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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


30. Chapter 30

Sparrow's P.O.V

"I can fix it .. I can fix it if you want me to..." Starring at Niall on his knees I was speechless. What about Liam? What about Mary Jane, the twins? What in the hell will everyone think about this? "Just say the word " He bites his lip holding onto my hands. "Just say the word and I'll do whatever you feel is right". I looked around me at all of the men in sweaty leather jackets and bandanna's , Something told me they wee anticipating my answer. So much. I suddenly heard out of no where. 
"Say yes, Say yes , Say yes.." Suddenly the entire bar was chanting SAY YES SAY YES. I smiled at Niall and he smiles back at me. "Yes" I nodded with my whisper. He got off his knees and kissed me. Everyone screamed and shouted excitedly, banging on tables and drinking beer to it. "I'm in love with you Sparrow Olivia Smith .." He whispers his nose touching mine "I'm in love with you Niall James Horan .. forever". He share a smile laugh. He suddenly checks his watch "We gotta get back to the palace if we wanna still get married before its too late" He said grabbing my hand. "Hey!!" Someone shouted . We turned around to a bunch of the bikers walking towards us. "Can we come to your wedding .. We love biking but .. We enjoy a good love story " They all agree with the man speaking. I look at Niall, He looks at me . We both shrug "Sure why not?" I say. They all Chant and before we knew it we all piled in the white Limo. 

Alexandra's P.O.V

Being apart of the Bridal party, We had to go back to the dressing room with the bride and hopefully get her to 'calm down'. Its been quite a while and she still was crying while they makeup artist kept powdering her tears away. "Alex it's been 2 hours" Louis whispered to me. "I know.. Where the hell did he go?" I sighed looking at the time on my phone as out the window when suddenly, the white limo had pulled up in front. "There he is , come on." I say grabbing Louis's hand. We rushed down the stairs to the front door and opened it . Niall had came out, and thank the lord he was helping Sparrow out as well. Me and Louis began to dance happily. "I think we're ready " Niall smiles looking at her. FUCK THEY'RE ADORABLE. "Well what are we standing here for lets get you ready ... and your guest seated .." I say then looking at all the men running in the front door. The leather made them smell like a sweaty ball sack. Louis took Sparrow inside to get some type of ready in our real bride. I began to follow when Niall stopped me. "Alexandra .." He said . I turned back around. "Thank you so much .." He said . I smiled "Don't worry about" I say. I left Niall on the step with a smile on his face, boy, was I proud of that. 


I had finally gotten everyone back seated outside in the ceremony area. I had called up Sparrow's family and told them the news and there were here in a heartbeat. Though by now the wedding should be over as the sun was going down, It's only just began.  After getting everyone back in line , I gave the Piano man and the singer a thumbs up and they began to play. Niall walks up to the stand next to the priest.  Then Alyxander and Sieanna, me and Zayn , Louis and Harry, They 3 flower girls Jailin,Robyn, and Mary Jane. The only twist was Liam's Job. Everyone Stands up , Sparrow wearing Fallen's dress and long veil escorted by Liam comes down. Everyone gasped who was apart of Fallen's family and not as they found out there was no more Fallen. It was great. 

Liam parts ways with her at the alter , Niall lifts up her veil revealing Sparrows gorgeous makeup .She hands me her bouquet . "Shall we begin this time Mr.Horan?" The priest asked. "Actually .. can we skip to the vows?" Niall asked. The priest shrugged and stepped back "The bride and the groom have written their own vows " . 

"Niall I don't have any vows .." Sparrow whispers to him."I know .. But I do" He says to her. " From the moment I met you , I saw something in you that made me feel as though we were meant to be. We hit a few bumpy roads in our relationship and I'm sorry.  From this day and for the rest of my life I promise to love you , I promise to be there for you , I promise not to run away and love you even when I hate you " He says making the entire audience laugh. "I promise that I will never , EVER , Ever leave you .  I will cater to you , and support you. I will help you make sure our daughters are safe and I mean every word I say.. I love you so much" Niall says. Sparrow looked so shook , yet she smiled anyway because it was a good kind of shook. The priest jumps back in. "Where are the rings?". Elija came down the aisle with the rings on the pillow and gave them to the priest. Zainy was supposed to follow him yet he stood there , his cheeks turned red like he was shy. Everyone awwed. "Zainy you can do it" Elijah shouted. "Come on Zainy" Alyx said. Zayn looked at me, I looked at Zayn. Its like we were arguing to see which one was gonna get him. Zayn lost obviously.  "Come on Baby .. Come to Dada" Zayn cooed . It was the sweetest thing. My heart simply melts. And it melted even more when Zainy had dropped the pillow and began to run down the aisle screaming "Dadaa!!" I gasped /Everyone gasped "That was his first word!!!" Zayn shouted and everyone awwed and clapped for us. I clapped the hardest I was so excited I was almost crying of excitement. The priest who was smiling as well sighed "Shall we continue?" He said to me. "Go ahead.. I need a moment" I cried fake tears of joy.

