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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


32. Chapter 32.


Alyxander's P.O.V

I ran into the school building as fast as I could to find Sieanna. I finally did find her by her locker on her phone. "Sieanna!!" I yell running her way pushing people and what not. She looked up from her phone confused "Why the heck are you running--" "We gotta talk" I grab her hand and rush her out to the outside lunch area where nobody ate breakfast. 

"Okay what's going on?" She asked kinda in a panic. I catch my breath "You will not believe what happened yesterday, last night. Jesse spent the night and --"

"What? He kissed you and it was terrible ? , he held your hand and his hands were clammy and dry , Oh no wait , he hugged you and squeezed you too hard and you farted--" "What?! No no... more than that " I mumble. She was confused at first, until her eyes grew twice their size. "NO... NO" She shook her head . I nodded. She stared to squeal "oh My GOD Alyx!!"

"Yeah we were talking about the last time we tried to have sex , and then we did have sex, and last night m we had sex again . And then he woke up in my bed luckily I woke him up before my parents would know --" "You're parents don't know?!" She shouted. "No of course they don't ! You think I'm gonna tell them about my gay sexual experiences as an adolescent, it doesn't work that way" I say. I sigh sitting on the bench. "I mean, they already told me not to until I'm an adult .. but, it felt too amazing not to wait . And He was ready.." I rambled not and failed to realize Sieanna was no longer paying attention.

"You know what I mean right .. Sieanna?" She looked up . "What? Oh.. yeah I know " she says. "What's got you distracted?" I asked. She looked like she was un willing to tell me anything, but she finally came out and said it. 

"Hayden, wants me to leave with him" she says. In shock I stare at her as she continues. " he found this place in New York and he's talking about children and our life together. He already bought 2 plane tickets for the end of the month --" "You're joking?" I cut her off. She furrows her brows "What?" 

"You're crazy if you think you are gonna get away with moving to the other side of the world, running away with some kid" I fold my arms "Some kid? This isn't just some kid this is the love of my life Alyxander--" "Oh he's the love of your life, now that you aren't pregnant and alone , He may love you back , just maybe, but he's telling you lies--" 

"Wait wait where the hell is this coming from?! You are the same guy that told me to forgive him for all of that and now you're saying hes a liar--" "He's making you movie all the way across the world all of the sudden, so yeah something doesn't smell right about that --"


"THEN LEAVE!" I snapped back . She looked at me "Go... leave with him, Leave your parents, leave your little sister, leave! But dont say nobody tried to tell you not to " I get up , grab my book bag and go back I inside, The bell rings and instead of going to class I went to the bathroom and cried my eyes out. I just want her safe

Alexandra's P.O.V

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to be sitting in a hot ass office while being fat and pregnant , its exactly what It sounds like and I do not recommend it. I was working on my next tattoo . The grand puba of tattoos. And its gonna be epic. While in the middle of shading , nick walks into my office. Remember Nick,who quit because Zayn got arrested, yeah that Nick. Since then Zayn told him that everything was fine between us and offered him back his job if he wanted it. Obviously he did or else he wouldn't be here,  but we haven't  spoken since he came back.

I look up at him as he sits on the arm rest of one of the chairs. "Hey Nick" I smile. "You don't have to be nice, after all the things I've said to you" he sighs "All you called me was a dirty low down female. " I shrug. " I know.. I wanted to say I'm sorry. You didn't know, you were in denial. I was out of line too for getting in you guys's business " He mumbles. I smile "Its alright. And hey , i'm sorry too for calling you a jackass nosy ass little bastard... and .. i should have listened to what you had to say" I get up from my chair . He smiles back finally. "Its okay" . I held out my arms for a greatly needed hug.

Deangelo's P.O.V

"Okay Yuri " I quietly say picking up my one month old daughter from her crib. I kiss her small forehead softly caressing her messy yet soft head of hair. I never noticed how much my life changed within a couple months, and now with Yuri in my life , its been nothing but blessings. "Here's Yuri Mommy" I announce to Cindy who had came to pick Yuri up.

"Hi mamma's baby" she cooed to the baby, which oddly made me smile. After smiling at them for way too long I look away "Um, she just woke up, I changed her and she might be hungry I fed her about 2 hours ago, Alex had came over with the kids so shes been kept company most of the day" I hand her the baby's backpack with all of her stuff in it.

"Good" Cindy sighs. After a while of silence except for the babbles of our "love child", Cindy looks up at me. "So, I'm dropping her off in the morning , we're still on for dinner tomorrow night right?" She asked. "Alex agreed to watch her , so , looks like we are " I bite my lip, she blushes. "Bye Yuri, Daddy will see you tomorrow" I kiss the baby's forehead once more. I look at Cindy "Bye" I say. "bye" she says back. Admiring her beauty, I lightly brought her face to mine and kissed her lip gently. It was thoughtless, but worth it. "I'll see you tomorrow too" I say to her. She gives me another peck on my lips before leaving with the baby in her arms. I would't say she's they girl of my dreams, but she's way more than what I ever needed.

