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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


29. Chapter 29.

I just had the worst hour ever and this seemed to make me laugh



Niall's P.O.V

*Knock Knock Knock*

I groan. The guys couldn't seem to wait 3 more minutes til Dawn. I had the worst headache and I was feeling so low about last night. It wasn't my intentions to hurt Sparrow more than she was already hurting. I left her not realizing how hurt she was, Then she played it back on me and now I understand why. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!!. "Hang on" I shouted. I proceeded to get out of bed and get the door. Once I opened it , Alexandra was there with 6 massive rollers in her hair. "About time" She said then walking and and going over to the box that held all of the wedding accessories .

"Where are the head pieces Fallen is talking about ?" She asked me. "Um . I don't know she put them in that container over there I think" I pointed over to a clear container that held 2 black velvet boxes. She went over to them and  gathered the boxes "Don't you think you should be up getting your Groomsmen together, They're all eating breakfast without you in the dining room" She said.

"Oh they'll get over it " I say. She shrugs beginning to walk out. "Hey Alex--" "Now Niall I didn't come here to answer any questions about you're wanna be bride and you. Besides she told me about what you said to her last night" She sighed. "So she told you .." I mumbled . "She tells me everything. I am her best friend smart ass" Alex rolls her eyes. "So she hates me now ? Can you at least tell me that because I feel that today I'm going to make one of the worst mistakes of my life , and I need to know if I can change it" I said.

Alex sighs "Sit down" She says . I do as said and sit down on the bed . She sit in the chair in the corner of the room with the velvet boxes in her lap. "Sparrow doesn't hate you. I mean she didn't tell me directly but I know her. She wants you but you can't not want her sometimes and only want her when she crying and upset over you --" "That's not true .. I want her all the time .. I want her for our family and to mend a pain in my heart  that only hurts for her .. I can't fill that empty void with someone else " I say.

"Then you know what you need to do.. You don't have to go through with this you know and nobody is stopping you if you do go through with it.. but don't make a mistake and ruin your only chance at happiness" She says before getting up and walking out . Damn. That girl gives some good ass advice but makes you feel awful in the end. Which is why I'm happy to  have her. 

Sparrow's P.O.V

It was almost 11. God I was starving but Fallen was rushing us around like a couple of maniacs. 8 the Hairstylist came and shes still not done. Now we are sitting in a very expensive Nail salon getting Diamond studs stuck to acrylic claws. Louis and Alex didn't care too much with Joking around with the rest of her bridal party , But I didn't even wanna look at her or anybody that resembled her.

"And to think It was only yesterday you were calling me and gushing over Niall" Fallen's cousin Lilah giggled. "Oh yeah I remember that too it was sooo cutteee" He other cousin Randy laugh flicking her free wrist. They all giggled. I rolled my eyes scrunching my nose as the lady picked at my cuticles. "Well You know, Love came easy for me, and I wouldn't put it aside for anything, not for all the money in the world" Fallen says bashfully. I chuckle lightly at her lie "I bet for all the money in Niall's pocket you would" I murmur. "I'm sorry what was that ?" Fallen said. Everyone got quiet.

 "Ha. I'm sorry. Was I talking to you or --" "It sounds to me that you have something to add to this conversation "She cocks her head to the side. Now everyone was looking at me. Louis had quickly picked up a magazine and Alex looked away casually drinking her wine from the crystal glass. "Actually .. I would love to add to this conversation, Lets talk about how you don't even love the man , you say you do so you have an excuse not to be called an adulterous whore because you got money.


Money that isn't even yours. Or lets talk about how you slept with a man behind Niall's back and my daughter saw you. Ha you probaby thought she didn't tell me " I chuckled. "Um sparrow --" I cut Alex of "Oh no no the bridal party needs to hear this one, Why did Fallen drug my daughter basically driving her to kill herself and then didn't even come to see her step daughter. " I laughed harder and harder. Everyone was gasping and chatting among themselves about what I just said. When Fallen threw her drink right in my face. Everyone gasped about that, now looking at me.

"I don't want you near me, I don't want you as my brides maid, HELL don't even come to the wedding or I'll have you arrested myself !!. Now get the hell out before I call the police" Fallen yells". I looked at Louis and Alex again. Louis Was now face first in the magazine and Alex was drinking everyone else's drink now that hers was gone. I grabbed my stuff and a free towel and left.

It was worth it.

Alyxander's P.O.V

I wasn't sure If I looked a mess or if I actually liked what I was wearing. White button up, Suspenders, Black high watered slacks, Sperry's. I guess it was cool, In a 50's fashion kind of way. After dad helped me tie my bowtie and pinned a flower to my chest I met Sieanna out in the hallway as promised.