The priest sighed handed them the rings . He looked through his book. "The bride and the groom may now place the rings on each others fingers" They did as told. The priest looked at the both of them. "I think .. All promises will be kept between the both of you .. and I'm sure nobody objects this .. this beautiful marriage.. So by the power invested in me , I now pronounce you , Husband and wife ... You may kiss the bride Niall " The priest stepped back "You don't have to tell me twice" Niall steps you and dip kisses Sparrow ike the boss that he is. "I now introduce you all to Mr. and Mrs. Horan" Everyone clapped and screamed, all the bikers were crying and they let the butterflies go and threw rice and blew bubbles. Sparrow looked back at me with a smile, I smiled back . I'm so proud of them

-A month later-

"So hows the moving going, How you like the place?" I placed Zayn's cheesy eggs on the place next to the heart shaped pancakes and turkey bacon. "The house is perfect for us and the kids, and with them at school .. the moving is minimum because we can't stop having sex every 5 minutes." Sparrow sighs "Yeah? I bet you missed it" I smile at Zayn's birthday gift in my hand and place it in my robe pocket.

 "Oh I did, I'm just so happy that I get to be with the love of my life " She smiles. "That's good. well have I'll face time you later I'm about to go wake up Zayn" I say looking into the camera on the Ipad. "Okay, Let me go wake up my man. Love you bestie" She giggles. I laugh "Love you too bestie". I hang up on face time with Sparrow and proceeded to carry the tray to me and Zayns room. I slowly open the door. Zayn was fast asleep on his back . His naked torso showing and his messy hair. Damn this man was perfect. I say it all the time. I sit the tray down on the table in our room.

I walk over to Zayn and give him small kisses to wake him up. I see his one eye pop open and I giggle "Happy Birthday baby" I say. He smirks "Thank you baby" He says back. He began to stretch "I made you breakfast" I say carrying the tray over to him and sitting it on his legs. once he was sat up. "Its looks great babe" I give him another kiss on his lips. I sit on the other side of the bed and watch him eat with a smile. He giggles "What?" He asked . I shook my head "Nothing " Still smiling .

"I'm sure there something you wanna tell me" He sits the tray down on the bed side table. "Well .. I have your present" I sigh taking the rectangular box out of my robe pocket. "You didn't have to get me anything, You and the kids are all I ever wanted " He take the box. "Which is why I think you should open it" I say. He sighs with a smile. He began to unwrap the box "Alexandra Jade Malik , you sure know how to make a guy feel special" He says. He opens the box and I smile even wider.

He looks at the positive pregnancy test in his hands. ".. But how ..?" He says in shock and confusion. " I got the tube reversal last month, It was a surprise so .. Nobody knew about it except my doctor" I shrugged. He still looked confused. "it took a lot of thinking, a lot of thinking about us and you and the kids ..  I had 3 babies .. 3 strong loving babies. and about a week ago on me and Jailin's girls day and I had asked her what would she think of having another little brother or sister .

Because I knew if I had asked Alyx he would have just said it was whatever and Zainy would have only said Dada ... but Jailin.. Jailin would really tell me what she thought. and she smiled so big and she said 'I hope this ones a girl so I can paint her nails and dress her up in bows and tutu's' " I laugh, Zayn shares a laugh just listening. "Every time I told my mom that she would get mad because she didn't want any more kids , and hearing that coming from the rainbow baby.. the baby that brought so much joy to me after our miscarriage it meant a lot to me. and she didn't even have to know about the baby before her to know that it effected me and .. made me realize that .. our family just wouldn't be complete without  he or she in it " I smile. He bites his lip with a grin.

"I couldn't agree more" and with that, Zayn kisses me with such passion and I hold onto his face as he does it. "What would I do if I didn't have you " He sighs. " Well for starters you probably would still have your teaching job" I shrug. He shrugs as well "That job was pretty lame " We both nod in agreement and share more laughter. 
Liam's P.O.V

I've been in the studio approximately 6 hours patiently putting together my "Coming Out" album.  I know I just came out with an album, about my family and my absolutely stunning wife Sparrow, but I think now it's time to start telling the world my god kept secret, and tell the world about my absolutely stunning boyfriend instead.It's a change I think the people of 2017 will get. 

