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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


3. Chapter 3



Alyxander's P.O.V

"So now I'm grounded for a month . A month?! are you kidding me . GOD ! I can't wait to live with my mom !" "Yeah .. Tragic" I said . Okay so maybe I wasn't listening to a word she was saying , but it was way to hard to complain with her when that kiss was still buzzing through my head like an angry bumble bee . The feeling just had to be mutual while Jesse obviously couldn't pull his eyes away from me from the other side of the cafeteria.

"Maybe if he wasn't trying to marry that witch living in the house He wouldn't have cared ! . Yah get what I'm saying yeah ? .. Alyx .. ALYXANDER!!" She shouted making me almost bump my head onto the table trying to give her the attention she was asking for . "Oh .. sorry Si" I apologized rubbing the life out of my eyes "Are you alright ?" She raises one of her perfectly squared off eyebrows "Yeah just . a little tired that's all . Partying too hard " I chuckled mostly at my ridiculous lie . "Oh me too . I was having fun until my dad ruined it . I even got to dace with ~sighhh~ Jesse" She stared into space all Heart eyes emoji .

"..Really?" I said with a small chuckled trying my best to hide the fact that I cared and that the jealousy was seeping out my ears .

"Yes , Looked so cute and Amazing . Not to mention he's a good dancer " She adds . I really didn't wanna hear about how much she liked him . How about how much I'm beginning to like him by just hearing her babble on about the boy. All through Middle school I would always see him break hearts of girl but never in my life would i be expecting him to steal mine .

Its silly that I remember every word he said last night and just wanna spill it out to my crushing best friend . But I never knew anything to break this girls heart . 

Zayn's P.O.V

"What about Amy . She worked as a vet ... giving . Anal shots " Nick suggested on the list . "You're really making me wanna hurt you Nick" I mumbled to him. I regret taking the job to look for a new intern for Alex . But of course I have to be superman for her and only her . It fun when I'm not annoyed .

"What about .. Oh here we go . Giana . She was a hair stylist , Make up artist , and she worked as an intern for people in large business places and big time movie directors " Nick points out a girl with long Blonde hair . "Not to mention she's hot like your wife " He shrugged which obviously made me punch him in the chest making him squeal like a baby seal "You promised you wouldn't hit me again !" He shouts .

"Just send her in " I said having him go get this Giana person . In the mean time I thought about things like what are we having for Dinner or .. am I gonna have any desert . Not even 5 minutes later Nick opens the door letting the lady in first . "Zayn this is Giana Hadid " Nick introduces her . She looks up and all of the sudden looks very familiar and shocked to see me .

"Zayn? " She asked squinting at me . I cocked my head to the side . "Its me .. Giana .. Gigi ? We were like best friends in Primary school" She tried to remind me . and it definitely worked as I flung myself out of the chair giving her a hug . "GIGI!!" I exclaimed . "Oh my gosh .. Look at you " She squeals . "look at you ... wow.." I said in awe .

The last time I seen her was 8th grade formal when her hair was short and she face was filled with freckles of different sizes . Now I couldn't help but stare at her and how beautiful she's gotten. "Okay Malik . I think I'm gonna go to the urgent care .

I think YOU BROKE MY RIB CAGE !!" Nick shouts the last part "Yeah yeah be back in 30 Nick" I said continuing to talk to her . I was curious to know how things were . 

Alyxander's P.O.V


School was let out and since Sieanna had to leave early to go straight home I had no choice but to walk home by myself . Atleast that's what I thought I was gonna be doing . I began to make my way to the side walk and before my all red converse could hit the concrete I was stopped by a familiar and beautiful voice . "Alyx wait up " I turned around noticing Jesse rushing over in his white t, jeans , and white converse . "Hey " he said catching up with me "Hey" I replied back not knowing what else to say or do but stare at  him . There was instant silence over us and we couldn't stop looking into each others eyes . and it definitely wasn't helping that he stood so close our lips were mentally touching . "Soo . Where are you heading ?" He asked shuffling his feet breaking the silence "Just . Home ... why ?" I asked . "I was just wondering .. Maybe you wanna hang out . I heard Basketball try outs were coming up and . maybe you could give me a few pointers " He said sounding like he was just making up an excuse to do something I actually liked . But did I go along with it ? Yes . "I didn't know you played " I say in a excited tone . "Oh . Im pretty good " He said trying to bluff . I could see right through it but smiled anyway . "Well lets go then " I said "Cool" He smiled as we began to walk side by side . I didn't have my skateboard , but standing by him was better . I tensed up as he without a warning grabbed onto my hand . I blushed looking at him but he looked the other was probably blushing harder . Well this should be good . 

Alexandra's P.O.V

It was my lunch break and since I couldn't wait to eat lunch and ate lunch at 9am I intead went shopping with Louis and Sparrow who needed time away from home anyway. He went to a couple stores , got tired , then went to a few more , then got tired again and decided to get ice cream pretzels. Yes it exist . 

"Harry just never spends time with me and the kids anymore .. Its like ever since he got his new job all he wants to do is work all the time " Louis sighs playing with the spoon in his ice cream . "Well he is a college--" "College professor yeah sparrow no shit !! .. but that doesn't mean you cant take the time out of your day to be with your family " Louis cuts her off .  "Well yeah that's true . Mr.Shaw always had time for his 7 cats " Sparrow shook her head .