She had on a long red dress with her hair pinned into some kind of funny looking hair do and her face was caked for the gods with cherry red lipstick. "Heyyy whoaaaa.." I say seeing her face "DONT! even get me started. I swear If one more chinese lady comes at me with bobby pins and setting spray I'm gonna hurl" She says, I chuckle. "So, I've been meaning to show you something " She say excitedly. "I hope it's not another keep sake from Hacking Fallen's icloud --" "No!" She shouted. Then she holds out her hand. Besides the long ed finger nails I notice the gold ring on her finger shaped like a princess tiara. "Hayden had bought it for me... He promised " I gasped . "HE PROMISED !!! ARE YOU SERIOUS--" "Will you shut up! ... Yes .. and he's graduating next year and he said he'll wait for me, That's alot to me you know? and I haven't told my mom yet so can you just be happy for me, I don't know how she will react" She played with her fingers. I smiled "Of course I'm happy for you, You're my best friend I cant just blow you off like that, I just wanna be safe and make sure this isn't a mistake you're making"

"How could it be a mistake?... I love him" She blushes making her cheeks pinker than they already are. Why do I feel like Uncle Niall and Aunt Sparrow were in the same situation as kids.. maybe even worse? 

"Sieanna what are you doing out here girl, We gotta take pictures" One of Fallen's sisters came out, the wedding director. "Oh sorry, Talk to you later Alyx" She said as she was rushed back into the bridesmaid room. I waved back to her. I was stuck looking into the empty hallway when my face was covered by a pair of hands. "guess whoooo?" They said. 
"I hope its who I think it is " I say un covering my own eyes revealing Jesse. "Heeyyy" He squealed giving me an immediate hug. I squeezed back. "hey.. Look at you " I said looking at how healthy he looked. "Look  at you " He smiled back. "Why are you here so early , the ceremony doesn't start til 4" I asked . "Well my mom is a Tailor and you mom called her to see if she could alter a dress really quick , and then I asked where I could find your pretty face" I smiled. He chuckled at his own words. God he was so happy. "You .. look so much better " I mumbled. "I know..and I'm happy to be here with you" He bites his lip with a smile. I smile back giving him another hug he was lifting me off the ground that this point spinning me around, It was like I was in a fairy tale.

Alexandra's P.O.V

The dress was restricting me so bad I couldn't breathe, I could barely stand through the hour photo session.  Me and Louis we now in this together since Fallen got all bitchy and kicked Sparrow out, It was agitating listening to them all talk at once and its amazing how much her family acts just like her.. it's almost sickening. With our Bouquets in our left hands and our groomsmen to match on our arm we stood in line waiting for the ceremony to start.

"Where's Sparrow , Why is Liam walking down by himself ?" Zayn asked me. "Well Sparrow kinda smart assed Fallen and got kicked out of the ceremony , and the wedding , and the reception, and everything else " I sighed. "She what ?! What did she say ?" He gasped "Oh you know .. the basic bitches and hoes , and calling her a whore of adultery .. and a gold digger which is all true but .. I couldn't back her up I didn't go through all this waxing and ripping my hair out for nothing" I said. "Sparrow .. misses Niall too much to be in this wedding she would last without cracking" I added.

" Do you think They'll get back together anytime soon ?" Zayn asked. The music began to start up. "I wouldn't be your wife If I said I didn't" I stared forward as the line began to move . Niall walked under the silver and red wedding arch. Then went Liam by himself looking confused as Sparrow wasn't here, Then Fallen's 3 cousins all together, Alyxander and Sieanna, Me and Zayn, Louis and Harry, Then the 3 flower girls Jailin, Mary-Jane, and Robyn, and Finally Fallen looking Disgustingly flawless and stunning, literally wearing diamonds. I almost wanted to throw up. 

I hated how Niall looked at her, He was pretending to be happy and I could tell. I knew he didn't want to be up there and he suffocating himself to go through with it. Sparrow stood at the door guarded by security , I couldn't stand how she could watch this.Fallen hands me her bouquet and grabs Niall's hands. I looked at Niall as he closed his eyes, the pastor read

"We are gathered here today to Join a pair of love birds with the love in which they truly deserve in holy matrimony" Sparrow was gone. Ugh .. here we go.

--- a good 45 minutes later---

"Niall and Fallen have written their own vows" The pastor said. I didn't notice I was snoring until Louis tapped me on the shoulder.