After getting the piano key wrong for the 27th and final time. I wrote down the last lyric and my head soon  hearing the door of my studio open and a voice on the mic that scared me. "I brought lunch" I looked up, Derek stood there with his beautiful smile holding up a bad of Mcdonald's. I smiled back motioning him to come in the booth. He walks in , the smell of his Gucci cologne snatches my nostrils and sends them to heaven . "I know you like nuggets" He says sitting down on the couch . I sit next to him "Thanks" I politely kiss him for the meal and begin to eat. It didn't take me long to notice he was watching me eat. "You know the twins have been asking me why you haven't been upstairs in a while." He says. "I'm just working" I answer. He nods "I know you're trying to you know .. find the words to say what you need to say.. Trust me it wasn't easy coming out to the world , my modeling agency .. my family" Derek says. I listen to his words 

"When I said I was gay, people just looked at me like I was crazy, believe when I first figured it out , I thought I was crazy myself" We share a small bit of laughter. "But , I knew not everyone was going to be accepting , and I lived with it. I said what I had to say"

I looked up at Derek who was smiling playing with his nails. "Do you think .. Do you think people will like the way I'm telling them. Through poetry and , music?" He shrugged "You're a great artist babe, but only the crowd can tell you .. I automatically will love everything you do for the rest of my life"He chuckles. I smile back giving him a quick peck on the lips. It may seem crazy, but I'm falling in love with this man. 

Louis's P.O.V

It's been forever since I've sat in the principal's office, I remember I was in my dad's office every day for my classroom disruptions. I bet he didn't know back then I would marry my grade 12 English teacher. but this principal visit wasn't for me, unfortunately it's for Elijah. 

The door opens and in came Elijah who was lead along by his 5th grade teacher , some chick with a big nose. "Hey dad" Elijah waved. "Don't hey dad me, you now you're in trouble" I fold my arms. "But Dad I don't know why, I went to sit down after my presentation in english and the teacher had told me to leave and wouldn't let Robyn do her presentation either "

I looked at him confusedly "For what? I thought you guys's presentations were good, How is anything about your family bad ?" I questioned , he shrugged. How weird. Finally the principal walks in. "Hello Mr.Tomlinson pleasure to see you" I shook the womans hand "Styles . Mr.Styles " I smiled politely. "Oh you're Harry?" She said. "Noo.. Louis" I corrected her. She paued for a second then coughed a couple times. "Um Mr.. Style, We wanted to talk to you about your children's presentation  this morning" She sat at her desk. "Actually me too because , I don't know what exactly is the problem, I helped both Elijah and Robyn with their slideshows , posters , made sure everything was spelled correctly... I EVEN made sure there was a works cited page " I said with the up most confidence.

"It wasn't the presentation that was bad , the presentation was excellent ! .. it was the students reaction to it we are looking in suspension , possible expulsion for--" "You're trying to expel my kids? .. Oh so now what did the other kids say". Their teacher sat in front of me and with a sigh she began "We are a christian school Mr. Tomlinson, we follow the bible and make sure that our students here behave as if they have learned from the book --" "And what MY kids don't --" "We never said that --"

"Well can you tell me .. why you want to expel my kids?" I asked . "You're son had mentioned you and your ... Husband , and your ways of teaching him , and some of our students have wished that they had 2 fathers instead of a mother and a father or wished .." As I listened to her talk I grew the biggest urge to smack her across the face "We just dont agree with what's being taught in the home and--"

"So this is about me and my husband .. being gay? ... Well that's pretty unfortunate "I pout cocking my head to the side. The looked at me confused and that's when I got up. "YOU ALL are soooooo upset about the way I teach my kids, what I teach my kids. At least my kids know about respect, the great deal of dignity and Love. Atleast my kids have 2 parents, no matter what gender we are and rather Harry tops and I bottom so fucking what they have 2 god forbid I say LOVINGGG parents or gods gonna struck me by lightning !!" I yell. "And you know what the bible says only god can judge you ... My kids have been spit at , cursed at . saying they should be ashamed for having parents like me and Harry , and then I send them here to learn the same thing that ONLY god can judge us ! I sent my kids here for an education and message , not for you to expel my kids for something that had nothing to do with you ! and so what those kids want 2 fathers or 2 mothers or whatever! It just proves to you that the way I teach my kids affects nobody but you son of a fucks sitting in front of me !!" I grab my jacket. "Let go get your sister so we can go okay?" I told Elijah.

"The school day isn't over Mr.Tomlinson" . I turned back . Luckily Elijah had already went out to get Robyn. Therefore I whipped it out in front of them and pissed all over the white carpet starring them in the eye. They did nothing but look at me in shock. I zipped up my pants "Its Mr.Styles " I walk out with much sass. I think we'll be looking for schooling elsewhere





School lol




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