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The family you never thought to see again . They're back and this time with all their kids. They face the trouble of trying to handle broken teenagers, keeping families together and trying to get over the past . <3


28. Chapter 28

Hey wassup its been a whillleeee ♥

Alexandra's P.O.V

"Thanks for helping me clean up Alex" Sparrow sighs picking up plate after plate and blowing out Vanilla bean scented candles. I knew she was sad she didn't even get to talk to Niall about how she felt, and as we speak tomorrow the wedding bells chime as we get the Bride to be in order for the special day. Sparrow was over it . "No problem"I answered.

I gathered a bundle of the fake flowers , one bundles after another, one vase at a time, I was eventually distracted by the gentle kiss I knew had to be my husband. "He finally went to bed" He whispers . I turn around to see my baby boy a sleep in Zayn's arms. "I told you walking around would work , How's Niall?" I asked. "I can't tell. He's probably just a little nervous for the big day, but I'm gonna go to bed you coming up?" He shrugs rocking Zain who was twitching around in his arms.

I was interrupted again by footsteps. I look over and see Naill walk into the ball room and sit down in a chair. It startled Sparrow, Sparrow couldn't take her eyes off of him and it made me smile deviously but 'Match Maker' like.

"Actually.. Yeah" I then took Zayn's hand and retreated upstairs to our guest room Leaving Sparrow and Niall alone. I'm sure its not rocket science to know what I had in mind. 
Sparrow's P.O.V

I thought he had already gone to bed, but I was wrong. He came in and sat down in one of the now undressed chairs just starring at the blank wall. And of course Alexandra had left me down here to deal with this on my own, because she's Alexandra the great. She must know all. I wanted to walk up to him, Walk up to him damn it. But my mind resisted it. It resisted hard but my heart never listens. I went up to him any way.

"Hey.." I murmured, He quickly looks up. "hey" He said a more softer and quieter voice. I pulled up a chair and sat down next to him. "I thought you had already went to bed" I say.  

"Nope." He answers. I look away regretting what I said immediately. "I  can't sleep I .. Just needed some space to think" He mumbled. "Space from what?" I questioned , I saw him turn away from me. "Space from Her.. Space from Fallen--" "That's not what I said alright ?" He growls.

I was lost now. He didn't even finish his sentence if she isn't what he was talking about. He began to chuckle suddenly I was confused. "I can't keep doing this with you Sparrow". "What are you talking about --" "This! we aren't together --" "Who said we were together? I've done nothing but made sure you were okay --" "WELL STOP!" He shouts. My heart had begun to hurt at this point.

"You cheated on me.. With my best friend--" "That was a long time ago Niall--" "You had kids with him!! .. I wanted more kids I wanted to expand our family .. But look at where we are !! I spent these past few year regretting  that I even left you over it while I'm laying beside a woman who only wants me for my money and for her own benefit... My daughter was out looking for attention , I missed out on her life trying to love this woman who doesn't love me to begin with !! --" "And who's fault is that Niall?!!" I snap back.  

I chuckle with tears falling from my eyes. "Nobody told you to date Fallen .. to propose to her but you !! Nobody told you to ignore my child because if you didn't she wouldn't have had a miscarriage because she wouldn't have been pregnant and she sure as HELL wouldn't have tried to kill herself!! .. And nobody told you to leave me either .. Just you " I wiped the tears off my face. I get up from the chair . "So I'll leave you alone" I rush away up the stairs. I didn't even finish cleaning up. I refused to be in the same room as him 




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