?. I looked at him even though he wasn't looking back at me , feeling the sudden urge to just grab his face and kiss him til I couldn't anymore . Eh .. why not? . I bring one of my hands o his face watching him look over at me. He takes his lower lip in between his teeth as I closed the gab between us .

Our lips grazed against each others before he full pressed his lips against mine. He pushes me against his bare body making me remember he didn't have a shirt on . I wrapped my arms around his neck as we released from the kiss our foreheads connected . He smiles making me smile wishing we could just kiss all the time , but then my phone rings in my book bag .

I release from his grasp taking my phone out reading the text from my dad reading its almost dinner and he's making my favorite .Spaghetti and meatballs , YASS. "I gotta go " I said gathering my stuff together .

"Oh okay .. Um . how about I give you my number . you can text me sometimes .. all the time .. It doesn't matter" He shakes his head nervously laughing making me laugh back letting him put his number into my contacts . After that we shared our goodbyes and I walked off feeling like a boss . and awkward and .. really weird boss . 

Sparrow's P.O.V

I thought maybe for the first time it wouldn't be such a  bad idea to sit everyone at the table for family Dinner . Liam made dinner and I set the table really nice a pretty. I sat the twins at the table and Mary Jane was already sitting at the table with her pink beats on her head and her phone in her hand watching the dancing dolls.  Everyone was eating silently looking around at each other. I decided to break the silence "So Babe how was work?" I asked Liam . "Oh . It was really busy... actually there's something I want to talk to you about if that's okay ?" He brings up .

"Umm okay" I said taking a sip of my drink . He was about to begin when all of the sudden I hear a loud scream and we all turn over to the twins and Lucas is pulling on Lunas ponytails . "Let go of her hair Lucas!" I shouted but he continued ."You're not my real mommy !! I don't have to listen to you " Lucas shouted back and continued to hit his sister and his sister was hitting him back . I was in shock "Lucas stop!" Liam yells getting up and trying to break the twins up . Mary Jane was about to leave the table and I tried to stop her . Liam and the twins were yelling , Mary Jane was covering her ears as I was telling them all to calm down "Guys!" I yelled trying to get control over them "Guys" I said again but the noises got louder "GUUUUYYYSS!!!!" I finally screamed to the top of my lungs and everyone instantly shut up . "I'm so sick of this !.. All I wanted was for us to have a family dinner and take 20 minutes to relax ... Why cant we do that . I have no control as a mother and I don't want that anymore ... You know what tomorrow nobody is going to school or work , we're going to therapy " i announced .

With the twins upset and the twins and Mary Jane confused . I walked out the kitchen "Sparrow wait .." Liam said chasing after me . I shut our bedroom door behind me and sat by myself in the dark hearing Lucas repeat what he said over and over in my brain. I'm trying so hard but .. I wish things were easier .

Harry's P.O.V

It was about midnight when I finished all of my grading . I was super hungry and Louis didn't set my plate because he knew I would be down here for a while and he didn't want it sitting there . I cleaned up my space and then made my way up the 2 flights of stairs into the kitchen . I ate dinner and then made my way to the living room as I heard the T.V and my favorite Disney movie The Lion King playing . I walked into the living room to see Louis , Robyn , and Elijah cuddled up on the couch asleep in Louis's arms covered up in Elijah's Starwars plush blanket . I smiled at the sight of it and realized how much I actually missed doing this with them . I didn't even think that Robyn and Elijah still liked to cuddle since we haven't done it since they were 5 . I walked over to them planting a kiss on Robyn's Beautiful chocolate skin , I kissed Elijah's blushing cheeks , and kissed Louis's beautiful red lips before leaving the living room .

I sat on me and Louis's bed with a sigh and a rub of my forehead . This moment made re realize how much I miss spending time with my family . Don't get me wrong I absolutely love my job , teaching people is what I wanted to do most , But I never noticed how much it was taking from me and my kids and my husband since I work year round. Thats when I took my phone out of my pocket and made a quick call to my boss . I think I do deserve a break


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