"My dearest Niall, You have made me the happiest woman in the world. When we first met I couldn't imagine my life If I didn't have you in it, I wanted to see us married, In a house , Having more children..." . I gag. Louis slaps me on the shoulder. "The day you said you loved me you made me a new person.. and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you" She finishes , I never seen so many people quietly awwing and clapping, it was sad to watch, they need to meet my blaxican family.

"Niall its your turn" The pastor says. Niall cleared his throat. He looked into the crowed , at me. He knew he had something to say. "Fallen ... You are the most , Evil .. Most self centered Narcissistic ,Lying , bitter, and ugly acting bitch that Its ever been my misfortune to know " Everyone gasped. My jaw was on the floor, Louis choked on his own breath, People were so confused it was like we were watching an episode of Friends.

Zayn tried to stop Niall from saying what the hell he wanted but after a while Zayn just let him go. "When I first met you I knew I couldn't trust you , I knew you weren't what I wanted ... But I was so hurt about my past to even think about what I was doing. I brought you in my life and you disrespected my parents, my brother, my friends, the people I love and nothing compares to the way to treat my daughter.. and I should have listened to her" Niall said looking over to Sieanna.

Sieanna smiled. "I can't marry you Fallen" He says before letting go of her hands and running off the stage and down the aisle. So dramatic that was. Everyone began to chat among themselves in shock, Fallen didn't know what to even say at this point and that's fine because she's not the center of attention anymore.

I walk up and take the mic from the pastor "Um. Why don't everyone go enjoy the appetizers and drinks in the ball room and we will try and start back up in about an hour" I say. Everyone shrugged getting up a few at a time. "What the hell do you mean start back up in an hour ?" Fallen shouted. I raised a brow with a smirk. She had no idea.

Niall's P.O.V

"I can't marry you Fallen" I let go of her hands turning back tot he door. Sparrow , who I seen before the ceremony standing by the door was gone. I jumped off the stage and ran off to the door "Hey where's the girl that was standing right here , where did she go ?" I asked the guard. "Something about going to the Bar, Can I go, I'm missing my daughters ballet recital ?" I roll my eye "Whatever " I rush off. I ran out the front door of the palace and doves swarmed me and bells rung. What a dumb Idea. I ran to my car to drive to every bar in the city, Hopefully I could find her.

Liam's P.O.V

"Ahh fuck" I groaned reaching my climax. I rest my face into Derek's neck. Derek moan in my ear, His moans were so gentle and sexy. I let him down and let him fix his clothes and I do the same. "Hm, Happy there was a wedding delay huh?" He laughed and I laughed back. I tuck my shirt back in my pants and buckle my belt. As I did this I felt his hands on my hip kissing my neck. "When are you gonna tell them about us ?" He asked. I sighed

"I'm trying , I really am. Right now they think I'm after Niall who wants to marry my wife who wants to marry Niall ..." I say confused at what I said myself. "What?" Derek asked . I shook my head "N Nothing nevermind . I just don't know how they'll take I mean .. My ex girlfriend died and I was heartbroken .. and I betrayed my bestfriend for my wife now sooo.. I guess they're just used to me falling in love with girls you know " I say. "But you have 2 gay friends . I'm sure they were the same way" He said.

"Not Harry. Harry has never been with a girl in his life , all he did was guys even before he came out .. And Louis didn't even go a day with a girl " I chuckled "Well so what It's taking you longer to figure out what you want . And you're friends have your back no matter what , You're family does .. so why cant your friends ?" He shrugged . Damn he gave some good advice "Damn you give some good advice.. That's sexy" I kisses him making him giggle. Its like I have my own Alexandra. 

Sorry for pausing right here but .. Derek ??

Looking Extra Daddyish okay back to the story.

Niall's P.O.V

I walked into the Bar me and Sparrow stumbled upon each other at the other night. There she was sitting in the exact spot  drinking the same drink. And I did what any hopeless romantic would do. I got up on the table "Everybody I left a girl at the alter today" I shouted everyone was now looking at me. Sparrow had turned around "Niall..." She said "What the hell are you doing get down--" "Because .. The girl I was about to marry .. She didn't have big beautiful blue eyes.. She didn't have a gorgeous smile and she didn't have terribly Diy dyed hair. She wasn't the reason my parents, my brother and the rest of my family are still at the palace waiting for a wedding .. That girl is you Sparrow " I get down from the table. I grab her hands "Niall --" "I love you .. I'm sorry I made you wait for me to realize I was making the biggest mistake of my life and I'm not leave here until I have you " I say to her. She stared at me as I got on my knee. "There can still be a wedding today .. " I say. "I'm married to Liam .. " "I can fix it .. I can fix it if you want me to .. " She was silent .. she didn't know what to say .. I wasn't in a rush

.....TO BE CONTINUED .....

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