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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


31. Chapter 31.


Harry's P.O.V

"Again We apologize for my Husbands behavior, I'll be sure to send you the money for the rug alright? .. Thanks" I hung up the phone. I looked at Louis, He looks at me and we immediately burst out into laughter. "I CAN'T believe you pissed on the carpet" I laughed. "You should've seen their face" He giggled. I plopped on the couch next to him and pulled him to my lap. His smile soon faded "What's the matter ?" I asked him playing with his small hands. "I just .. cant believe they would say something like that .. about us.. about our family when all I wanted was for my children to be respected the way normal kids do .." He sighs. I kiss his temple "Its alright though, because the way I say it and from what they just told me... We did nothing wrong, Robyn and Elijah are the same as every other child and we are the same as every other parent . I mean yeah we both got a penis , but who said someone had to have a vagina to raise some kids" I say. He smiles at me. "I love when you re assure me" He kisses me on my lips and hugs me tightly. "I'll always be here to" I say. 

"So how about , I home school the kids for the rest of the year and maybe put them in Alyx and Sieanna's high school?" I asked. "Only If I get to be guest speaker every once in a while" He says. I laugh "Whatever you want" 

Alexandra's P.O.V

-A couple months later-

"Can you say Baby?" I asked Zainy. His hand rested upon the 5month old baby bump."Babbyy" He sang. "Say baabbbyy" I sang with him making him laugh. "Babbbbyyy" He says again. "That's right, this is your baby brothew" I cooed. "brothew?" He repeated "Yeah" I nod. He stared at my stomach in amazement. He's so cute. There was a knock on the door , which I assumed it was Alyx and Jesse coming in from the movies. I never thought I'd see the day my baby boy is going out on dates and being in love. I thought I didn't have to deal with this for another 7 years, but Noooo people just want me actually cry. I picked up Zainy and walked down the steps to answer the door. As soon as I opened  it I was blasted in the face with confetti "Surprisseee!!!" Everyone at the door shouted. I.e Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry,Sparrow,Niall, Derek, Jesse, Alyx,Sieanna , and Hayden and October shouted "Happy Birthday Mommy" They made way and Jailin Came through with this god awful looking cake with blue icing all over her hands , the cake still looked  mighty tasty though I will not lie.  "Aww guys." I put Zainy down to Hug Zayn. He kisses my lips "Did you do this?" I asked him. "Actually It was October Idea, I just helped the kids make the cake" He points over to the cake. I awwed silenty at the cake "We accidentally dropped it but Daddy helped us put it back together" Jailin said. Well, the cakes not too tasty anymore. "Oh. Well that's okay, mommy is very grateful" I say. "I wouldn't eat that If I were you mom" Alyx whispers to me. I could feel myself sweating already "Well. Lets bring the party out to the back " I say. 


Here we are, Chillin by the pool, me ,Lou,  Sparrow and our new friends from god Derek and October. Derek was hot. I loved looking at his Christian Grey of a face. Him and Liam we're definitely made for each other. "This is so crazy so , You guys have all been together since high school 15 years ago?" October questioned. Derek and her have done nothing but ask questions. "Yep" I nodded "And Liam used to be married to a dead girl?" Derek questioned. "Her cousin is the dead girl" Sparrow pointed to me. "Wooooowww" The said together. We nodded. "That is amazing " October says. "Honestly, and you guys have such beautiful families and Liam. Liam has given me these beautiful step children and ..." Derek sighs. "It's definitely a lot to take in, The twins are a handful" Sparrow sighed. "Yes, Constantly pushing me down her steps" Louis adds making us all laugh. "I just.. it's been a while since I've ever decided on a relationship knowing how complex it was when we first started dating and .. I honestly feel like this is how I want to spend the rest of my life , with Liam and the kids . and you guys , You guys are so cool"He says we all bashfully laugh and thank him all at once. "He's not wrong I mean, You all welcomed my Jesse, saved him when I couldn't and .. I couldn't thank you guys enough, You guys are like some kind of super hero's" We all shared a laugh. "Well in that case we welcome you to the circle , I would like to toast to our new members" I hold up My sprite can with an umbrella in it. Everyone else held up their umbrella drinks and we toasted. "Where's our teenagers?" Sparrow asked "Probably inside, Teenagering" I nod. She shrugs. Back to toasting