Harry's P.O.V

"Make sure you add enough cheese Robyn " I tell her as her jb was to add the cottage cheese to the lasagna. It was always fun cooking with the kids, It's something I have never gotten bored of. What is getting boring though, being at home while everyone else is gone of to school and work. I haven't gotten a chance to look into other jobs because of the grudge I'm still holding on my old one, Because I miss teaching. I miss being a teacher more than anything. , and no other jo in th world could replace that. However, I'll always remember Louis says I'll be a good waitress at hooters, although my hair isn't long anymore so I'll probably not get away with that for too long.

"Harry, the phones for you babe" Louis comes in the kitchen with my cell phone in his hand "Who is it?" I wiped my hands on a towel , He shrugged his shoulders handing me the phone. "Hello?" I answered. "Hi Styles its Deen Brason" It was my old boss, the Deen of London Uni. "Oh ,Hey" I say.  "Hey um, I have a proposal for you ... It seems like Johnson isn't really the candidate for this , I feel like he has A LOT more stepping up to do and it's been very hard on you that I gave your job away and I'm very sorry, but ... How would you like to replace me " He says. My jaw literally hit the floor "S-Sir-" "Now before you say no, I'm not retiring I'm just moving to a higher position on the board of education, I'm offering you a triple pay raise, a teaching position for advanced History courses for our upcoming college freshman, med students who need their medical history courses, and more personal time to spend with your family" He says. "Um sure , I.. I don't know what to say" "You don't need to say anything, You deserve it, I'll see you Monday Morning , don't be late" He says before hanging up. 

"Who was that?" Louis asked. "It was Mr. Brason , He just gave his job , as head Deen of the University" I say still in shock. Until everyone started screaming in excitement and Hugging me. I hugged them back. Louis kisses my lips. I can't wait to see the dick that stole my jobs face.

Alexandra's P.O.V

"Paw patrol would be sooo cute" October squealed looking at the pictures of baby shower Idea my mom picked out "She's right, and you could put little puppy paws everywhere" Sparrow cooed. I rolled my eyes "I already told you guys, I don't want a baby shower" . Once again they gasp. "Don't want a baby shower? but you had a baby shower every baby you've had , its tradition for the grandma to plan them"

My mom whines. "I know the tradition, but I just feel like it wont be as special. This is the 4th kid, I have millions of little baby clothes from Alyx that are very special to me that I want to hand down to the baby and , Zainy grew a lot and I have millions of his clothes left and cribs and toys .. I think it would be more special if I hand down the things his big brothers used to have" I explain.

They all awed at my answer like the emotional women creatures they are "I think that is very sweet" October rubs my shoulder. I smile "Just promise us that we can still throw a small little party the day before the due date, it's not a baby shower, but I was planning on getting drunk" Derek said making us laugh. "And I can still make you a cake" My mom says. I sigh "Alright fine, you're lucky I can't resist your cakes" I fold my arms making them laugh.

I hear the front door open as I drunk sprite out of the can, the baby kicked as the bubbly drink went down my throat, it tickled almost. Zayn came up the stairs "Hey everyone" He walks over and helps me up to kiss him "Hey beautiful" Over his shoulder I see Alyx walk up the stairs and burst into his room. "Hey what's the matter with Alyx?" I asked him. He sighed "I tried to talk to him, He wouldn't say anything to me" Zayn said. I was about to walk over to go talk to him but he stopped me "I think we should leave him alone for a while" He whispered. I nodded "Alright, but If he isn't out of that room in an hour I'm going in" I say sitting back down. With that being on my mind for the rest of the day , I just wonder what happened to Alyx today.

Sieanna's P.O.V

I continued to stuff things in my suitcase, what I needed and what I absolutely couldn't live without. I kept glancing at the time ,11:57pm. Hayden said he would be here by now. And he kept his word as I heard a knock on my window, I open the curtain to see him waving in the front lawn.

I then proceeded to take the note I had wrote and folded it up , I sat it on my pillow of my made up bed. I grabbed my book bag and my suitcase and rushed downstairs carefully not to wake up anybody I leave out the front door. I give Hayden a kiss on his lips and he looks me in the eye.

"What?" I asked with a chuckle "Are you sure? you want to do this?" He whispered. I go back to thinking about what Alyx had said to me, and it hurt that he meant it. I shake the bad thoughts from my mind "I'm sure" He nods, grabs my hand and leads me to his truck . '

We got in and before I knew it we were on the road to Manchester, then to the airport.

Then New York.

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