"But Mr.Shaw was a weird old man who drove his family away with all the cat shit everywhere . Harry should want to spend time with his family everyday despite all his work . If I was him . everyone would be getting F's if it means I get to be with my family " I scoffed making them laugh . "So true .. I try to ignore it now that Elijah and Robyn are older .. but I just don't know what to do .. I don't netflix and chill any more . I hulu and alone " He fake crys laying on my shoulder as I pat his back .

That's what friends are for . "ATLEAST  you don't have to worry about your anti social 5th grader towards her own family . and the out of control twins that act worse than the out of control Teenager . " Sparrow scoffed . Sparrows life has taken a complete 360 .

The twins grew . And the more the twins grew the more reckless they have been , and the more reckless they have been the less attention is put on MJ . Nobody takes the time to realize that Mj has a god given talent because most of the day is spent breaking up the twins in a fist fight . I see Mj more than her parents do . I might as well have birthed that child .

Even though we know that's not what happened . And Sieanna only acts the way she does because of separating from her mother is not what he is in love with right now . Niall is trying I know but Sieanna hates fallen and so does everyone else . Shes a bitch .. but who really has the guts to tell Niall that. "Have you guys looked into therapy for the twins ?  Maybe if the doctor can find out why they're fighting you guys could just take it from there " I suggested .

"Hey .. That's not a bad idea .." Sparrow says . "Yeah she's right . Its better to fix it now before they start cursing . and then it will be 10x worse" Louis jokes making us laugh . Problems . Nothing we all can't work through together . 

Zayn's P.O.V

After Gigi's interview I instantly gave her the job because I realized she acts just like Alex on many occasions. We eventually decided to get lunch and after lunch we ended up talking until it was 5 minutes until closing. We were laughing at things each other would say and talked about life since she left Bradford. She never told me about getting a modeling.

"You know .. I definitely missed school and I missed spending time with you guys." She chuckled looking down . "Well I'm sure the guys would love to meet back up with you someday ." I nodded .

She smiled "Definitely " She looked back down at the big family picture of all of us and me and Alex and the kids in the middle. Gigi was never the one to go play dolls with her friends. She would always rather play football with us . Not to mention she was really good at it . "I just can't believe how old we are from back then" She chuckles starring into the sky.

"Well I mean we aged well" I shrugged . She looks at me and bites her lip . "You mean you aged well .. Zayn you're hot " . I couldn't help but blush at the compliment playing with the hanging pieces of my silver dyed hair "Thanks." . Not even a few seconds later the door opens making our eyes dart towards the door "Zayn can you PLEASE! give these to Nick . I'm so tired of getting his rejection letters from women on " Alex scoffs plopping a big stack of un touched letters for Nick on my desk "Sure thing " I nodded chuckling and getting up to be by her side . That's when I didn't notice until now Her and Gigi caught eyes .

"Well hello" Alex said brightly with a smile on her face . "Hi" Gigi says back the same tone . Going good so far . "Oh Alex. This is Giana you're new assistant and Gigi this is Alexandra--" "The cousin you were telling me about !! Oh my gosh its so great to finally meet you . I wonder why we've never met before" Gigi excitedly grabs Alex's hand and shakes it .

Alex raised her eye brows at Gigi , I was confused as well "Cousin ?" Alexandra questioned making Gigi look around awkwardly " I thought you 2 were cousins " . "Noooooo .. I'm his wife ... we're married " Alex corrects her . And there goes Alex's resting bitch face as she calls it . "Oh ." Was all Gigi said before turning to get her stuff .

"Well its pretty late I should . Probably get going since we have work in the morning.. Thanks for lunch Zayn and nice meeting you umm . Alexia ?" She said not too sure but shrugged and began to walk out "Alexandra !!.. Bitch" Alex calls back in a rude and loud tone . The door completely closed and Alex then turns to me with her arms folded and one eyebrow raised .

"Look I swear I didn't tell her we were cousins . She must have thought that herself "I explained "And you never thought once to talk about me " Alex said . I sighed "I did want to talk about you . But she kept bringing up other things " . "Oh " Alex shrugged and turned away.

"Nooo Alexxx don't pout please" I whined . She does this all the time . "I'm fine" she mumbled but instead of believing her I grab onto her hands "You know you are the light of my life and I brag and talk about you every chance I get you know this ... I promise you she is really good at her job and I want you to give her a chance ... please?" I begged .

Alexandra rolls her eyes knowings he cant resist me and knows she wants to smile so bad . I smile at her and eventually her smile pops out "Alright fine .. But if I even catch her being a sneaky little rat---" "You'll fire her on the spot I know " I finish her sentence making her laugh . I walk her over to my boss chair and I sit down sitting her on my lap .

I kiss her a couple times "I love you so much " She sighs holding onto my hands still . I rub her hands with my thumbs looking into her eyes that sparkled just like my nose ring . "I love you more" I whispered to her . And that was a fact .




So before you yell at me . this update has been done for daaaaayyyysss . but my laptop his currently broken at the moment so I realized I had no choice but to update on my desktop that I use for gaming but its a okay . I'm for sure gonna catch up on my updates and make alot of changes and what not so yeah



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