Sieanna's P.O.V

I was laughing as Hayden told me what It was like to live with his brothers in Manchester. He sounded like he was having a lot of fun. The only down fall about it is he only comes down every few months to see his mom, so we don't really get to hang out as much. He goes to a new school, plays for a new basketball team and heaven knows the new people he met. As we sat on the couch he finishes his story and was now looking at me cracking up about his little brothers eating habits. I stop laughing and look at him. "What's up?" asked him. We were the only ones in the living room right  now. He looks down at our hands interlocked. "Its been a while since I've seen you.." He says. I nodded "I know... My dad always says you can come hang out whenever you come down " "I know" He answers. I raise his head up "Then what's the problem?" I asked again. He shook his head " I graduate this year, you're a sophomore. I live all the way in Manchester, you live here in London. --" "So what? We are making it work like you promised. My parents even talked about coming down to Manchester to hangout with you sometimes--" "But that's not enough Sieanna... Sieanna I am in love with you " He says . "And I'm in love with you Hayden" I say. Before I knew it he was out of his seat and on one knee. He grabs my hand "Then lets run away together" He says. Now I'm on my feet in shock. "What ? Hayden are you crazy?" He gets up "I'm serious" He says. I shook my head in confusion "To where ?" I asked. "I found this place in New York, it's big enough for the both of us , even a kid." He says. Kids? . "Hayden you need to think about what you're saying?" "I have" He says. "All my life , Ive been going to school and trying to find myself and I cant even do that so Why go to school  when I have my future standing infront of me right now " I was almost in tears and he had me on a string with his idea. "I don't wanna wait for my life to start anymore. I wanna marry you I want to have kids with you I want to be with you for the rest of my life and I know you are young and you're parents know that we are young, but I can't stand not being with you everyday " He says. I was choked up, I couldn't say anything. "Run away with me" He whispers. His mesmerizing blue eyes stared at me . "Can you.. let me think about it?" I asked. ".. Yeah of course" He says. He pulls me into a hug holding the back of my head pulling me close to his chest.  Who do I even talk to about this? Should I even try my parents?

Alyxander's P.O.V

Over the summer I've been taking Piano lessons with my Dad during his business vacations. With him being at home with my mom a a lot because of the new baby, we have had a lot of talking. Manly talk. The things dad's are supposed to talk to you about I guess. Whenever we weren't hanging out, Jesse's mom would come hangout with my parents and me and Jesse would spend time together. He taught me how to play the guitar , I taught him how to draw a little, or at least what I knew because I'm not my mom.  One time we just laid at the park til it was dark just talking about nothing, but I still say that was my favorite moment with him. Playing what I knew on the guitar while Jesse watched me had to be another. 

I finished the song he taught me to play and he clapped for me, though he didn't have to. "That was good" He said. "Come on, there has to be something I messed up on" I say. "Why do you have to mess up everytime, why can't you do just fine" He asked. The perfectionist in me wont allow it. I give him a kind of pouty look. He rolls his eyes. "Alright, um .. The only problem I seen is your arms." He says. He goes behind me and grabs onto my arms. "You need to position your arms and loosen your shoulders" He brings his hands to my shoulders and begins to massage them. I close my  eyes just to enjoy his touch. "Are they relaxed now?" He asked. "Yeah" I murmured. He came back to the front of me. His lips, he licks them to bring the moisture back. I wanted to go for it , the kiss. but suddenly he stopped all my train of thought. "Alyx .. can we talk?" He asked. My eyes became big as I became flustered. "yeah" I said. I put the guitar down and proceeded to sit with him on the bed. It looked like what he had to say was very important because he wouldn't even look at me. Is he gonna ask to be just friends? This can't be real. It was going so well. My heart began to beat very fast. "We've been together for a long time.. and this is something I..  thought about" "What?" I asked on edge. "Alyx.. Remember that day . We got caught almost doing the .. you know "He trailed on. Oh I still have the flashbacks "Yeah, Never pulling that stunt again" I laugh , but then I stopped realizing I was the only one laughing. Then I realized, he was blushing. "Wait.. " I said. 

"I know.. we are young. But . for the few months I've been locked up by my father. Everyday I wished that your dad didn't walk in the room" He admitted. My face became a shade of red I don't think can get any darker or lighter from here. "Alyx you are my future you know .. All my 8th grade year I wanted you and I was too scared to say it but now .. I can't be scared. I don't have to be scared anymore.. I wanna share my pride with you" 

When he said that I felt my father was gonna walk in at any second. But with the little hope he was still outside laughing with Uncle Niall about the booger in his nose on his wedding day. I got up and locked my bedroom door. "We are young" I say. "But we are free" He say. I did nothing but smile. I jumped into his arms and he falls back on my bed. We were kissing and removing the clothes that covered our pride. I was not afraid anymore. 

In Honor of pride, Larry and Jalyx .. yw♥

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